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December 31st

(Nearly) 1999    :)

So, another year is about to end and yet another is about to begin.  So must things be as the world continues on its inexorable journey across the heavens.  Speaking of the heavens, is there anything that we could do to improve C3H?  Do you want a different layout (nothing promised there, I'm afraid, though we are, of course, open to any suggestions that you may have), or would you like to see the site changed in any other way?  Are there things that we could do to improve the service we provide here at C3H?  Any things which you reckon we've missed out on?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then mail us and let us know.  Of course, I can't promise anything, but we will take each suggestion on its merits and decide whether any changes are necessary.  Remember, we run this site for your benefit, so if you think that a New Year deserves a fresh approach, then let us know:).

The Archives have also been updated today with some of the news from a couple of weeks ago.

Angel Reckless Rodent

Happy New Year! Now to all of you east of Iceland up to the international date line and later to the rest of the world! May you enjoy the celebrations in peace and safety.

I just thought I should get in my best wishes before I hit the Cuba Libres. :-) It has been an eventful year to say the least. The rise of Caesar III Heaven was somewhat chaotic but after initial problems beyond the site's direct control, CIII H became the most popular fan site in the world--thanks to all of you 1200 visitors daily and, of course, the dedicated staff. I have enjoyed webmastering the site since its initiation but it has been very hard work and I am glad for the help of my two co-Seraphim and of course the rest of the CIII H Dream Team.

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In true News Update style, I am happy to announce that despite the bowls of eggnog and gallons of champagne, JB and his ever trusty sidekick DR have done the deed on this last day of 1998. Not only has the Gallery been updated with the latest shots, JB had some spare time and decided to give us a New Year logo for this very active section. It is worthy of full display here on the main page. Exceedingly well done guys!

Of course, those of you who have gotten to know JB and DR realize they seldom produce so little in one go :-). JB decided to start revamping the Buildings section which sorely needed it. He does intimate to us that it may take a few weeks for the final touches but hey, the guy is updating in the Christmas period--I think we can cut him some slack. :-) Naturally this was not enough as DR and JB finally slapped those cheats into the Game Info section where they belong. No more letters to me about the cheat codes. :-)

Again, I wish you all a most prosperous and game-filled 1999!

Angel Alexander I