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April 7th -  Is that Tarzan or a Monty's Monkey?

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Angel Monty's Monkey has harnessed up his trusty pachyderms and crossed the Alps in order to bring you the latest and best user-created scenarios.  This time, there are another 10 for you to check out in the download section.   Hmm...it might not be too long until the scenario section numerically surpasses the cities section.  We'll have to see, eh?

On a different note, you will all be pleased to hear that I chatted to Angel Alexander I on ICQ for an hour or so last night.  Why is that so important?  Well, it means that he's gradually sorting out his connection at his latest residence.  He told me that it was somewhat ropey, but at least he's getting there:).

Awaiting my trip to Germany,
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 6th -  Having problems with Caesar?

Are you spending more time rowing a galley in the Mediterranean than governing your city?  Do Caesar's legions spend more time besieging your city than expanding the borders of the Empire?  Does that demand for 20 oil send you over the edge?  Well, if you're having serious problems with appeasing Caesar, then look no further than in our forum.  At the moment, there's a very interesting discussion about how to appease His Drunken Imperial Majesty in the best and least painful way possible.  Check it out here.

Do you have a winning strategy that you want to tell everyone about?  If so, I want to hear about it!  Find out why here.

Right, off to do more news...
Angel Reckless Rodent

April 5th -  The boy is back in town!

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Why are these chaps here celebrating?  Well, Angel Draco has flown back into town!  Following his trip to DC a couple of weeks back, he needed a couple of weeks to recuperate;).  However, he's now fully recovered and is ready for yes more action in the download area.  For starters, as a bit of an Easter present, he's uploaded 6 lurvely new cities.  1 of them is a rather cool city with 30,000 citizens!  So, could this be the start of yet another unofficial little contest?  Can anyone else out there beat 30k inhabitants?  If so, save the city and fire it off to Angel Draco and it'll be posted asap!

If you're still recovering from the effects of all those easter eggs, yet fancy a new challenge in life, why not apply for a job with our venerable hosts, GameStats.  Get the info about that and another contest in the GS box at the bottom of the page.

E3 starts on May 13th
- put it in your diary!

Angel Reckless Rodent


April 3rd/4th -  Multiple invasions

It was a couple of weeks ago that Impressions released the latest "Easter Egg" to be found in the game, namely that which creates invasions whenever you want them.  For those of you who have forgotten how to do this or who didn't know about it before, here's how you do it:
Build a well, right click on the well, hit Alt-K. Then select the help key on the well right click panel, and hit Alt-K in that panel. After closing the help panels you'll be invaded.

Theoretically, that means that you can be invaded by several armies at the same time.  In the forum, there has been an interesting discussions about the implications of this feature.  Check it out here.

Well done to all those who donated in
Capital FM's Help a London Child appeal

Angel Reckless Rodent

April 2nd -  What's your fave bit of Caesar III?

That's the question being asked in the Caesar III Heaven forum today.  Here's what a few of the forumers have had to say so far...
For me, it's definitely the natives' names.  I especially like Kenneth the Fastidious and Long Fu the Mysterious.
*) The game as a whole, is playable. There will be no misteries, which you can't solve "without being a way around it", like in many role-playing games... This game is winnable [and losable] in so many different ways...!!!

So, if you've got something to add to all that, then do so here!

Also today, I bring news of a brand new Story in the Stories Section:).   This one is entitled "There Goes the Neighbourhood" and is by Ozan Efe Ertem.

Waah:(!   I wanna go to E3!
Angel Reckless Rodent


April 1st -  Forum stuff

The preparations for the Caesar III Olympics are continuing apace.  If you haven't yet signed up, then follow the link over on the left to the forum.  Then, head over to the Caesar III Olympics forum and post saying that you want to participate.  You will also need to check out the rules, which you can find here.   If you've got any more ideas, then let Cherub Abelius or Cherub Dragon2 know and they'll see what they can do about it.

Warning!   Area S is back!
Watch 0ut f0r l00mer;)

Angel Reckless Rodent