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August 6th. — More Downloads
Just in case any of you are worried, Angel Jayhawk has not flown the coop. He is still in the midst of moving house. However, in between shifting boxes and moving quarter ton furniture he can on occasion be spotted posting in the forums (gothca)! Be sure not to sprain your typing fingers now JJ, we really need them. :-)

Now, not to be outdone by MM, Angel Draco (remember him? :-)) has slammed another two scenarios and two reviews straight into the downloads section and he promises that there is more to come. Angel D as you may remember, recently graduated from law school, passed the bar, started at a new law firm and....there was something else time consuming...oh yes, he got married too. How does he do it? My theory is that he can live in the fourth dimension where time is a rather pliant concept thus enabling him to engage in time-defying updating like the above. Thanks AD!

Angel Alexander I

August 4th./5th. — More Downloads
Angel Monty's Monkey informs me that with his latest additions the grand total of downloads now extends to 165 scenarios! You won't find a finer, bigger selection anywhere else folks so chow down!

Angel Alexander I

August 2nd./3rd. — Missing Angel? Naaah!
Hiya folks, it's old Angel Alexander I here taking up the slack of those slackers AJ and ARR. :-) Actually, to be just a tad more fair to them I should mention that Angel Reckless Rodent is enjoying a well-deserved break at an undisclosed location somewhere in the Caribbean! Well, ok, just as long as he tells us interesting stories when he gets back, right? Recky has of course devoted a great deal of time to this site but to three others as well, largely in his capacity as news-supplier general in which capacity he is surpassed by no one in the known universe. Jayster blew into Angelship from the bottom line and has proved a great asset as well. He is currently setting up his new home and has conveniently pulled the power cable out of it junction box for closer inspection. Sorry, just the way developers are. :-) Actually he too has put in well-received appearances in at least two sites and, although he deserves a break I'm afraid moving house will not help him much in that area. Good luck to you both, Dream Team Dudes!

CIII H has just passed a milestone by the way: the 250.000th. visitor has come to this imperial site. I you have a dump of the counter reading 250.000, please send it in (I should know better than this because someone will just doctor it). Congratulations to all the staff at CIIIH for achieving that important figure of a quarter of a million!

Lastly, rush over to our Majesty site for a planet exclusive, E3-based, Angel SpineMan driven preview of this very promising game.

Angel Alexander I