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February 7th  -  Submissions Wanted

Angel JB, the Gallery, Units and Buildings maestro, is on the lookout for new submissions.  He would like to see any screenshots or C-toons which might then be posted into his pages.  So, if you've got anything of interest, send them in.

A quick reminder about the existence of our Chat Room.  Tonight, I'll be there between 10 and 11pm GMT - that's 5pm-6pm EST.  I'll hope to see you there!

If you want more information about the forthcoming Mac version of C3, which was reported in yesterdays' news, then head over to the Sierra site.

Angel Reckless Rodent

February 6th  -  Caesar III on the Mac?

I received news this morning which Cherub MartyParty found on Gamespot, which will please all you Mac users out there...
Mac-based gamers are getting ready for Roman holiday with Caesar III as Sierra Studios and Impressions Games announced the game would be available to Mac users sometime in June. The first two Caesar games in the series are already available for the platform.

If you need to recover from that news, then what could be more relaxing than lying back on a nice fluffy cloud?  In which case, head over to the Angels' Clouds and see who the people behind HGS are.  If you're interested, mine's here.

Angel Reckless Rodent

February 5th  -  More from the Forum!

Yup, the forums are as busy as ever.  The current hot topic would seem to be the merits (or otherwise) of towers.  There are currently 2 threads about this in the General Forum - 1 by Angel Draco called "Are towers too powerful in C3?", and another by Bob the Lethargic entitled "No tower poll".   Check them out:)

I've taken over news duties today - Angel Alexander I is off to a job interview.  Good luck Alex!

Only 1 thing in the history bit today - in 45BC, the Roman patriot and philosopher, Cato, killed himself.

Angel Reckless Rodent

February 4th  -  Massive Sales!

Did you know that Caesar III has had more than a quarter of a million sales in four months! That is well over 62,000 a month. Of course, we are not surprised because we know how excellent and how much fun the game is.

Hey! Be sure to check on forum postings and replies on Majesty Heaven's official boards! Also, we seem to have suddenly grown a Heavenlet site: Spiney's Baldur's Gate Heaven!

Angel Alexander I

February 2/3rd  -  Big Kiss for my Provider

Thank you once again for your patience. Being cut off from your provider is such a claustrophobic experience. I think that all of you equally disgruntled, news hungry fans might just want to help out my provider with his motivation and attitude. Why not call to tell him you care at: S0B-F0FF? He is already aware of my 'concerns' in 3 languages...one of which I didn't even know I could speak! RR, sometimes you have the greatest ideas!

Not only are you posting more forum messages than ever folks, you have also diversified into other CIII related topics! Indeed, the SimCity games are ones that I am willing to bet most CIII players have played and loved to death. Hey, did you notice that even their acronyms are very similar: C3 and SC3? Now that's something to ponder.

Now for the even more fabulous stuff. Those suave guys at Majesty Heaven have been on the job for less than a week and already they are the official board for Cyberlore's Majesty! All Caesar's hats off to you guys! Umm, let me know how you did it... .

Angel Alexander I

February 1st  -  Big Changes at HGS

Thanks folks for being so understanding and using the work-around for the restrictions imposed on long folders.

Head on over to HGS to see the changes announced there. Quite amazing! Our Age I sister site invites you to some Zone mayhem and Age II keeps track of tributes. Meanwhile find out if the new guys at Majesty Heaven have been able to spout the big news!

Angel Alexander I