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February 28th   -  Getting .wavy

Last Friday, Impressions released another .mp3 music file taken from the game.  This time, it's a stirring military march entitled "Marchis Maximus".  It's big (6MB), but well worth it.  You can get it from their download section.

Meanwhile, life continues in the Caesar III Heaven forum.  Today, there's a funny little thread about who you reckon the dumbest citizen in your city is.  Surely the market lady!?  I can't believe anyone else could be thicker;).

Angel Reckless Rodent

February 27th   -  A New Submission!

Yesterday, I received a very useful little email attachment from forumer Bob the Lethargic which will be of use to everyone who is having problems with the miltary aspect of C3.  It can be found in the Strategy Section.

More great news from our sister site Pharaoh Heaven - head over there to have a quick look at a new little feature that we've added today:).

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February 26th   -  Any questions?

caesar2b.jpg (4897 bytes)

Isn't that art beautiful?  Well, now's your chance to put your questions to the man who designed it!  In the near future, we've got an interview with Darrin Horbal, the art director for both Caesar 3 and Pharaoh!  Neat, huh?   Well, if you want your questions put to Darrin, then post them in the forum for Draco to read:).

When you've done that, then it's time to get all theoretical.  There's an interesting (for those who like that sort of thing) mathematical discussion about what the largest possible city size is.  It was started by our very own Pythagoras, Cherub MartyParty, who came up with the hypothesis that the Maximum City Size is ~46k.

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February 25th   -  Did Ancient Egyptians have a Heaven?

palacesneak.jpg (10930 bytes)

Now I'm not generally one to harp on about things, but I really can't believe what a fantastic response we've got from you, the fans, to the opening of Pharaoh Heaven.  Thanks to everyone who's been there, and extra thanks to those of you who have shared your ideas in the forum.

On a forum-related note, the hottest topic over here in the General Forum at the moment is what Caesar IV will be like.  There's some absolutely fantastic stuff over there, and it's well worth checking out.  There is, however, just one thing that I would say...If you do share your ideas there, then head over to Pharaoh Heaven and post them in that forum too - that's where Impresisons are listening to your every word:).

Moving on to a bit of general HGS info, then you'll all be pleased to know that Age of Kings Heaven has received it's long-awaited facelift - head over there and check out the great new look!

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February 24th   -  How do you like to build?

How do YOU like to build?

With all the excitement over Pharaoh Heaven (keep heading over there for more exclusives during the next week or so), we are forgetting the goings-on in the forums over here!  There's as much activity in there as ever, and the way to build is a hot topic in the Career Path Strategy forum.  Head over there to check it out!

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February 23rd   -  Been to Egypt lately?

Have you visited Pharaoh Heaven yet?  No!?  Shame on you!  It's the place to be for all the latest news about the follow-up to Caesar III Heaven.  Head over there and check it out - post some messages in the forum too, since they'll be read by the staff at Impressions, and your comments will be noted.

On a general HGS note, it would seem that Ripcord, the publishers of the upcoming game Majesty, have been saved from closure:)   Check out the full story here, and then head over to Majesty Heaven to savour the good news.

Also on a general Internet note, I noticed yesterday whilst checking out GoneGold that the new beta version of ICQ is out.  Looks like it might be worthwhile!  Check it out here.

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ram.jpg (3552 bytes)

Do look now because Pharaoh Heaven has swept open its gates! The much anticipated site has a lot to offer including exclusive information direct from the developers! Here's a little tidbit: warfare will feature much more prominently in Pharaoh than it currently does in CIII. CIII fans, you have been heard! Just look at what that ship was able to do once it got up to ramming speed! 

To be sure, others from the CIII H Dream Team will be contributing to Pharaoh Heaven in good time as well but, rest assured, we plan to keep CIIIH active and hopping for a long time to come.

Angel Alexander I

February 22nd  -  Congratulations Draco!

News came to me this morning that our very own Angel Draco won the Moot Court competition which he participated in over the weekend!  Well done sir!   Read all about it here.

Dark Angel communicated with me again - he seemed very excitable and mumbled something about Egypt, ships, and the Internet.  I can only assume that he was yakking on about Pharaoh Heaven again.  Keep it here for information about that site:).

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February 21st  -  What's up Dark Angel?

I've received a communication from Dark Angel this morning.  Seems like he's branching out from his normal duties helping Angel Alexander I out with the HGS Main News into the affairs of the other HGS sites.  He whispered "Pharaoh next...".  I couldn't make out the last word, and he'd gone when I asked him to repeat what he'd said.   Oh well...you'll have to stay tuned for information;).

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