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February 14th  -  Happy Valentine's Everyone!

Hello everyone! The day's best wishes to you all. Special thanks goes to RR for taking an extra long shift at the news and doing an excellent job there as well as in the many other areas he is involved in at this site and our beautiful and patient first sister site Pharaoh Heaven. I'll be honest with you, we would love to launch but we felt you deserved to have more information on the game before doing so. That is not something that is in our hands however. We're sure that you'll understand--you are all the best fans a site could have--and that your patience will not be tested much longer.

As usual, there is lots of action in the forums and don't forget that we have quite a treasure trove of maps for you to download. All thanks to you and Angel SpineMan, resident Download Maestro.

Another thing to keep in mind is that CIIIH is one of 5 sites (soon 6 :-)) that, together, comprise Heaven's Gaming Sites or HGS for short. All sites have something going on in at least one or two sections all the time. Such as Age of Empires Heaven which is our oldest, most visited site boasting more than a year of direct developer support, awards and over 1.5 million visitors! Age of Kings Heaven which is always full of exciting news about the imminent sequel to AoE and a beta signup just down the road is a potent force at HGS that promises to overshadow even the mighty AoEH once the game goes public beta! 

The recently revitalized Majesty Heaven enjoys regular, unique updates direct from the developers too. Not to be forgotten is the fact that all the open sites at HGS have direct support and participation from the developers of their respective games. Tzar Heaven is our best example of this as the developers only release their new material through this HGS site. This is how HGS sites can provide you, our loyal fans, with the best and most timely news, screen shots and much more! Your consistent visits confirm to the developers that HGS sites are the right venue for contacting the largest body of fans out on the net for the games they develop. Thank you Fans, Angels, Cherubs and Developers for making HGS sites the place to be for the wonderful games we love to play and cover!

Angel Alexander I

February 13th  -  Well done AoEH!

Congratulations to our sister site Age of Empires Heaven, who seem to have reached their 1.5 millionth visitor!  Over here, we've nearly hit the 150,000 mark (not bad for five months) - if you're the lucky one, then take a screenshot and send it to us.  There'll be no prizes or anything, but you'll probably get a mention here and it'll make for a beautiful sight for all to see.

Over at Tzar Heaven, they just keep coming up with exclusive little tidbits about how the finished game will play.  Here's what Otto of Haeimont had to say:

...Well, depending on the race, the mage can summon dragons (asian), bats (european), trolls and other 'pretty' creatures. The arabian mage can even summon (or maybe I should say materialize) flying carpet. Guess what it is used for :)...

Wow!  Sounds cool:).  Check it out!

Angel Reckless Rodent

February 12th  -  Tzar Exclusives!

Tzar Scenario Editor

The Angels at Tzar Heaven send news that they have managed to secure some kewl exclusive screenshots of the Tzar Scenario Editor!  Head over there and check them out.

Back to our forum, do you know anything about the origins of the Roman Empire?  If so, get over there and share your thoughts on Roman Prehistory.

Angel Reckless Rodent

February 11th  -  Pharaoh Heaven update

We're building Pharaoh Heaven at this moment:)

It's a quiet day for news today, so I thought that I'd give out an update on the progress of Pharaoh Heaven.   The graphics are all coming together and are now nearly finished, thanks to Angel b:real, so we just need to add a couple of bells and whistles.  We'll be thinking about the layout for the pages sometime this or next week (depending upon available time).   Anyway, the whole thing should be up and running within the next couple of weeks:).

Angel Reckless Rodent

February 10th  -  New Site at HGS!

Every woman, every man...join the caravan of love!

Morning all.  I woke up this morning to the fantastic news that the HGS family has just had another baby - Tzar Heaven!  This game, still in the alpha stage, looks like it'll be an absolute cracker.  To the left is a taster of one of the units in the game, the caravan.

When you've got back from having a look there, then head over to the Forum, where there's a very interesting topic dealing with The Philosophy of Cheating - head over there to make your contribution.

Just one more thing this morning - I've updated the Archives so that this page will load that little bit quicker.

Angel Reckless Rodent

February 9th  -  The Downloads Boat is in!

caesar1g.jpg (7599 bytes)

Angel Spineman sends me news this morning that he's returned from his trip fishing for download submissions and has returned with a full catch!  He's now unloaded the boat at the docks, and updated the downloads section with 10 new cities and a C3 screensaver:).  So, what are you waiting for?  Get over there!

Angel Reckless Rodent

February 8th  -  Fun in the Forum

More forum frolics today - it seems as if there's a couple of unofficial competitions being  run by Dragon2.  There's one whereby you have to try and finish Lugdunum as quickly as possible, and another where you have to be speedy in Miletus.   Also to be found in the forum is the start of a new society - the RSPCE (the Roman Society for the Protection of Carthaginian Elephants).  Head over there to join, or maybe even to claim that the pachyderms don't need any protection;).

Angel Reckless Rodent