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April 14th -  Another milestone on the way!
Caesar proclaims a holiday...
and orders huge celebrations!

Caesar is getting ready to proclaim an Empire-wide holiday!  Get the bunting out!  Prepare the street parties!  Caesar III Heaven is nearing yet another milestone.  In a couple of weeks time, barring any major disasters, we will reach 200,000 visitors to this page!  Thanks to everyone who visits regularly - you've helped to make this site the number one Caesar III fansite (now I can call it "award winning"biggrin.gif (135 bytes))

Well, on the aforementioned award-winning site today, there's a survey being done by Cherub Abelius in the Website Comments forum asking how you first found your way to C3H.  Check it out and post your thoughts here.

Please post there - it would be useful for
us to know how you found us!

Angel Reckless Rodent

April 13th -  Not more South Park!?

cartman2.gif (26663 bytes)

You just can't keep a good Cartman down, can you?   After his hit appearance yesterday, he makes a welcome return today with the news that Angel Draco has fixed the links in the download section and added the rest of the wavs to the selection there.  So, if you've got any other wavs which would go well with C3, then let him know and he'll put them on the site.

Freddie Starr ate my hamster!
Angel Reckless Rodent


April 12th -  Oh no, they killed Caesar!

cartman.gif (13168 bytes)

What's Cartman from South Park looking surprised about?   Well, he's just discovered whilst surfing his favourite Caesar III site that some South Park .wavs have found their way into the download section.   So, if you want your priests to tell you that they've killed Kenny rather than moaning about the lack of workers in your city, then now you can thanks to Angel Draco:).  Oh, and there are 3 cool new cities there today too.

Been to Tzar Heaven lately?  If not, then make that your next port of call.  Quite literally, as it happens, because Angel Hamlet has put up some cool pics from the latest build of the game which show the process of constructing a harbour, along with a load of other fantastically cool stuff.

Also new today is a rather neat new contest from our hosts, Gamestats.  Find out all about it in the GS Box!

Don't forget - Tzar Heaven is the place to be!
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 10th\11th -  A Nobel Undertaking

Well, where will all this end?  In the wake of the phenomenal success of the Caesar III Olympics, which now has too many countries involved to list them all, Cherub Onoculator has come up with another cool idea.  How about the Caesar III Nobel prizes?   Here are a couple of things that he's posted in the forum about it:
*The committee will include 5 ppl: which are yet to be chosen or announced. All I can say is that I am part of it and that I have already some ppl in mind. I am still looking for a 5th person but you have to understand that if you become a member you cannot participate and you will have duties and responsabilities. If you cannot fulfill your position someone else will. Sorry if that sounds harsh but that's the way the world turns.

*If anyone seriously wants to be part of it send me an email with a little couple of reasons why you think you should be part of the committee. I will ask other committe members and let the person who qualifies know asap.

If you like the sound of that, then you can get all the information here.

Hmm...can't think of anything to say today
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 9th -  Computer talk

In the forum, there's a cool discussion about computers initiated by Cherub Et Flavius.  Here's a couple of extracts:
Cherub Et Flavius My goal is to enhance this site as much as I can in this area of tech support, plus game support. As a composite group we have always met the challenge, getting C3 up and running, solved conflicts, etc.
Your information will helpful and appreciated, also any suggestions that may build on this endeavor. Heaven Gaming Site should be the icon site for information about games they "support", this can be accomplished.
Baltic Cyrix 6x86 MMX 200
2,1 GB HDD, 2 partitions (C: & D:,approx. 1/2 each), Caesar installed on D:
16x speed CD-ROM as E:
Virge 3D with 4 MB memory
cheap Yamaha emulating SB Pro
15'' ADI monitor (soon to be replaced with 17'')
no modem, no network card (soon Ethernet will be installed, I plan to connect it with our other computer so that I can play Heroes of M&M and Warcraft with my son )
running Win95, Czech version.
Bob the Lethargic My current system is a Pentium II 300 Mhz, 6.4 GB Hard drive partitioned to C D & E, a 24 speed CD ROM, a Zip Drive and a 17 inch monitor with an HP Deskjet printer and Alt Lansing Speaker system with sub-woofer. And believe it or not my wifeagreed to me buying all the bells and whistles when I upgraded.
Cherub Abelius I am using a Pentium MMX 266MHz with 32 MB Ram, and two physical hard drives (C: and D of 2 MB each; so the Windows sub-directory is in C: and the CD-Rom drive is E:. Don't ask me about graphic card and stuff like that, because as you know, I am not a tech-guru... lol...

The guys over at Tzar Heaven have put a poll up asking what makes you return to a gaming site.  Now this may be on Tzar Heaven, but the information they glean from it pertains to all the sites here at Heaven's Gaming Sites, including this one.  So, head over there and vote so that we all know what you want to see here:)!

Remember, we need your input
to make this site better!

Angel Reckless Rodent

April 8th -  Is that Tarzan or a Monty's Monkey?

Oi, you!  Regular Caesar III player and Caesar III Heaven visitor!  Have you submitted any cities or scenarios to the boys in the download section recently?  I ask because both Draco and MM are depressed at how empty their inboxes are.  Come on people, let's really weigh them down with loads of great stuff;).  Scenarios and reviews to Angel Monty's Monkey, and cities to Angel Draco!

However, there is another way to get reviews up at Caesar III Heaven.  If you've played a user-created scenario recently and though it was either fantastic or awful, then let us know in Reviewers Corner in the forums - just follow the link on the left!  Here's what MM had to say:

Actually, this area may go a step beyond being just a neat review communications area for everyone. Due to the relatively large number of submissions still waiting for review, and the fact that we just can't keep up with reviewing all of them, please feel free to post any of your own reviews and thoughts in this area.

I will constantly monitor this corner of the Forums, and if you post a review, or ideas that could be used in a review, I may well pirate your comments for use in the official review page. Also, if you play a scenario and want to post a review to me directly, please feel free to send it to my mail address. However, if you want to do this, please try to use the review format and guidelines found on the downloads page.

Come on, let's get these guys working!,
Angel Reckless Rodent