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Iberian Forest Maze

Author File Description
Prefect Marty
File Details
Climate: Central
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 12000
Culture goal: 60
Prosperity goal: 85
Peace goal: 70
Favor goal: 80
If Caesar hadn´t been murdered by a bunch of cowardly traitors, he would want to join you in this endeavour. Now you must do it alone. As I am stuck on the northwestern border of the empire, the rest of my kingdom is falling apart. Your new province, Carthago nova, is threatened by Iberians. They are neither particulary strong, nor fast, but they will surely attack you on all occasions and from all directions. You will be given a decent amount of money to start with, so do not hesitate to build your defenses VERY early. Another way to defeat our enemies in your province will be stealth and stratagem. There is a big and dense forest in your province, which shall serve you well. So do not cut too trees, I have a special use for them in the future anyway, they will be a part of my fleet, with which I want to conquer Brittania. So, obviously, logging will not be tolerated. I will make Toletum send you as much wood as possible instead. Your province is fertile and rich in resources with good fishing grounds and high quality marble rock. The only downside is that you can´t grow wheat there, but you´ll have to cope with that, because I require a city of 12000 souls with moderate culture, prosperity, peace and favor ratings to be built there.
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Prefect Marty
File Author
Anyone who would want to play this scenario, avoid this on very hard level right from the start. I forgot to test it on very hard, since i usually play on hard because of population "bug", and many scenarios are not designed (money, invasions) for VH as well. And as my goal is to build good cities, not to win (only in very special cases), I don´t bother with difficulty level too much, as far as it isn´t normal or lower.
I´ve tested it on VH and made these conclusions:
1, it is impossible to survive second invasion without multiple barracks and/or Mars´ aid.
2, It is impossible to overcome the population (city mood) bug without being in debt in the first 3 years.
3, It is also impossible to run export industry, meet one request (I won´t go into details, of course) without being in (severe) debt and defeat the first two invasions without at least 2 barracks and/or blessing. And since I play with god´s effect turned off, I would never use it.
That debt I mentioned here is not rescue loan...
You also have to build 2 bridges, open one trade route, build fort instantly after starting (of course, academy trained), second one before the first invasion (you´ll see, on very hard they have to be 3 actually, even if the third is almost empty when the invasion starts) and run export industry. On hard, You´ll have 6000 Dn at the start and rescue loan of 2000 Dn. On VH only 4500...
Avoid playing this on very hard. It is quite hard on "hard", but (almost) impossible on "very hard" without some "dirty" tricks.

PS. Of course you can play it on VH if you want, but only after the second invasion, not from the start (Or, if you wish to have only 4500 Dn as a startout, you are free to do so, as well as with rescue loan). It´s not enjoyable, even if possible to start at VH difficulty.

PS 2: does somebody know what´s correct possesive tag for Mars?

[Edited on 04/11/11 @ 05:27 PM]

Senseisan Playing this ( very good and challenging ) map on VH , you can overcome the second invasion ( and the following ) whith one non academy-trained javelins , but I fear that building an unreachable city , protecting the industries by draw bridges and hiding towers behind a trees curtain may be considered as " dirty tricks" ...

A little less than 200 guys is enough to set this fort , some towers and an oil and marble industry , selling oil makes enough benefits to set a provisory block of 50 tents far from entry point , bypassing the 200_300 bug .
The main difficulty is to spare enough money to open the Rome trade road , I needed 8 years !
Obviously , when the 20 military events allowed by the game are done , building a city fulfitting the winning criteria is not a problem ( at this moment treasury is near 40_50 000 cash ... ).

Prefect Marty
File Author
Hi Senseisan
I´m well aware that it is possible to start at very hard and suceed, but I warned potential players that it might not be enjoyable.
I´m glad you tried it and found my scenario to be good and interesting.

[Edited on 04/15/11 @ 12:21 PM]

Senseisan Lol ... In fact , the first years are a kind of nightmare ... Needed numerous attempts to pass them!
One of the inconvenients of hidden cities is that prefects prevent fires , but don't care of the burning buildings .
And when invaders are too near , prefects try to attack ( and vanish ...) instead of patrolling , leading to a lot of burning buildings .
I wonder if the difficulty level acts not only on the number of invaders , but on their strength also , having a full legionaries legion academy trained sliced by half a dozen raiders ...
I had to manage whith two non connected docks , found a trick ( maybe soon known ... ). The priority for ships is to sell , the dock for Cesarea must be connected to a SY full of anything , but accepting wood ( set to buy ) , the dock for Rome same whith iron ...

[Edited on 04/16/11 @ 05:59 AM]

Zipods Very interesting according to comments I will try definitely.
Prefect Marty
File Author
Wow Senseisan, you have been using legionaires? That´s not at all common with your defensive style... And they´re also VERY expensive in this scenario, you can either import weapons or open trade route for 5000 Dn with Rome...
No, I don´t think that difficulty level affects enemy´s strenght, but legionaires must be in square formation (not disturbed by a obstacle, and there are trees almost everywhere), otherwise they´re weak.

[Edited on 04/16/11 @ 08:08 AM]

Zipods It is for sure playable map I survived after two attempts (at first one I was killed by Emperor's army due to big debt). I think none player can avoid Emperor's Wraith and meeting the legions at the gates at least once. I could'nt. I opened TWO trade routes together (Rome (5000)+Toletum) so I returned the investments in two-three years. After this it is just patience - waiting for the time when invasions will end and then build up a city.
Senseisan Legionaries are only for distant battles , but a fogotten bridge allowed to a handfull of raiders access to the fort ...Sitting ducks ...
My whole defense was relying on hidden towers and a pack of javelins to drag the ennemies in range of towers .But the game consider legionaries stronger than javelins in distant battles .

"but legionaires must be in square formation (not disturbed by a obstacle, and there are trees almost everywhere), otherwise they´re weak." Very true ... And when one or two of them is killed , the formation crashes .
The only way to have enough strength whith legionaries is to twin them , setting the two or three flags exactly at the same spot .
Marble export quickly pay the trade road , as soon as you can drive the Rome's ships to the proper dock ^^ .

It is a great map , any player must have an attempt , adjusting the difficulty to his own level . I swear they won't be asleep in front of the screen ...

[Edited on 04/16/11 @ 12:24 PM]

Eswen I'll try that one out, as soon as I have a little bit of time.

@Prefect Marty
"does somebody know what´s correct possesive tag for Mars?"
Do you mean - Mars' - "of mars, possessed by Mars"?

[Edited on 04/18/11 @ 12:32 AM]

Prefect Marty
File Author
Hi Eswen, I realized that it would be better to write help of Mars if I don´t speak english well enough.
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