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Climate: Central
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 6000
Culture goal: 65
Prosperity goal: 85
Peace goal: 40
Favor goal: 55
What a noisy crowd ... the only difference between those senators and the plebs on the forum is the white-violet robe they are wearing. Gods help us survive this bunch, and they actually think they can rule the republic, despicable! It's not even clear what's the fuss about, what are they arguing so much for ...

'No we should concentrate on the war effort', one said.
'You're and idiot, go attend the chickens in your villa, and do not insult us anymore with your presence. One can't wage war without food, or weapons, or oil.'
'Shut up, or I'll send for my men and soon you'll be attending my chickens. What's oil good for war, we need more soldiers not farmers!'

And just before they jump and kill one another, a strong voice, must be the consul's, echoed through the marble walls - 'Stop yelling! Come in order! Summon the praetor!'. Surprisingly order came, and you were escorted in ...

The consul turned and asked - 'Are you ready for your next assignment, magistrate?'. Before you even had the chance to answer, an old man whispered something in the consul's ear. He mumbled something, about someone, not doing one's job ... you couldn't make much sense of the words. And you were then addressed again - 'Okay. It seems the lions will have food for the coming days ... Since no one was kind enough to brief you, I guess it falls on me ... like everything else here ... now listen and remember!'

"My name is Gaius Marius, this is my 6th and hopefully last consulship. I hope to be able to retire soon, so please don't disappoint me. If you decide to do so anyway, I'm just going to ensure another meal for the lions, so don't test my patience! I'm sending you to Tingis, the old Phoenician colony. You will have to build glittering, prosperous city, and that just beside our old foe - the Iberians. You should worry only for the remote parts of your province, since the road to Rome is safe from attack for years now. This assignment will be difficult, build fast, and build a lot. I can tell you that Rome soon will be in crisis, because of the war effort prices will go up, and trade won't be as profitable. Prepare yourself for that! Also this province doesn't provide any iron, you'll have to import it. I was not able to arrange building stone for you, so unfortunately you don't have the luxury of walls and towers. But I'm sure the Iberians are no match for our well trained, loyal legionaries. There are some Berbers, who are native to the region and will trade with you for gold and silver, if you're wise enough to teach them Latin. Begone now, I have now politics to discuss and wars to wage!"
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File Author
Notes on the map
--- Warning: May contain spoilers ---

1) The scenario is intended to be played at hard difficulty (or lower), I'm not sure if it is even possible to be played on Very Hard. Someone may try, but I doubt it's possible. Even if it is, it may suck all the fun of the game. As an advice - play at hard.

2) The map should be played with god effects on - it makes it harder, but it's how it was planned. This can be seen readily by the buildings - only large temples are allowed, which forces you to import marble from the beginning.
Prefect Marty
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
This scenario is quite easy on hard, but I would play it again to make a better city. I was done in 17 years, while the last 5 years were only due to constant money up and downs caused by many imports. As the palaces were built, money stopped to be a problem. I was however in debt, because I incidentally imported too much marble in the start.

Balance: 2
Invasions were notthing to worry about, just put fortresses to the only invasion acess ( I wasn´t attacked from the other side of the river, so I built a hippodrome there). Starting money is generous, early exports are possible, importing some marble blocks would not be a financial problem, if micromanaged.

Creativity: 3)
There are creative features, only one dock space available on narrow peninsula, only 2 bridge locations and that you need to import marble very early (I played with god effect turned on, although it´s not common with me).
Map Design: 3
Map looks very good, but there is one huge drawback. Invasions Didn´t come from the right side of the river, although player would anticipate them. It´s even possible to put the whole city near the road to rome and the rest beside the native village. When I looked at the map the first time, I had been worrying about my defenses of that particular place, but it wasn´t needed. If I knew that it´s safe there, my city would look very differently.

Story/Instructions: 4
As usual with Eswen, nice. But instructions suggest a tough scenario, while it´s fairly easy.

Additional Comments:
Eswen, try to force player away from the invasion points, not to let them bet which side of river is safe and which dangerous. The best thing would be to schedule invasions on both sides and force the player to go there.

[Edited on 04/22/11 @ 12:36 PM]

File Author
Strange, I had terrible time testing it ... maybe because I didn't use hippodrome. I thought about forbidding the player of building one, but wondered if it's not too much ... I played with LV/GV only, it was something I considered forcing the player to deal with ... in the end I decided not to do it.

About the attack points, well it's mentioned in the instructions that road to Rome is safe ...
Prefect Marty Hi Eswen
I was talking about western part of that side of the river. I would upload my finished city, but I´d rather send you it by mail, if you don´t mind, because other players might be spoiled.
File Author
I don't mind at all, I'm curious about your city plan. My mail is publicly visible exactly for that reason, so people could contact me outside of the forum.

Eraserhead Enjoyed playing this and was able to finish in 12 years. The initial funds were enough to set up the exports early on, with the 2 trading huts providing additional income.

Good use of plateaus to separate parts of the city. It would’ve been nice to have another dock placement though, just to provide players with options.

I like the variation of not having small temples allowed. And also with no gatehouses
available, I went with forced-walker loops instead of the usual gatehoused blocks. I
used large villas to up the prosperity cap, with the rest of the housing at large and
grand insulae.

[Edited on 06/08/11 @ 01:08 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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