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The Jugurthine War(Cirta, Numidia)

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Climate: Central
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 8500
Culture goal: 0
Prosperity goal: 0
Peace goal: 0
Favor goal: 0
Name: Cirta, The Jugurthine war
Location: Cirta, Numidia(North Africa 133BC)

After the death of King Masinissa fifthteen years ago, your father, King Micipsa has been expanding the kingdom of Numidia. His adopted nephew Jugurtha is in command of the Numidian Army under orders of Scipio Aemilianus attending to the siege of Numintia. Your brother Hiempsal has been dispatched to Rome to study the Roman ways. You, Prince Adherbal, have been given the task of establishing the new capital of Numidia, Cirta. The king hopes that after his death his two sons and nephew
will share the kingdom, but some fear that after the king dies Jugurtha’s ruthless and unscrupulous ways will mark the end of peace on the kingdom.

Your task is to establish the city capital of Cirta with a thriving population of 8,500. The kingdom of Numidia has spent most of its resources in expanding and maintaining the kingdom and is running short on funds, commerce should be a high priority. Also a local tribe to the west, the Masaesyli has been expanding throughout the territory in search of fertile lands and has established itself in the heart of your future city. You must befriend these locals as fast as possible, and help defend them from the Massylii, another tribe to the east, nemesis of the Masaesyli the two tribes have been at war year after year, expect early and constant attacks from the Massylii. Remember that your father could die at any moment, the outcome of that is rumored to be war, in which case you are expected to host a banquet for a Roman commission to make peace and divide the country among the surviving heirs, reserves should be a wise idea.

Wining condition: 8,500 in 21 years of constant war.

Author’s note: Long time player, first map made as scenario(Based on the jugurthine war), whoever finishes the map and wants to send me( the .sav file, I would appreciate it, I'd like to see how others tackle my creation. I reached 8.5k in a test run to make final touch ups and balance the map so thats the goal. I will send my test run sav file to whoever sends me a finished sav file and wants it to compare, I won't include it in the download because I don't want to give away features of the map(And I suggest not looking at the map through the editor before completition, it will ruin the expirience).

PS: If you keep up with your history books and you know a thing or two about the Jugurthine war, you know not to expect victory, if you are victorious I have failed.

Good luck, you'll need it.

Map made by: Zerodown
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File Author
Sorry, I noticed I sent the wrong zip file, I updated the zip file already, my mistake.
Pontius Pilatus Hmm, did not try to play yet, but I have some questions. Why is the landscape not desert? Why is the empire state Tarraco?
Jugurtha is North-Africa, not Spain.

I will try the play later, but I am not positive from the editor view yet.
GovernorSimulus PP: Tarraco was probably chosen for goods availability. Re, climate: the scenario designer was probably thinking about Career Tingis. I would be interested to know the map size (I am not on the computer on which I play C3 right now so can't download it). It looks like a "Small Map" but can't be sure. One of the main challenges I suspect would be to fit that many people on a small-ish map wile keeping away from the map edges.
Senseisan Easy at Hard level , as you can win before any strong invasion .
Even when not seeking a quick growth , 8500 guys are reached in about 90_100 monthes .
There is room for more , as my city was near 25% empty at the end , the only challenge beeing food ( as the meadows are on several spots , need the use of some logistic tips , like double cartpushers for farms and granaries ).
A good challenging map , for my taste .
Edit Size of map is " Medium "

[Edited on 06/06/10 @ 05:38 AM]

File Author
@Pontius Pilatus

I thought I was pretty thorough with the map, but it seems I didn't consider everything, you are right, I didn't thought about that aspect of the design, but well, thats how we learn I'm thinking about making a few maps from time to time, I figured you guys still like the game enough for me to bother, thank you.

The central region, I thought the map was already too difficult, but yeah, another mistake.

I think the mistake was in designing the map before thinking about the story.


Thats exactly why I chose Tarraco, I was looking for a city in which you could build many things and trade only a few goods that you would need, I wasn't paying attention to its location and its relation with the story, rookie mistake.

What I had in mind for the challenge would be to make you fit a lot of people in a small map WHILE fighting the wars, I know the map can be finished in less time, but thats where the editor falls short, the editor doesn't allow me to put both win conditions(survival time and population) because the game ends when either one is fulfilled, so I turned it to defeat time instead, but it doesn't work either. In the end, what I had in mind would force you to fit a lot of people in a small map while going through the full 21 years of wars entering through your farm land and if you didn't have 8,500 population by the end of the year of the final wars you didn't win. try playing it the full 21 years and keeping the population.


Yes, I too won before the final invasions, but thats because the map editor doesn't allow me to force you through the invasions AND the population mark. The 8,500 cap was put because I played the map to test for errors and at the end had that population, so I knew it was a reachable population and I didn't want to guess how many people someone could fit and make it impossible. But yeah it could be upped, I went into my test run game and did some tweaking and went past 9000 with minor changes in the buildings.

Yes, I thought about logistics and how to make it more difficult: SPOILER
That harbor can be fully equipped with one dock, one shipyard and 18 wharves.

PS: If anyone wants to send me their finished sav files I'd like to take a look, helps make better maps.

Also, I don't know how many glitches or tricks there are in caesar, the only thing I use that I don't know if its a cheat is putting gatehouses on some housing complexes. So I designed the map unaware of how you guys can exploit it.

[Edited on 06/06/10 @ 05:22 PM]

Senseisan The logistic problem about meadows in separate spots is particular to my way of building a city .
A player using standard blocks has rather several spots for food , as I use long walk , better for me having all food on a single spot ( under 10K inhabitants my cities are a single block ).
As the users of blocks are more numerous than the users of long walk in the remaining players ,better in the design setting separate meadows .
( The amount of workers needed by logistic beeing far under the amount of workers spared when using long walk ... My 9K guys use one bath , one theater , and one bibli' ^^ )
RomeRomeRome Hey guys,
I need help. When I download the file it goes into the download folder, and when i click to open the map it has 3 options, read me file, map and another view of the map. I can't find the map on Caesar 3. Can anyone tell me how to correct this?
Thank you,
Pontius Pilatus You have to copy the .map file into the Caesar3 folder.

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