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February 20th  -  It's raining news!

Well, after a quiet day yesterday, it seems that the news is beginning to pour in...Seems like Impressions are making available the music from Caesar 3 in .mp3 format.  The first track was released yesterday, and is called Paved Roads.    Quite a nice tune actually, but don't take it from me.  Head over there and check it out for yourself!

Also released today is the first screenshot of Pharaoh, the game which is being released as a follow-up to Caesar 3.  Click here to check it out!  The good news for you fans of Heaven is that this may speed up the opening of Pharaoh Heaven.  We await developments from Impressions.

Meanwhile, our hosts, Gamestats, are still on the search for a newshound.  If you think you can fill the post, and you're a dedicated gamer who doesn't mind trawling the Net for news, then this could be the job for you!  Head over to Gamestats to find out how to apply!

Angel Reckless Rodent

February 19th  -  Hmm..slow day today

Morning all.  Hope you're all well today, and ready to face another day of work\study\C3.  Thanks to Alexander I for doing the news for the last little while and for putting me up as a News Editor;).  As he said yesterday, I'll be with you until a week on Saturday, so you'll have to put up with me until then;).   It's a pretty quiet day today in cyberspace, so I'll let you get on with your Net surfing.

Angel Reckless Rodent

February 18th  -  Lots of RR

Looks like I put RR on the News Editor list just in time. He's going to take over from me from tomorrow on again. I hope to be back with you the weekend after next.

Now I'm just a little surprised that the master forger of the 150,000th visitor screen shot didn't come forward and say, "eheheh, fooled y'all." C'mon, you can tell us...we're not angry, I mean it's not like you won the jackpot. Be a sport and identify yourself...hey, it will get your name in the news again!

Angel Alexander I

February 17th  -  Let's Get Physical!

Today I would like to introduce our newest CIIIH Dream Team member: Cherub Dragon2. Welcome Dude! He also bemoaned our lack of contests and decided to run some from the forums. We decided he did that so well that we would make an honest man out of him. After exchanging vows we tied the Gordian Knot...er, that may not be right. Anyway, please welcome him and send him a note...I hear he is very interested in physics. Hey, what can he tell us about parallel universes? :-)

Most of you may not have noticed this but I though it was time to slip RR's name into the News Editors' list, he most certainly deserves it! Oh, the news was 9 hours late because GS's servers were acting up again. After one hour of trying to upload, I decided 1 a.m. was a good time to go to bed.

Angel Alexander I

February 16th  -  Sites are Visited in Parallel Universes!

We have received our 150,000th visitor as well as another 150,000th visitor who slid in from a parallel universe. That's right two people lay claim to the fame of having been the 150,000th. Tell ya what, I'll put up both your names and screen shots, one of which is doctored, and you can fight it out among yourselves (in order of submission):


strato.jpg (1721 bytes)

Strato and

aviad.jpg (1713 bytes)

Aviad vortman.


Stef went into overtime today and drew up a page with ALL the CIII sites in this universe, supplying each one with pert little comments. I believe that she also mentioned something about CIIIH having been paid a LOT of compliments if we are the kind to think being copied is the highest form of flattery. Actually, we are the kind that love flattery as much as our copyrights... .

Angel Alexander I

February 15th  -  Yet Another Landmark Today!

Well, today we will receive our 150,000th visitor. Make a screen dump if you happen to be that visitor and we will put it and your name up in lights right here!

A cool place to visit today, well, actually everyday, is the forums. The General forum features CIII jokes (chuckle) and the old-time favourite: age, gender and location folder.

Angel Alexander I

February 14th  -  Happy Valentine's Everyone!

Hello everyone! The day's best wishes to you all. Special thanks goes to RR for taking an extra long shift at the news and doing an excellent job there as well as in the many other areas he is involved in at this site and our beautiful and patient first sister site Pharaoh Heaven. I'll be honest with you, we would love to launch but we felt you deserved to have more information on the game before doing so. That is not something that is in our hands however. We're sure that you'll understand--you are all the best fans a site could have--and that your patience will not be tested much longer.

As usual, there is lots of action in the forums and don't forget that we have quite a treasure trove of maps for you to download. All thanks to you and Angel SpineMan, resident Download Maestro.

Another thing to keep in mind is that CIIIH is one of 5 sites (soon 6 :-)) that, together, comprise Heaven's Gaming Sites or HGS for short. All sites have something going on in at least one or two sections all the time. Such as Age of Empires Heaven which is our oldest, most visited site boasting more than a year of direct developer support, awards and over 1.5 million visitors! Age of Kings Heaven which is always full of exciting news about the imminent sequel to AoE and a beta signup just down the road is a potent force at HGS that promises to overshadow even the mighty AoEH once the game goes public beta! 

The recently revitalized Majesty Heaven enjoys regular, unique updates direct from the developers too. Not to be forgotten is the fact that all the open sites at HGS have direct support and participation from the developers of their respective games. Tzar Heaven is our best example of this as the developers only release their new material through this HGS site. This is how HGS sites can provide you, our loyal fans, with the best and most timely news, screen shots and much more! Your consistent visits confirm to the developers that HGS sites are the right venue for contacting the largest body of fans out on the net for the games they develop. Thank you Fans, Angels, Cherubs and Developers for making HGS sites the place to be for the wonderful games we love to play and cover!

Angel Alexander I