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August 14th. — Aargh!  They're back!
We thought they were gone for good, but I guess you can never get away from them.  Yes, the dreaded market ladies are back...this time making an appearance in the Game Help forum.

Anyway, a query of "how do they work?" resulted in an excellent post by C3.com forum regular Tom the Bold.  If you're still puzzling about how market ladies work, then you couldn't do much better than to read his post.  Here's an excerpt:

Market Ladies will always seek to replenish the "preferred food" for their housing area. The "preferred food" is the first food type that was provided to the area. It will remain the preferred food until all houses using that food type run out of it. At that point she will go to the nearest granary that has food. This food then becomes the preferred food type that she will seek. This is important because if you have granaries accepting multiple foods, then eventually the granary will run out of room for the "preferred food" as it fills up with less desirable food.

For the rest of his post, and follow-up comments, click here.

Remember, the Pharaoh beta signups are still on, and will be until August 20th.  Pharaoh1.com is the place to be!  I was able to sign up a few hours ago, so it looks like they've sorted out the problem with the non-US postcodes that was plaguing the signup form yesterday evening.

Angel Reckless Rodent

August 14th, 1.00am GMT. — Pharaoh beta test!
Yes, it's late (or early, depending on how you look at it).  Yes, it's a big headline.  But then it's a pretty big news story.  If you missed out on the Age of Kings beta, and the Tzar beta, then all is not lost because you may get a chance of beta-testing Pharaoh!

Head over to Pharaoh Heaven to get the full story.

Angel Reckless Rodent

August 13th. — Apeing around in the download section!
I love it when I only have to cut and paste to update the news ;).
August 13

With it being Friday the 13th and all, I decided to clean up the Downloads section a little in order to avoid any bad luck in the future. I only put up one new scenario, but I also moved two files from the scenario section, where I had mistakenly put them, to the cities section.

Now that I've done this, please send more files!!! My inbox is empty!!!

Angel Monty's Monkey

That all seems pretty self-explanatory.  Check out the download section to see what's new.  I also hear that AMM's added a few reviews for your reading pleasure.  Should be worth checking out!

Oh, sorry about the mistake I made yesterday - I uploaded the wrong page to the wrong server, resulting in a brief switch between Caesar III Heaven and Pharaoh Heaven.  I've given myself a stern talking-to, so it shouldn't happen again [yeah, right...pull the other one;) - ed].

A bit more news that'll gladden the hearts of all C3-lovers.  Pharaoh looks like it'll be beta-ing any day now.  And that means that you might get to become a beta tester.  Head over to Pharaoh Heaven (and stay tuned) for all the latest information.

Angel Reckless Rodent

August 12th. — Time to post, people!
You can always tell when there's a bit of a lull in the forums, because Cherub mouse comes to the rescue with a "let's all introduce ourselves" thread ;).

Also, it seems that we've been attracting the more (now, how can I put this without offending some of our readers) "experienced" gamers out there.  So, if you're one of our younger readers, then let us know who you are in the forum!

Seems like poor old Angel Alexander I at HGS Main News needs another shot of strong Colombian coffee.  Here's what he wrote in the "Pharaoh Heaven News" section a couple of days ago:

I have it on good Dark Angel authority that during his two-days' vacation, RR produced only 40 pages of notes on a topic quite close to this game.

Right, did that sound ok?   If it did, then re-read it (I've added emphasis to help you find the boo-boo):

I have it on good Dark Angel authority that during his two-days' vacation, RR produced only 40 pages of notes on a topic quite close to this game.

2 days?  Wow, I thought it went quickly.  Perhaps 2 weeks would be a better guess next time, eh Alex;)?

Ok, I'll now hide under the desk lest AAI's legendary poison pen strikes me down;).

Angel Reckless Rodent

August 11th. — What eclipse?
The eclipse has been and gone here in the UK.  Sadly, cloud cover meant that most people didn't get a very good view of it, Alderney being the only part of the UK in the path of totality which got anything like a decent view.  So, if you got a good view, then tell us about it.

Meanwhile, there's a debate about the future of the Caesar III Nobel Prizes forum following the departure of Cherub Onoculator and the demise of the C3NPs.  Should the forum be closed or renamed - we want your views.

Angel Reckless Rodent

August 10th. — Eclipse fever!
The Community forum has been struck with eclipse fever!  It seems like quite a few of our European visitors will be staring at the sky at 11am tomorrow watching the event.  Here's what Incontinentia will be doing tomorrow:
Unfortunately I can't get down to Devon, the Point of Totality (the best place for viewing the last celestial phenomenon of the millennium), but we'll be able to see 96% of it here in London. At 11am I don't care how much the boss whines, I'm out the door with the rest of the lab crew to watch the Big Event from the courtyard by the Thames.

Does anyone know of any eclipses seen by the Romans - there must have been some.  If you're familiar with that sort of thing, and the sort of reaction it provoked, then let us know in the forum!

Angel Reckless Rodent

August 9th. — Grand Villas and the 2nd type of wine
I received an email this morning asking about the second type of wine needed to evolve from the Grand Villa.  I sent the sender a response, but by mail bounced a few times.  Therefore, I'll post it here and hope Soren's reading this.
To get a "second type of wine" you need to import the stuff as well as
produce it in your city.  Therefore, there are some scenarios where you
can't get beyong Grand Villa.

If you do it right, you can limit wine to 1 warehouse only, in your villa \
would-be-palace district, and then massively overproduce wine.  Then, when
the warehouse is full and there's wine in the workshops, start importing it.
Although there will be no space for it, your housing will think they're
drinking it, and will evolve.

Hope that helps.

Angel Reckless Rodent

August 8th. — Return of the Reck
I wasn't going to post any news anywhere today - only got back home a few hours ago - but I saw that poor Angel Alexander I was being swamped with news duties so decided to step in;).

Sad news today - Cherub Onoculator is no more.   Here's what he had to say in the forum:

If you haven't already guessed it, my site "Dave's Caesar III Downloads", hasn't been updated in a long time. What i'm trying to say is that it won't be updating anymore. Some of you who have been playing longer than I have might understand where i'm comming from. Caesar 3 is a great game but as any other game it reaches a limit where you get bored of it and only want to play it a couple times a year . I know I could keep updating my site even though I don't play C3 but the thing is that I have uninstalled it since it was taking a valuable 550-600 Mgb of space out of my 2Gig HD. So with the game uninstalled I can't look at new cities or scenarios and theregfore cannot rate them like I did with all the others. The site will still be there for those of you who want to drop by and take some old scenarios for an other try. Fortunecity (the site provider) puts it's ads after a week of no uploading so don't worry about slow loading, the site still works as usual. It's been great to have met all you people and I thank you for all of your support. You are what made the 10000+ hits on the counter possible, and most importantly... there would be no downloads if you all hadn't been sending them in.This also means there will be no C3NP's, sorry . Thank you very much. And Adieu.

I'll close the C3NP Forum in a little while.

Angel Reckless Rodent