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christmas.jpg (3594 bytes)

December 14th

Deck the Sites with Holly...

A little Christmas cheer for you now that the season is upon us. Check out the link to the weather channel for the 'full picture'.

Join in the fray at the General forum where Reckless Rodent shows you just how he came by his name in the post on whether the patch has really improved the Prefects.

If you would like to get into the spirit of Christmas a little more, check out this link that Angel Santo has provided for us. The URL is a little busy at times so you may strike out the first time, but it is well worth the wait.

Angel Alexander I

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christmas.jpg (3594 bytes)

December 12/13th

Tech FAQs are here!

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Angel Stef, the Techanator, brings us the long awaited technical FAQs! This is a very comprehensive document people, as tough a feat as getting pachyderms across the Alps, and I envisage you will be spending quite some time with it gleaning its techie wisdom. The layout is still a bit scruffy but we felt it was important to get its impressive contents out. Layout will get adjusted soon. You can find the tech FAQs in the FAQs section...just hit the link below. Now I give you the words of our techie guru herself:

"Having game play problems of a technical nature? This is the place to look!"

Several good posts have been made in the General Forum. One of them asks your help in sending in 'AgeToons', or C-Toons as we might call them here. There is an example of what we mean in the Gallery and many at our sister site Age of Empires Heaven. We will make sure they get plenty of exposure. Please send them to Angel JB.

There may well be a chance for us to put your questions to the GODS at Impressions, so why not post your burning queries in the General Forum under the 'If you could ask Impressions one question' post.

Angel Alexander I

December 11th - Hey, the Party Joined Us!
Guess what? Cherub Marty Party has joined our permanent CIII party! MP is going to be giving us lots of help in the scenarios department and I'm sure there will be other challenging tasks for him. Welcome Dude! Also, Cherub Stef is no more. Long live Tech Angel Stef! Yes, that's right the other lady of the site is our techie and quite deservedly so. Although bogged down by exams, I do believe that maybe even this weekend we shall see her fine FAQs for the technically inclined. Congrats Techanator!
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One of our busiest duets at CIII, JB and DR, have polished up the gallery. As you know, it really needed it! Please bear with them as they make it even cooler than it is. You will also see that co-Seraph Reckless Rodent has sent in a....er....eh, well, you tell me what it is. :-)

The news keeps rolling in tonight. Believe it or not, I just got a message from Lorien over at Gamers' Alliance about yet another review.  Now I must blurt out here that the Con that is listed against CIII really doesn't 'slice any wood' as the Dutch are fond of saying. Don't speak Dutch? Ok, check out the preview here. I give this reviewer a 7/10 but don't let me make up your mind for you.

The last little tidbit I will leave you with is a comment passed on by Co-webmaster Reckless Rodent: "The beta patch now in distribution is, as you suspected, incompatible with all but the US version of the game. Work is in progress on compatibility with other versions. I don't know the expected completion date of that work, but it does have a high priority." Hey, we non-North Americans are used to waiting.

Angel Alexander I

December 10th - Beta Patch Update II
Sadly, we have not been granted permission to link to the latest beta patch. We hope to be able to link to the patch when it is through testing. Thank you for bearing with us.

On a happier note I can tell you that there are no less than two new reviews of CIII out. Electric Games give the game very high marks and feel that it poses enough interlinked complexities to "keep the game from being too easy." Easy is not a word that crosses my mind when playing CIII. Check out this short but entertaining review here.

The second review is by GEM. Marks are lower in this one because the reviewer takes exception to the lack of military gameplay. See the details here. Thank you Angel RR for bringing these to my attention.

Angel Alexander I

December 8th / 9 pm - Late Evening News Flash!
Sorry everybody, I have just been informed by Sierra/Impressions that the Beta Patch has not yet undergone all testing and they cannot release it to the fans. However, they do assure me that as soon as the glitches are worked out we will be able to link to the patch. Seeing how fast we had an editor, I don't think we have long to wait. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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Patch or no, CIII is still scoring rave reviews. An early one comes to you from Avault and can be viewed in its full glory by clicking the image. The reviewer Pete Hines has a unique explanation of why he feels CIII deserves the high marks he assigns the game: "This is quite simply one of the best city planning games ever made, and it's up there with the best strategy games as a whole, too." Hey, that works for me. Thanks to HappyStoner for pointing this one out.

Angel Alexander I