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Rebels of Spain

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Climate: Central
Difficulty: Very Hard
Population goal: 7000
Culture goal: 70
Prosperity goal: 70
Peace goal: 100
Favor goal: 100
Ave Quaestor!

In this mission you will follow our Consul Gneo Pompeo, gone to Spain to fight the rebel general Quinto Sertorio, and old Caio Mario's friend escaped to Spain after Mario defeat.

You will build a city in southern spanish coasts to refuel Pompeo's army. Of sure celtics and gauls tribes in your area will form an alliance with Sertorio to reject Republic forces out of Spain.

You will resist at the siege and build a medium city worthy of best Rome architets.

Good luck and shields up!
Senatus Populusque Romanus



Following history, Pompeo Campaign versus Quinto Sertorio starts by 80 bc to 72 bc, so you will expect big attacks in this period. You can't build towers, take care of your legionaries, you will need them over all! Ah last military thing, you have to import weapons hehehe

About building you have a lot of space and ground for farms, you can also fishing. Trade are good and look at price changes! Isn't a military scenario only, the Senatus will require many things!
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Prefect Marty I fear this is terribly overdone in military terms for my taste. I ended up devastated in the 8 th year by two full invasions of both local raiders and gauls, with one month between them. I simply didn´t know where to put my army, I was able to defeat those raiders while the gauls were plundering my city, but they were too much for that what was left from my army (4 legionaires, 2 javelins). I peeked into the map editor and saw that every year or two there are 2 full or nearly full invasions of gauls and raiders (some of them after a distant battle of 120 enemies, so favor requirement 100 would be unreachable without bribes. It is possible to win by use of lions and gladiators (towers are not allowed), or by use of advanced knowledge (maybe) but for me it´s like a cheat.

PS: later even 3 full invasions some years, I don´t know what´s their time dispersion or location, as the designer has left every invasion on random point.

PS2: I made a test by using full 6 forts of legionaires. Although they are more effective against raiders, they are less against gauls, so the effect was the same.

[Edited on 08/31/11 @ 05:42 AM]

Senseisan Use a hidden little city , protect industries by draw bridges , use javelins and wait the end of war to buid a proper city.
Raiders aim to military targets , set your javelin forts on the biggest island , draw the bridge when raiders are near and kill them over water .
Gauls aim to food and farms , some javelins squads are enough to deal whith them when they are stuck by want of reachable targets ...
Reached 4x100 ratings at VH , 15 000 guys ( and plebs are fed ! ).Whith some ( 32 ... ) luxuary palaces , prosperity break the ceiling !
Don't dream about winning the distant battle and protect your city same time , just send a symbolic force .

Remember that when you have several invading armies on the map , when the last pack of the first army loose morale and retreat , they often trigger retreat for all the invaders on the map .
The first years are very fun , whith my peltasts playing a Tom&Jerry cartoon whith this poor Gauls . Then I had enough forts to use the backway rolling fire , and the Gaul packs vanished like snow in hell ...

[Edited on 08/31/11 @ 12:08 PM]

File Author
right spirit Senseisan ;)
Senseisan Sun Tse said that the main purpose of war is to win ...
Prefect Marty Now as I know what to expect, I must agree with you it is doable (the distant battle and bare necessity of lions and gladiators help, or as Senseisan suggested, building an unreachable city). Without this knowledge, the scenario is way too much above my skills to handle.

[Edited on 09/01/11 @ 10:57 AM]

Senseisan Remember that cutting bridges was usual for roman army :
Even stone bridges had stone arches but a wooden carriageway . In Lutecia the oak joists were removed for night by the guards ...
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

This one will haunt you in ur nightmares unless u finish it. Once u finish it you arise from your dark cave and amaze at what you have accomplished! It is without a strain of doubt the hardest map i ever played. Will I play it again??? Oh hell yeah!!! This sets the standards so high that you feel everything else lacking. Even the mission of Lindum in Main Career Scenario as pale....Salutation my friend for creating this.

Balance: 3

NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED. this is the real thing! brace your selves the Spainards are coming! The balance you need to seek is the import vs ur exports. Since you need weapons and marble only in the beginning refrain from importing both at the same time. The economy will go into a death spiral if you try to push things too much! take it easy. get 1000Dn then place a fort. dont be too much in debt. IF Caesar sends his armies it will be very hard to beat (not impossible though) however it is the least of ur concerns.

Creativity: 5

The creator of this beauty probably was having a bad day and decided to make the most difficult map ever. kudos bro! ur the man i loved this one!

Map Design: 5

I didnt use a hidden city here. I stood my ground however i chose well where to fight. The choke points are to be quickly identified and walled off. There should be ofc one opening in the north and to the south which leads right into the "lion's mouth" ;) if you know what i mean!

Story/Instructions: 4

Nothing in the world prepared me for this map and sure as hell the instructions didnt. More warnings to the player would help. Caesar basically is screwing with you here.

Additional Comments:

I noticed a bug here. Soldier comes from training from barrack+Academy and comes to fort, then disappears! This has happened as my legions were never filling up. This is disastrous for 2 reasons--- (1) you need to quickly replenish lost men if you want to keep fighting and (2) Weapons are expensive!!!! I want my money back if soldiers disappear!

Make lots of lion houses and run loops of roads leading to Colosseum and Amphitheaters! I mean lots and lots! If not and the closed formation of the enemies hit ur square legions they will cut through academy trained troops too! You will not get enough time to recoup from it.


This game and this review is dedicated to the brave lion tamers and unknown gladiators and soldiers who fell in the line of duty defending with their last ounce of strength this great city. As long as this game remains and one of us shall be remembered.

Hail Caesar!!!!!
koko88 Hail! My first comment here. This was the 3rd or 4th map i have finished from this site. Until now i managed to finish the career 3 or 4 times throgh the 00s.

I've reloaded the map 8 or 9 times to finish it ( without any editor knowledge, at VH ). First two times after the 4th or 5th attack, the next two times after the 8th or 9th and so on.

finished basically without any troops whatsoever as all my troops dissapered from a bug. I didn't import any weapons and did just very long loops ( and i mean long ) with my lions ( no gladiatiors beacuse of the revolt ).

After the last attack i've waited 20-30 years at full speed to reach 150,000 denarii to delete all my city and build from scratch and managed to finish around 10 Ad ( 100 years from the start of the map ).

My final stats: culture 78, peace 100, prosperity 80, favor 100, population 14272, funds 48198.

Very hard map, to bad from that bug. As someone said above, this will haunt you until you finish it!
alecsdan Hello
Beautiful map. When the two came invasion from the beginning we had two forts (infantry and javelin). I managed to block half of map and walked invaders (alternatively destroying and building walls). So that we managed to stop the attack with 5 full forts in the end. after that I also used the gladiators and lions.

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Map Design5.0
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