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Climate: Desert
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 7500
Culture goal: 65
Prosperity goal: 90
Peace goal: 45
Favor goal: 55
I, Lucius Lucullus, consul of the Republic, have been entrusted by the Senate to deal with the Pontic threat. You are probably aware of the uprising in Hispania, which hopefully will be ended soon. Even in this very moment Pompey is marching through Gaul to resolve that little problem. Upon my arrival, I've met with several legion commanders, who had been camping in Asia Minor, and soon I'm going to depart for Armenia to begin my military campaign. Apion, ruler of Cyrene, bequeathed the city to us, and we recently came to direct rule over it. You're now aware of the global situation and I shall brief you on your assignment.

You are to build a city, near the old village, with a population of at least seven and a half thousand people. Even if there is not much military activity, some Egyptians are lingering around; Deal with them as you see fit. Don't waste your money on luxurious estates for yourself, because you are going to need iron. There is no ore in the mountains, and you have to import it. To show the benefit of roman rule, the Senate requires that your city is very prosperous, with lots of patricians living in it. Although this land is lush and farming is quite efficient, only simple wheat grows around here. Of course fishing is an option for feeding your people, but only if you're able to find a good spot on the coast. Wood, even if plentiful, is not of good quality to be used, but clay is abundant and easy to mine, especially around that peculiar stream. I've heard, the gods had been forgotten here, and they, in wrath, shake and crack the land often.
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Prefect Marty This one looks interesting. I shall play it. Nice map.
File Author
I tried for 100 prosperity first, but after nearly 60 years of playing I just gave up. Also, you don't know if it's "nice" yet. But I'd appreciate any comments and suggestions.

I came to realize that you meant the overall map design, so sorry for the comment about niceness. :)


[Edited on 03/09/10 @ 11:14 AM]

Senseisan Done in 23 years
Culture 65
Prosperity 91
Peace and Favor 100
19500 Dr cash
8190 habitants .
Nice map , whith the same problems than the previous .

File Author
Senseisan, I would love to see your setup, but not to bore the other players around, I would advise you to send it to me via mail (you can find it in my profile).
Prefect Marty I won´t download it until I´m finished. And that won´t be so soon, because I don´t have time right now. So do not hesitate with uploading it. I certainly want to see it, but when the time is right.
English Rome Nice map. I liked it
Prefect Marty
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I wouldn´t be surprised if someone wanted to play it again, it was really good for average players, who need to acquire efficiency in building. There are basically 2 ways to reach prosperity needed (limited developmend because of academy ban): LI + more villas or GI and a few villas. I needed to calculate it with equation
x(medium villa).180 +y(LI, which I choosed to build).65/x+y
in my first try.
However, I´m pretty sure that prosperity 100 is possible, although it would require usage of those islands for fishing. I simply did not want to have bridges there, don´t ask me why :)

Balance: 3
The scenario offers the prosperity problem, while money is easily earned by selling pottery in the first years, what later becomes inconvenient, but then the player should have villas and insulae to collect enough taxes.
PS. I did not expect the first invasion to be that strong, so I had to restart. The price and wage changes made this otherwise easy scenario hard. I think you´ve used the same aproach in your Mediolanum scenario, but this time somewhat harder.

Creativity: 4
A very good scenario, the earthquake, the way how the map is divided, islands, hard to reach, but very useful(for some players).

Map Design: 3
The map is quite standard, but there are none complaints as well. I liked the central barrier.

Story/Instructions: 5
Well worded, you write like a professional writer. earthquake is mentioned in very creative way, as well as Lucius Lucullus´ authentic speech on the global situation

Additional Comments:
I don´t know whether I ought to give higher marks, as there are some far worse scenarios with better rating. But nevermind, marks are not as important as parents use to think. I´ve had fun!

[Edited on 04/17/11 @ 10:01 AM]

File Author
"I don´t know whether I ought to give higher marks, as there are some far worse scenarios with better rating. But nevermind, marks are not as important as parents use to think. I´ve had fun!"

Based on statistics, you should have at least 5-6 reviews to get an accurate mark, so it's not so important. On the other hand, I do believe in constructive criticism as people learn that way, so thanks for playing and giving your opinion. I'm glad you had fun, because in the end this is the idea :)

Best regards.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Creativity: 5
Balance: 4
Map Design: 4
Story/Instructions: 4

If you’re aiming for replayability, I think a 6500 cap on population would be a good fit for a map like this. But as it is, the 7500 requirement is certainly manageable. There's a good spread of farmland across the map. You can also approach fishing in different ways, using either mainland or island wharves only or a mix of both.

The use of the earthquake nicely carves out a corner of the map which could’ve been an invasion point but instead becomes a secure area for building. Not allowing academies was quite novel, especially since you need patrician housing. I had to immediately scrap my plan of large villas when I realized they were missing. I like the way you use the disable feature in your scenarios. Prefect Marty also uses this effectively, and it has provided a welcome change from normal gameplay.

Difficulty ranges between hard and very hard. With housing capped at medium villas, it becomes a challenge of how to proportion your other houses to get at 90 prosperity. There’s plenty of exports, but you’ll have to import a lot of more also, so there’s dock distribution to worry about. There’s some good military action here. Not a lot of invasions but the enemies attack in big numbers. This was quite a surprise though because of what was written in the instructions.

Good looking map, and the barrier that divides the building area adds a nice touch. I also like the configuration of the small fishing islands.

A good storyline as usual, but as stated earlier, there's a disconnect when the instructions say there isn’t much military to deal with, and then you encounter a huge army in the first attack.

A well-designed scenario overall and I had a great time playing this.

[Edited on 05/08/12 @ 05:52 AM]

File Author
Thanks for a kind yet just review. I'm really glad you enjoyed playing the map. I took a peak at your attempt and I must congratulate you for a city nicely balanced and well laid out.

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