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Unfinished Coginium

Author File Description
Prefect Marty
File Details
Campaign: Custom
Rank: Architect
Mission: Custom
Difficulty: Hard
Population: 2663
Culture rating: 0
Prosperity rating: 22
Peace rating: 43
Favor rating: 64
I picked up Coginium (Athenae province) scenario by Sir_Vet tonight and began to play. However, it seems to me that there isn´t enough food in this map, so my go ended up as a test. Theoretical maximum, very hard to maintain is something less than 2000 ppl fed by imports. The rest being fed on fish. I´m showing you that just trying to feed 2500 on fish is... well you´ll see.

I recall that similar issue has been discused regarding Barberousse´s Athenae, a somewhat simmilar Scenario, but in that case, it´s possible to feed all the 5000 required people, I´ve played that twice. Coginium would be good scen, if reworked.

I have one question though. How many fishing boats can catch on one fishing point at once?
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Senseisan To reach the requested population and prosperity , you need to feed a little more than 1K inhabitants in 9 Large Villas ( 1008 guys , prosperity points 8100 ) workers are a pleb pack of 151* large tents ( 4228 non fed guys , 1510 prosperity points )
Population 5236 , prosperity caped at (8100 +1510)/(9+151) = 60 and a dust ...
*151 is the max for 9 LV , min is 143 .

[Edited on 08/19/11 @ 12:27 PM]

Prefect Marty
File Author
Yes Senseisan, I know that it´s possible to winthat scenario, but tents and palaces, that´s not the way I like to play. Anyway thanks for advice.
Eswen These were my observations too, my food run out around 3500 people at large insulae ... I've thought about putting a review, but decided not to, since I haven't actually finished the map. Frustrated by the lack of food, which probably some other, better player, could solve and the increasing amounts of the requests, which are more of a nuisance than a challenge and distracts more than I'd like to. Also the low favor gain from completed requests, was somewhat surprising ... but I can live with that. In conclusion, it's possible to be a great scenario, but underdevelopment forced me to give up on it.

I'd not be expected to play a map with tents and palaces only, could I?

Marty, I don't believe there is any restriction on the number of boats exploiting a single spot. I think all of your boats can be at one single place fishing.

[Edited on 08/20/11 @ 04:46 AM]

Prefect Marty
File Author
Thank you Eswen, that number you have reached by feeding on fish is all what I needed to give it another go. I think it was my fault, as I developed too fast initially. I count with cca 1800 ppl on imported food: fruit and vegetables for 8 large villas, wheat+fish for 20 grand insulae (the rest of wheat being distributed to work camps, which I can´t avoid to build because of geography).

But I can´t mark it higher than 3 in playability due to this and 2 for balance. Those requests and weak, but steady military activity are serious drawbacks.
Eswen Marty, I think you've misunderstood me, I meant 3500 with both imports and fish. I've tried the map 5-6 times, and finally gave up ...
Prefect Marty
File Author
You´re correct. I managed at most 4000, importing all the food available. And the city was not entirely stable. There isn´t enough food and I really doubt that it´s designer has finished it, without resorting to multiple blessings from Mercury, stockpiling, not feeding everyone and someone may find other possible tricks.

Sir_vet, if you´re around here, add some more food to this map, or lower the pop requirement. Another drawbacks I found are military activity (not challenging but annoyng)and requests (I have feeling I´m Caesar´s delivery boy) : neither is challenging both are annoyng.

PS:Eswen I´m doing your Corinthus instead. It´s somewhat older scen, I suppose it´s the first you´ve uploaded, but it´s playable, although not very challenging. More in upcoming review.

[Edited on 08/20/11 @ 04:59 PM]

Eraserhead I had a look at the map again and one thing I didn’t realize before was that there was no other local food source. I thought there were food farms available to supplement the fishing. Anyway, the previous test I did for fishing was for placement only, with 16 wharves total. The problem here is that some of the wharves are far from the nearest possible granary placement so I don’t know if I could reliably feed 4500 with these. I figure I might eke out the remaining 1500 with the food imports available, even with the restrictive dock area. Or maybe use the fish granary as a feeder for long walkers, connect it with dock imports and upgrade some of the housing on the long walk route. Don’t know if I’ll end up playing it though. I’ll have a look at your attempt PM.
Prefect Marty
File Author
Hi Eraserhead. I´ve found another solution, with less wharves, but with granary in the fishing area. But I still can´t feed 3200 ppl on fish. I can feed 6 luxuary palaces on imports, with 6 large insulae on wheat+some shacks for labour access. Most of the labour houses in the fishing area are tents due to desirability. I think the possible limit for this map is less than 4500. A complete waste of time, I´m giving up on it unless the designer is still here to make adjustments. Not only food, but also annoyng, not challenging requests and invasions.
Sir_Vet Hi Guys,

Please don't give up on me :-)

I'm retesting the map now and also writing a better comment for you all, I do want to repair this map so it can be an enjoyable experience.

Give me a couple of days to finish what I am doing, I would like your opinions on how to fix things up.
Prefect Marty
File Author
Sir_Vet, I´m not giving up on you, just on zhat scenario as it is now.
Some tips you might find valuable:

1,Add fishing to that native compound, that would be my first choice.
2,Make the invasions stronger, but less frequent, unless they´re among the main challenges.
3,requests can be fun, but they have to be more tied to the scenario. I don´t like to turn my furniture industry off and build additional farms quite so often.

PS: let me know when you update it, I will try it.

[Edited on 08/22/11 @ 06:54 AM]

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