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Leptis Magna

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File Details
Climate: Desert
Difficulty: Normal
Population goal: 15000
Culture goal: 90
Prosperity goal: 90
Peace goal: 90
Favor goal: 100
Northern Africa. 146 BC. The Carthaginians were finally blown out of their homes and Rome establishes its rule through the region. After the annexation of Greek polices Rome gets control all over the Mediterranean. The new province “Greece” brought a numerous slaves and resources to Roman Republic. Athens and Corinth create the strong outposts for the trade spreading the influence through the Small Asia, Thessaly and Northern Africa.

At the same time population of the Roman Republic grew rapidly after the absorption of Greece. The existing farming could not satisfy the increasing demand in food of the new great cities. Lack of food become even more important problem with respect to loyalty of Roman presence in the regions we can foresee. The true assimilation is impossible when people are hungry. So the eye of Senate is now looking for the new sources of food to meet growing demand in food for its citizens. The first scouting reported about rich and plenty lands in Northern Africa. The total control of shipment in the Mediterranean and increased trading could provide the secure supply of wheat to Europe. The decision of the Senate was not long in coming: it is time to colonize Northern Africa.

Our constant attempts to create stable settlement in the region did not make sense. A hostile natives, hot climate and incompetence of governors made all our efforts ineffective. Rome as the newly created superpower could not resign itself in front of unreasonable obstacles. And somebody should change the situation.

You are accepted as a new governor of the Northern Africa province. Now, your mission is to build the city on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea with the unseen before mightiness. Carthago is not acceptable place at the moment as we razed it to the ground and kill all of its inhabitants. But there is another place. The Leptis Magna – former Phoenician and Greek colony should be the great place! The new city in Leptis Magna will not only strengthen the Roman presence in the region nut supply the critically needed wheat to Europe. Beware of the remnants of the Macedonian army – they are still active in here and may do a lot of damage. We are planning to settle on the territory which is considered as their own. Be ready to constantly supply food as the Roman and Greek stomachs are hungry and angry!
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Brugle This file is an rar archive (not a zip archive) and may require additional software (such as winrar) to extract the map.

Nice storyline, by the way.
Prefect Marty I don´t think that designer had an idea about how many schools, libraries, theatres and accademies (academies could be ommited, even without them is culture 90, if school, library, theater and religious citywide coverage is perfect) player have to build to fulfill culture requirement with population requirement of 15000 (anyway a bit too high). Therefore I won´t even attemp to play this, even if it looks interesting.
File Author
Really do not understand your idea about culture. Is this issue so important? I think 15 000 souls is OK for such huge province with a plenty of resources. I will post my attempt in the nearest future. My position is to create cities for broad auditory not specific and very hard. Player should enjoy the game not challenging one obstacle after another - this is the nature of C3 I suppose, it is not arcade game.

P.S. I have a question for you, Perfect Marty: I saw you created a city of Athenae earlier I suppose using the editing of C3 code. Am I right? If yes, could you modify the programme code to create two new city places, for instance, Alexandria and Byzantium? I mean new locations on the Empire Map. I think it could be interesting even for expirienced players and C3 funs.

Thank you!
Senseisan Athenae is available in the c3 builder ( Empire state 21 )
File Author
I mean this Athenae:

He changed trade routes, resources (added what farm - not available in original city) and some other issues. So I wonder if he did this he could make a new cities on the Empire map.
File Author
Maybe somebody will post your attempt of completion the city? It is interesting to analyze your thoughts about this map.
Prefect Marty Hi Zipods
I don´t mind 15000 pop requirement, I´ve actually made a map with 12000 recently, but what I do mind is 30 theatres, 30 oracles, 19 libraries and many, many schools to achieve 90 culture rating.
And about my Athenae scenario:
No, I didn´t change the source code of game, I just used Caesar Jan´s utility, C3 explorer. It is very useful tool, pity it´s no longer available around here. I´ll put it into utility programs section in no time. Im´ looking forward to see your creations. But be aware that it works only for .sav files, not .map.

[Edited on 04/16/11 @ 02:53 PM]

File Author
Thank you very much for support! But the question is still opened. Is it possible to rewrite C3 code to make a new 2-3 location cities on the Empire Map? I have never found new locations (in form of patches, additional files, editors, etc.) so I think it is hard but perhaps possible.

Regarding new creations: I will post my New Carthago in the nearest future - it is though not so interesting as yours.
Prefect Marty
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I ended this with good feeling that it could be done in more ways. If I attemp this map again, I would try to maximize my patrician population, as my final unemployment is huge. It´s also open for different solutions. I was tempted to utilize forced walkers here, although I didn´t utilize that idea in the end. The geography also provides ample oppurtunity to use garden shortcuts, which I enjoyed. Sandstorms could have been gotten rid of: nothing important is traded by land.

Balance: 4
Normal difficulty is appropriate for this. The biggest challenge C3 can offer is always money, seconded by city layout. The first is very easy, as lots of profitable trade is available, and almost everything can be manufactured localy. Rising wages were a nice balancing touch. On the military side, invasions were appropriate for normal difficulty level. Spread enough around the map, but in smaller numbers. I didn´t need any walls nor towers. I hesitated whether to give this a 3, but It would be a bit too harsh, as my biggest complaint is from the personal preferences side: culture rating/pop requirement. Ratings were otherwise all right, except for favor: there´s just too much to get around for my taste.

Creativity: 4
The idea of wheat producing africa is based in real history, which I appreciate, it´s a pity that player cannot build his/her in the Aegyptus province. I also like the spreadout of resources.

Map Design: 3
Pretty straightforward design. Geography provides a blessing in form of that mining island, that makes profit an easy deal. Obvious invasion spots, lots of natural defenses. I didn´t feel like im in desert, but I assume that Zipods wanted me to feel like I´m in oasis. Alltogether, an OK design, but could´ve been improved with some interesting features.

Story/Instructions: 5
What was taken from map desingn was added here. The storyline about northern Africa involved in global struggle for Roman domination was pretty charming. On the instructive value, I had no real complaint, so perfect rating fits here well.

Additional Comments: It´s the only real scenario from Zipods, his preferences seems to go another direction, towards free city building, and this map feels more like that too. But that´s a legitimate choice which I appreciate. C3 offers that freedom, otherwise Id wouldn´t be that great game it is.
khchia great map for an average player like me :)

had to attempt a few times to find how to best structure my housing blocks - was genuinely surprised when a 8palace block wasn't sufficient to meet prosperity levels.

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Map Design3.0
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