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April 28th -  The clouds are getting heavy!
caesar2g.jpg (3972 bytes)

The Caesar III Heaven palace (and yes, we are getting 2 types of wine;)) is 1 staff member fuller today.  So, who's the lucky lad?   Well, forum regulars will know him - he's none other than Baltic...erm...sorry, Cherub Baltic!   Welcome to the site, CB!  Please take some time out to pop over to the forum and congratulate him:).

Monty's Monkey's been busy again - he's put up another 3 reviews in addition to the one while he added yesterday.  Keep up the good work in the downloads section, MM!   If you want to help keep him on his toes, then send him your scenarios and reviews.

-- If you like Roller Coaster Tycoon, head over to
Coaster.gamestats.com to see a strat guide
written by Chris Sawyer himself!

Angel Reckless Rodent

April 27th -  Change in the C3NP Committee
Cherub Onoculator informed me today that the Caesar III Nobel Prize Committee has a new member!  Anyone familiar with the forum over at c3.com will recognise the name, as will anyone who has downloaded the Caesar III Screensaver.  Yup, The Ancient One is now on board and helping to judge the winners of the C3NP.

In the forum, Baltic has been collating all the tips which people have given out over the past few months which would be useful if you wanted to improve the look of your posts.  Actually, it's a pretty good introduction to basic HTML, and would certainly be worth a look even if you're not intendng to post in the forum.  Check it out here.

There's also a few signs of movement inthe downloads section today.  Angel Monty's Monkey put a review up earlier today, and he tells me that he'll add a few more later on.  Also, I have heard from Dark Angel (expanding his\her activities from HGS Main over here to C3H) that Angel Draco might be adding some more cities at some point in the very near future.  So, perhaps expect a news item about that tomorrow?  We'll have to see, eh;)?

-- Waah!   Exam tomorrow:(
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April 26th -  Want to be in the Olympics?  Too late!
If anyone out there wanted to be part of the Caesar III Olympics but hasn't sent in their applicaton yet, then I'm afraid that you're too late - submissions closed last night.  And we so nearly reached the 100 mark!  Still, 95 participants from 27 countries isn't bad, eh?  Here's the final list of countries:
Argentina Australia Austria
Brazil Canada China
Croatia Czech Republic Denmark
Dominican Republic Egypt Estonia
Germany Greece Hungary
India Ireland Italy
Mexico Netherlands Portugal
Romania South Africa Sweden
United Kingdom United States (x8) Venezuela

Mega-thanks go out to all involved in organising the Games, especially Cherub Dragon2 and Angel Abelius.  Take some time out to head over to the Olympics forum and congratulate them on the great work they've done.

Win a Gravis Gamepad!

Speaking of great work being done, Justice T of Gamestats has been beavering away trying to get the latest top przes for the weekly GS competiton.  And he's really come up with the goods today!  Every day for the next week, he's giving away a fantastic Gravis game controller.  Click on the image to the left to find out all the details.

-- Not that I'm in any way biased, but
Go UK!  Go UK!  Go UK!

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April 25th -  C3.com prizepack won!
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Yup, it's true.  Sorry to dishearten you all, but the prizepack that was up for grabs on c3.com has been won.  But never fear - it hasn't been picked up by some nameless chappy.  In fact, the lucky person was one of our Caesar III Heaven forum regulars, Sir Dumbicus!  And there's also some good news in this respect for our very own Cherub Onoculator!  Read all about it and congratulate them both here.

On the subject of milestones, I noticed this morning when I logged on that we had hit our latest milestone, that of 200,000 visitors (I was no. 200,008)!  On behalf of all the Angels and Cherubs who work here or have ever worked here, may I take this opportunity to thank all of you, the visitors and loyal fans, who have helped to make this site the biggest and best C3-related fansite on the whole Internet.  Without your visits and submissions, we are nothing.  Thank you very much, and long may our fruitful association continue!

A special message to Octavion, one of the members of the C3NP Committee here.  Cherub Onoculator wants to talk to you urgently about the C3NPs.  Get the full story here (and hurry up - he doesn't sound too impressed!)

-- I'd have got LOMSE had I been 10 seconds earlier:(
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April 24th -  What's MM on!?
Angel Monty's Monkey has really put his nose to the grindstone recently.  Yesterday, as well as the 4 scenaros I mentioned, he also put up another 8!!  Twelve in a day!  Wow, that must be some sort of a record!   Great going, MM - keep it up:).  Of course, all that updating probably means his inbox is a little empty right now, so why not send him your scenarios so that he's not too bored;)?

Abelius has now settled in with his new-found angelic status.  In fact, I hear that he's learned to fold his wings when going through doorways so he doesn't bang them against the doorframes;).  Today, he's changed the question on his site.  It now asks who the most popular Roman Emperor was.  So, if you think you know, head over to Abelius's C3 page and let us all know!

Over at Pharaoh Heaven, there's a very special anouncement being made.  However, it's not being made on the news page owing to the imminent appearance of the funky new look (courtesy of Angel Hamlet).  So, instead, pop over here to the PH forum to find out what it is!

-- Plaigarism - verbatim copying of material
from one site to another

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April 23rd, 2:15pm EST -  What you can win on c3.com
It's unusual of me to do more than 1 update per day, but I thought you might like to know what you'll win if you're the 500,000th visitor to Caesar3.com (the official C3 site):
"The winner will receive a library of Impressions Games: Civil War Generals 2, Lords of Magic: Special Edition and Pharaoh (once it's released). Keep visiting the web site -- you never know when fortune may smile upon you."

I'm there already!

-- Drooling over the thought of a free Pharaoh
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 23rd -  C3 nominated for an award!
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Congratulations on a massive scale go out to Sierra and Impressions today.  Why?  Well, Caesar III has been nominated for the Best Strategy Game of the Year award, to be presented at E3 in mid-May in Los Angeles.   Find out all the details here.

caesar2h.jpg (4652 bytes)

But Sierra and Impressions are not the only people who should be celebrating today - Mac users should also be cheered by the news that the production of the Mac version of C3.  The latest news is that the demo version will be ready in June, with the final version to follow in July.  Impressions seem pretty confident of making this deadline, according to this site.

They say it never rains, but it pours...Well, this is certainly true of the news items that have been pouring in to me to be announced in today's news.  A couple of areas of Caesar III Heaven have been updated recently - Cherub Desert Rider has updated the Gallery with some great new stuff, and Angel Monty's Monkey has added another 4 scenaros to the download section.

What!?  Surely there can't be yet more news!?   Well, there sure is more stuff to mention today, namely that there's been some new stuff added to the forums by His Lordship himself, Angel Mack.  There are a couple of new smileys and a brand new UBB tag for y'all to play with.  Here are the details:

A smiley with tongue sticking out (tongue.gif (100 bytes)) - press : and p

A puzzled smiley (unhappy.gif (229 bytes)) - press : and {
New UBB tag - [ICQ]your#here[/ICQ] to show your ICQ status

Enjoy the new smilies and UBB tag!  Who knows?   Maybe Mack will come up with some more in the future:).

-- Shamed by the amound of work
Angel Mack has been doing

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April 22nd -  Welcome a new Angel!
Today is a great day in the history of Caesar III Heaven!  Many of you will have visited Cherub Abelius's Caesar III page, which contains tons of great stuff as well as being the place to go to in order to get the latest official pronouncements on the upcoming Caesar III Olympics.  Well, now you'll be able to go there without ever leaving HGS!  So, change your bookmarks from the old address to this one:).  There's also a link to his pages just under the Caesar III Heaven logo.

In keeping with this move, the aforementioned Abelius has grown his wings that little bit more, as he has attained the status of Angel!  Everyone please welcome Angel Abelius!

-- Watching his back a bit;)
Angel Reckless Rodent