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Lindum wolf alley

Author File Description
Prefect Marty
File Details
Climate: Northern
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 8000
Culture goal: 75
Prosperity goal: 80
Peace goal: 70
Favor goal: 80
By messenger Gnaeus Lucius:

"Hail Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Britanicus, our purging of Britania has been interrupted by a river, wide and too wild to let our boats cross it .Moreover, there´s a Celtic uprising on the other side of the river, enemy troops will be prepared for battle within ten months, but we don´t have anything at hand to cross swords with them. We´ll need all the reinforcements we can get in meantime. Otherwise we would find ourselves vastly outnumbered by the Celts. To make things even more complicated, we weren´t able to eradicate druidism in the south of Britania, so we have to watch our back too. Fortunately, we managed to spare some denarii from previous campaign, and I´ll gladly contribute with my personal savings to help us survive."

Claudius writes back:

"Procurator Marius, I Claudius, am sending you the best gladiators from Gaul, who were given freedom. In return, they promised to form a legion in Lindum, where you are currently stuck. Prepare for that announced uprising and try to pacify the druids in the east. Detached from their remote home, some might abandon their vicious traditions. They might buy some goods from you for precious gold they posess. When you deal with the Celts properly, build a city of 8000 with high ratings to ensure those gladiators will remain faithful to Roma. You are of course prohibited to build gladiator schools, lion pits and colloseum. The province of Lindum is fertile, though rocky and the only access to the sea is far from kingdom road. It also has a lot of iron ore, which is needed in these times. Send me weapons whenewer I would ask for, the same goes for troops."
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Prefect Marty
File Author
I have confused myself with directions in the storyline. So those Remote druids are not in the east, but in the south, and those vicious (local raiders) are in the west.
Senseisan Very very good scenario .
I finaly reached my purpose of 4x100 ratings on this map ( Very Hard level ), whith 10750 inhabitants , but more than 60 years were needed !
The only " black art " I used was to build unreachable the first settlement , protecting industry behind a draw bridge until I could afford enough towers and legions to crush the raiders .
The barbarians were swept by a legion of javelins behind a trees curtain ( at VH level , don't dream winning against hundreds of celts whith legionaries ).

The 100 prosperity is reached by a little block of 32 villas and medium palaces ( caped by entertainment and wheat ).

Culture was kept under 75 until the other ratings reached 100 , then the needed buildings were set in emergency ( 30 workers left ).
Obviously , I don't used blocks , but long walk ...
Thanks Marty for some days of great fun !
Prefect Marty
File Author
I have to thank you, Senseisan, too . Seems like you have reached the maximum population (in small shacks and higher) possible. I don´t know myself what´s the biggest possible number of farms that can be maintained there. I didn´t want to stretch food supply too much, just to ensure that farmland near RtR must be used (again, supposing that only small shacks and higher level housing is built).

PS: would you mind posting your final save?

[Edited on 08/11/11 @ 05:23 PM]

Senseisan OK.
My major problem at the beginning was to stockpile enough money to bypass the 200_300 bug .
Whith a 196 population and trading only some potteries , a 5000 Dn treasury took some years , as the priority was forts and towers to secure the West bank . Remind that not only a remote new compound on the east bank had to be set , but a long bridge as North as possible and another compound in the west secured area , the provisory east compound vanishing when the north bridge is deleted ...
Edit 61 farms.

[Edited on 08/12/11 @ 01:42 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Balance: 4
Creativity: 5
Map Design: 5
Story/Instructions: 4

Additional Comments:
This is a very well-designed scenario. The set-up reminds me of a bit of Masada II, though that map is decidedly military heavy. There’s a military aspect early in the game here but it’s not designed to overwhelm you. There's also a good economic challenge presented with limiting the number of trading partners, which I think was done with the C3 explorer utility.

Certain entertainment structures are disabled but that’s covered well in the instructions. I didn't care much for having no plazas though. It's a limitation which I think might work with a more peaceful mission.

Map design is excellent, from the way the initial location is separated from the city to the good mix of farmland and plateaus. The map itself has a natural look to it. There's no area that looks too empty or overdone. Great job here.

Overall an enjoyable scenario.
Prefect Marty
File Author
I´m glad that Eraserhead gave this that good review, it could encourage more players to try this out.
Prefect Marty
File Author
Superb! I´m another of my scens celebrating a 200 th download! And My first one is one short of 400. This makes me feel like I´m into designing another one.

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Map Design5.0
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