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December 7th - Caesar Shares Power! True Democracy in Senate!
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Things have been getting quite busy at Caesar III Heaven and I've been having trouble keeping up. To make sure the Senate and all the sections remain up to date I have decided that going it alone as Seraph of this site is a bit lonely and way too busy. Accordingly, I have asked our Draco and Reckless Rodent to share the stuff of power with me! As of now we be the Seraphim Trinity! Hail Seraph Draco, Hail Seraph Reckless Rodent! May you rule wisely and justly within the Triumvirate.

Another CIII Dream Team member that has been deserving of promotion for some time now is Angel JB! Also consider yourself hailed. And just to show you that this is no slacker and well appointed, he has redone the Units Section and has even put up a splendid new units logo. In tow with JB is a new fellow: all hail Cherub DK! Welcome to our humble senate. DK has helped JB in the past with the units and he will continue to do this and other tasks. Expect more announcements on other shifts of power within the Senate...should I be watching my back? :-)

An Angel as steady as waves on the oceans has once again updated the scenarios and cities subsection in the Downloads. I do believe that some celebrities have sent in their scenarios!

Angel Alexander I

December 5/6th - Wonderful Initiative

Do you have games you no longer play and that are just taking up space? Why not send them to the children at the Ronald McDonald House? They would appreciate any contribution you could make, no matter how small. For more details, please point your browser to Games of Encouragement Initiative. Thank you.

Check out the news on Sunday evening and find out how the balance of power has shifted within the site.

Also there is a cool new CIII review right over here. The Doc over at Warzone tells us exactly why he thinks it deserves that 4.5 stars out of five.

Angel Alexander I

December 4th - Cheating Too
The Stefanator strikes again. Seems that some of you had some problems cheating and she is here with her words of guidance:

"The Money cheat only works if city funds are less than 5000. This applies to any game map. The Victory cheat only works in the career levels or map-created scenarios. There are no "winning conditions" with the standard CCK maps, so naturally
there is no promotion/victory.

I have tried both without a problem on each type of map. I did find it easier to hold down both keys(e.g. ALT K) until your PC speaker squawks at you :-) . It should only take a second or two before the computer cries for mercy."

Thanks for taking the trouble to play test this Cherub Stef and for explaining it so clearly.

caesar1g.jpg (7599 bytes)

Need some more scenarios to try to get the hang of those cheats? Well, a whole boatload just arrived, so balista slam over to the Downloads where 8 new scenarios are being served up hot. Thanks Spiney!

Last but not least, here's another CIII review for you. Thanks to Ominvacster's keen eyes for spotting this one!

Angel Alexander I

December 3rd - Send Your Shots!
Cherub Stef speaks and has this to say: "Cherub JB has an excellent section on CIII Heaven called the Gallery.
As you can see, there are some cool screen shots of various moments in CIII on display there. You may also notice that the Gallery is kind of small... . So why not send in a few "CIII moments" of your own to share?

The idea is to show off some of the best shots of your city. Whether it is a military formation, an interesting attack, something unusual, awesome or just plain crazy, take a screen shot and email it to Cherub JB.

To take a screen shot during game play:
1) press the "PrintScreen" key combination on the keyboard.
2) Use ALT-TAB to go back to Windows(or exit CIII instead)
3) Open up your paint program(e.g. MS paint, Paint Shop Pro, etc)
4) In the paint program, go to EDIT, then PASTE.
5) Save the image and send it in!

To make life easier for JB, perhaps crop the specific piece of the image and send it in jpg format, if possible. This cuts down on the file size and makes it easier for JB to see the exact part of the image you wanted to share. :)"

Good idea there Stefster! Please also feel free to add your comments to the screen shots so that we will have a clear idea of what to focus on in each shot. This is your chance to get your city and your name in lights at the Caesar III Heaven site.

Angel Alexander I

December 2nd/5 pm - Caesar at the Zoo and Pest Control!
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wolf1.jpg (1788 bytes)

Aww, look it's one of those sheep! Isn't he cute? Say... isn't that a wolf loping his way over there? Cool! I think I just found another way to control ol' woolball here... . Check out JB's units section!

It's official folks, Impressions is going to allow you to cheat:

Enable Cheats: Right Click on a Well then hit Alt K

Instant Victory: Alt V

Money Cheat:   Alt C

Angel Alexander I

December 2nd/11 am - Hey, it's another review!
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The Gamers Net has an interesting review of Caesar III for you. Although there is mainly praise: "Despite a few problems, C3 is one of the best SimCity-like games released in months, utilizing innovative game design to create a very enjoyable game experience." the game is given a 3 out of 5. I'm sure that if the reviewer would have been more inclined towards the genre and a little more involved in the mechanics of the game it would have scored higher. Well, don't let me spout my opinion, check it out for yourself here.

Aren't you forum visitors just wonderful. Denied access for half a day due to technical difficulties you all flooded back in and started to stuff those folders like never before. The CIII Team thanks you all for your patronage and understanding.

Angel Alexander I

December 1st/6 pm - FORUMS ARE BACK!
Our Saviour Angel Mack has flown to our rescue and, after several hours of technosleuthing, has uncloaked our beloved forums. Technical term for the glitch: "one of our files got whacked." Well, here's a WHACK right back at whatever or whoever did that.

There is one other problem. The dates have been reset by the system and there is not much we can do about that. However, if you find the title of the thread you were posting in, and continue to post, it will automatically be reset to the correct date. Please accept our apologies for this glitch.

Angel Alexander I

December 1st/6 am - Technology Strikes out again.
Seems like we are having our unfair share of technical problems again. This time it's the forums. Although you can access the forums' main page, the individual forums do not display their posts. The posts are all safe and sound...they just don't display. We regret the inconvenience and we are doing all we can to correct this asap.

Angel Alexander I