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April 30th -  Good news for our Mac visitors!
Here's the news that out Mac-based visitors have been waiting for for a very looooong time.  I heard today that the Mac version of the C3 demo will "finalize" (Impressions's word, not mine) next week.  So, you can expect he demo to appear within the next month or so.  Also, I've received the minimum system requirements for C3 for the Mac.  Here they are:
100 MHz PowerPC 601 processor
OS 7.6.1 or higher
4x CD-ROM Drive
150 MB hard drive space
SVGA monitor capable of 16-bit color


While we're on the subject of Impressions, why not check out our coverage of Impressions @ E3 over at Pharaoh Heaven.  It's not brimming with stuff at the moment, but it'll give you the basics about what and where E3 is.   So, if you're interested, pop over here.

A couple of other C3-related news tidbits today.  First up is the news that Angel Monty's Monkey has added two more reviews to the downloads section.   Remember, he's always on the lookout for more scens and reviews, so if you've got some, please send them to him post haste!   Last but by no means least is that The Ancient One has made a C3 desktop theme!   So, if you want to get hold of that, do so here.

-- Did I say C3H exclusive?  Nah, couldn't be;).
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 29th -  Pharaoh Heaven gets a new look!
phsidetopf.jpg (6344 bytes)

Yes!  The new look for Pharaoh Heaven is finally here, thanks to the one and only Angel Hamlet!  That rather sexy little pic on the left it part of the main page...but which part?  You'll have to head over to Pharaoh Heaven in order to find out!  And what do you know?  The new look is all up and running just in time for E3:).

-- Wow, that new PH look is simply awesome!
Angel Reckless Rodent