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August 28th — Mystery of the Disappearing News Page
Okay, I'll admit it, I guess I forgot to I actually hadn't uploaded the news page, after answering my last post (of the day <G>) Silly me...
At least I can make this a shortish news flash now, as yesterdays news isn't quite stale yet.

In the Test forum Crassus Pauper is showing us some nifty ways of (ab)using HTML. In both the Scenario and Review forums Cherub ET is wondering about challenges and reality in the scenarios.

Angel Jayhawk

August 27th — Designed Any Good Scenarios Lately?
Angel Monty's Monkey has uploaded four new scenarios that can be found here.
Only four, I can hear some of you grumble. Well, he would love to upload many, many more scenarios, but it seems people are not sending them in anymore. So, if you've designed a nice scenario and want us to enjoy it too, why not send it to Angel Monty's Monkey.

Several new people have found their way to the Game Help forum. If you want to share your Caesar III expertise, please give them a helping hand. Claudia Gallica is asking questions about a topic I haven't seen before: In-efficient Housing blocks.

In the Community forum it's time for some deep thoughts: What is the Meaning of Life? and some light entertainment: Story Time 3.2 and Tales of Rome 3.

Now I should go back to playing games, but I need to answer one more post.

Angel Jayhawk

August 26th — Almost Asleep on the Keyboard
I was working my way through my angel-mail, no, it's not raining, and forgot the time. So now someone is wanting me to call it a night and get myself to bed.
Let's give you a quick forum update before I doze off.

On the Test forum several people are enjoying themselves with images and colours, so if you want to brighten up your posts just mosey on down there.

The Technical forum is suffering from a Mac attack. The question is, can ET handle it?

The Housing Block Discussion has resurfaced on the Game Help forum and several people have been asking for battle tactics on the Community forum.

G'night Reckless. G'night Jayhawk. G'night mouse, G'night Wendoolicus, G'night all

Angel Jayhawk

August 25th — Happy Birthday to Who?
This is hard to get into again, still thinking about what to put up here...anyroad, let's go to the forums. Want to come along?

First of all there's a liquid discussion going on the the Community forum, that goes by the misguiding title, Who's Jack Daniels? (Not talking whisky). Never mind the first couple of posts, but go right here for the drinks bit.

Oh well, let's get back to the title of this news flash, so who's the birthday boy (or is it a girl?)
No, it's a hamster!
Our very own Angel Reckless Rodent is celebrating his twentieth birthday. So, no longer a teen he's getting ready for the Roaring Twenties.
Want to wish him a happy birthday and tell us who you remember him? Just click here...

Angel Jayhawk

August 24th — Webwars VI: Return of the Jayhawk
Read it and weep, or rejoice, but the ' Hawk has finally found his way back to the Caesar III Heaven newspage. To cut a long story short, moving had it's problems and so did a new PC with ISDN connection. Now I can gladly say, this box here zooooooooms!

So what's going on here?
Let's check my mail...324 new messages, 200+ of which has directly to do with Heaven. Let' s wait a while to read up, maybe something for a rainy evening <G>

Keeping up with Reckless, I first want to bring a little bit of Pharaoh Heaven news to your attention. A host of angels, lead by Angel Draco, created Life on the Nile. It's a trivia script, like the city building facts on this main page, but there are a lot more facts to be found than can be found here. Mine just told me

Horus, the falcon-headed son of Osiris and Isis, is the hero of a legend related to the Osiris myth. The focus of this legend is on a battle between Horus and his uncle Seth for the throne of Egypt. This battle was very intense because Horus also wanted to avenge his father's murder. Horus eventually defeated Seth and became the ruler of Egypt (the kings of Egypt were considered to be Horus on earth). During the course of the battle, however, Seth tore out and broke Horus' eye by smashing it on the ground. Another god, Thoth, picked up the eye and restored it. This eye became a very powerful amulet known as the wedjet-eye and is frequently seen in tombs and in jewelry.

My advice, click the above link to go to the main page, and keep on clicking, 'til you've seen them all. Of course you have to redo this every couple of weeks, 'cause we just might update our collection of Egyptian facts.

Apart from that there's quite a few people telling us on the forum they have to go back to school. Well, I can only wish you good luck <G>

Angel Jayhawk

August 23rd. — All about futures
There's a thread in the forum in which I ask a question which I would appreciate everyone answering (I know that's a bit hopeful, but it's worth a try;)).   Here's my post:

Hi everybody.

I was wondering how you think this site should progress. With the release of Pharaoh approaching at an ever increasing rate, it's clear that attendance here will reduce pretty soon.

It might be increasingly difficult to keep updating the site as regularly as we are at the moment. After all, I'm away in Germany from the last day of September, and I don't know if I'll be able to use the phone sockets there with my modem. Angel Jayhawk is heading to the US, once again uncertain of an Internet connection. This leaves AAI in charge of updating 3 sites every day. He's busier than I was when I had to do the same thing, so 1 site might have to be allowed to lag behind.

From a personal point of view, I wouldn't like this site just to be deleted because the sequel has come out - it can continue to be a resource for future C3ers. So, what would you expect from this place post-Pharaoh?

Angel Reckless Rodent
Caesar III Heaven - caesar3.heavengames.com
Pharaoh Heaven - pharaoh.heavengames.com
Tzar Heaven - tzar.heavengames.com

So, have you got any thoughts about the future of this site?  I'd be interested in hearing them!

Angel Reckless Rodent

August 21st\22nd. — All quiet on the Roman front
I seem to be having a thing about having the word "front" in the title of my news updates at the moment for some reason.  Still, here we are with the weekend update.  Oh, by the way, the reason for there only being 1 update this weekend is twofold.  On one hand, I've been looking around for a new computer (which I bought this morning :-) ), and there have also been some problems - check Pharaoh Heaven for an explanation.

Ok, so what's going on in the C3 community at the moment.  I'll be honest, things are very, very quiet.  Whether this is because of the summer holidays (northern hemisphere) or because people are keeping their posting powder dry until the release of Pharaoh, who knows.  I guess we'll find out in a few weeks, when Pharaoh hits the shelves.

There are a couple of interesting threads in Reviewers' Corner at the moment.  One asks for the name of a good peaceful map, and a Bob the Lethargic is announcing the release of Portgate - Dere Street Road.

And don't forget, there are more than just forums here - follow the links on the left to see some more of the site.

Angel Reckless Rodent