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April 21st -  Getting Historical
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Ever wondered what Roman boats really looked like?   Well, over the next few weeks or so, you might get the chance to find out.   Why?  Because some Roman boats have been discovered in the mud of the old harbour of Pisa, according to today's Times here in the UK.  If I hear  anything more about this, then I'll let you know.

At the end of the report in the paper, there was a list of Internet links related to this finding...here they are - enjoy them!
British School at Rome's fieldwork and archaeological projects
The French Culture Ministry's Mediterranean shipwrecks sites
University of Bangor lecture notes on ancient Roman ships
Lake Niemi Roman ship re-construction project
The Institute of Nautical Archaeology's virtual museum

Also today, if we're keeping to the historical note, then I think I should perhaps let you know that today is the traditional date for the foundation of Rome in 753BC.

On a more game-related note, I know I'm a bit late with this one, but I'm not aware that anyone has won yet...As we approach our 200,000th visitor, the official Caesar III site is nearing its 500,000th visitor!  Wow, quite an achievement there, Impressions - congratulations!   They're celebrating this by giving out a prize pack to the lucky person who is the 500,000th visitor.  It's a mystery as to what is included, but it promises to be something real special.  So, head over there and win!

-- Who will be number 500,000..?
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 20th -  Want to ask Impressions something?
Well, I must say that I am most disappointed:(.   Hardly anyone has headed over to Pharaoh Heaven and notified us if any questions which they would like to be posed to Impressions at E3 (in the likely event that the Angels there get the chance so to do).   Just kidding, guys and gals...however, the questions can come in until May 8th, when I need to collate them and fire them off to the Angels who will be attending E3 this year.  What do you have to do in order to ask Impressions about either Caesar III or Pharaoh?  It's pretty simple really - all you have to do is head over to Pharaoh Heaven and you'll get all the instructions there.

There's also a brand new GS contest up today - find out about it by following the link here.

-- Best wishes to all injured in Saturday's Brixton bomb
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 19th -  Help for our AOL visitors
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My statistics suggest that loads of our visitors use AOL.  If you are one of these people and are finding that the pic on the left is somewhat blurred, then fear not, as I have found a cure.  What you need to do is get rid of AOL's ART compression.  Don't know how to do that?  Well, you can find out here.

Let me know if that helps:)
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 17th\18th -  News from the Onoculator!
Cherub Onoculator is on the lookout for another committee member for deciding the winners of the Caesar III Nobel Prizes.  Here's what he had to say in the forum:
Ok, I think most of the committee agrees that 10 is a good place to be a limit on the number of members....Now we currently have 9 members and we are looking for one more...
If anyone is interested...please post here and the committee will discuss it...if there is more than one person that wants to take part...the committee will hold a vote...if you are not chosen..It is not because we don't like you, or we think you aren't a good Caesar fan or anything it's just that we have to make a decision ok? So no hard feelings to the one's that don't make it. And think of it this way..if a committee member quits you ppl that didn't make it will be first on the list ok?

So, if you think you've got what it takes to be part of the C3NP Committee, then either let Cherub Onoculator know by email or by posting in the C3NP forum.

The General Help, Wishes and Comments Forum went wrong at some point today, probably when 2 people tried to post at the same time.  As a result, the latest story thread was deleted by accident.  There are Angels working as I write to see if they can recover the lost\dead thread.  Thanks for your patience while we sort this wee problem out.

The Rodent's got his LAN back! :):)
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 16th -  Abelius digs out a real gem!
Cherub Abelius has been real busy in the Caesar III Heaven forums in his continuing efforts to help those in need.  This time, though, he's really surpassed himself in digging out a fantastic post from a while ago giving 10 tips to live by in C3.  Here are the first couple:
1. Wells are for peeing in, not drinking out of. Use wells as an absolute last resort to provide water. Houses supplied with well water will not advance to casa's or any other housing level and thus drag down your prosperity. This leads to high crime areas, high fire risk area, and you having 1/2 your population in the service of the local prefectures. In general, try to avoid using wells.

2. Tent cities are bad. For all of the reasons associated with using wells. Eventually your people will get fed up with living in tents and either leave or riot. Additionally tents drag down the desirability of a location, provide little or no revenue, and decrease your prosperity rating. Generally in order to reach your culture ratings your going to have to provide schools etc.. so you might as well get the benefits of casa while your at it. Use tent cities as a last resort.

Word of the day:   atrabilious - gloomy
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 15th -  Who are our visitors?
That's what Cherub mouse is wondering about in the General Help, Wishes and Comments Forum.  So, if you've been visiting for a while or have just got here and haven't registered in the aforementioned forum yet, then head over here and do so!  Then, you can tell us all about you;).

If you're still having problems with C3 and just can't seem to finish quickly, then there are some useful tips for you all in the forum too.

The Olympics are building up a fantastic head of steam.  Here's a list of the countries that are currently involved:

Argentina Australia Austria
Canada China Croatia
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
Germany Greece Hungary
India Ireland Italy
South Africa Turkey United Kingdom
United States (x5) Venezuela

But you don't have to be from one of those countries to take part - if you fancy playing alongside the world's best, then sign up and have a go!

I want to kill whoever invented DIY:(
Angel Reckless Rodent