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Marty Athenae

Author File Description
Prefect Marty
File Details
Climate: Central
Difficulty: Normal
Population goal: 10000
Culture goal: 80
Prosperity goal: 85
Peace goal: 70
Favor goal: 90
Note- This is not original Athenae, since I disallowed trade with one city, and added some local resources. It is also uploaded as a .sav file.

Your are to build a city in Hearth of ancient world, Athenae. After we had defeated Graeci, we left their capital city of Athenae abandoned. It´s remants, although rather small and not very prosperous are still there. Your mission is: recivilize Graeci(heh, culture target 80 seems too high for you?), defend Athenae against remants of once mighty army, well, they are still formidable enemy, build big city with no less than 10000 inhabitants, and finally, supply my eastern legions with weapons. I will ask you for weapons, and maybe for some reinforcements, too. Athenae is big and fertile province, but fishing waters are too far away for your ships, so you will have to rely on farming.
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Senseisan A good scenario ( for my taste ). With a brute way to solve logistic problems ( a lot of SY getting ... a shame ...) fullfited in April 49 .
Invasions are not of the weak type , and with a second " comb" towers wall behind the first , I feel more quiet ...
The map is very good , and 50 players will choose 50 different settings , all more or less fitting the job .

PS a " comb " towers wall is :



The two rows can shoot , and javelins behind also ( they shoot diagonaly) without beeing hurted so far a tower is not crushed ...

I think the tip is well known .
Prefect Marty
File Author
I do not use that strategy, it seems ugly to me. The map is big and ivasions come only from 2 sides(sea on one and forests on second) so legionaires are better, and take much less workforce than towers. Prosperity rating requirement is too high to achieve with plebs only, so everyone who wants to work is welcomed. And btw, you must produce weapons for reqests, so why not to train some heavy fighters?
Senseisan Legionaries are too slow, and need ( to be quiet ) a knowledge of the spot and moment of invasion ( it take them half a year to cross a big map ) .
A fort of legionaries costs 3 X a fort of javelins ( and playing in Hard , I am always " a little short " of cash in the beginning )
I begin by the forts (as soon I have the Dr ..)
Then wall , then towers with a tile space of wall between , then this tiles are deleted to set the second row , as soon as I earn the money for ... In the game scenarii , invaders are not too strong , and 6 x legions properly used win , but in some downloaded scenarii , they can't .
Culture level needs much more workers than prosperity ( I use long walkers , whitch spare a lot of workers for services )
As the Roman , I have rather beeing heavily fortified ...
Wonder what could happen on a map like your Carthago with 96 Carthaginians attacking at the SW point in April , 96 others at NW in May and 96 at NE in June ... Whith only 6 legions and no towers , can be hot ...

[Edited on 03/06/10 @ 02:03 PM]

Prefect Marty
File Author
Please upload a completed game, i want to see your approach.
Senseisan Done ( takes some time to be seen , seems admins looking at before setting the stuff to avoid non pertinent uploads ).
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
Creativity: 3
Map Design: 3

I'll talk about all the above ratings here. First of all, I did enjoy playing the scenario, but for me this was more of a trivial map. I appreciated that the player is forced to mine iron and marble on the island, but there isn't much more. The woodland and water are adequate. The high prosperity was trivial, 6 palaces took care of it, the culture is just education buildings and theaters; anyway the ratings are properly selected.

Balance: 2
Here I would note that money are easily acquired on this map. In 6 years I was able to pocket 6k denarii, have 3 full legionnaire forts and 2 full javelin forts. But that is not why I give 2 for balance. The plateau west of the farmland is natural barricade, and I used it as such, giving me bottleneck site for defeating the invasions, coming from the west side of the map. And since the player is in no way forced, or needs, to build there, west invasions went to waste. I've played without ever building a tower or a gatehouse ...

Story/Instructions: 3
Even if story is (almost) good, the numerous mistakes hindered the fun for me. I would advise using spellcheker (firefox and chrome have one built in).

Additional Comments:
I'd have to disagree with Senseisan about the invasions and logistics. I placed my entire city on the east-north side of the plateau with one LI compound on site of the original Greek city. Invasion locations were more or less clear. I placed my forts south, so no long-distance problems for the legionnaires. Finished the map in 29 years by just filling-in population.

[Edited on 03/07/10 @ 12:34 PM]

Senseisan Finished the map in 29 years

That is why we had different approaches , I used 21 years only as I used more " brutal " strategies ...
I fear CBC contests lead me to a " do the job as soon as possible " way of playing C3 !

Playing at Hard level , the original conpound can't be deleted until the last years as you run after workers when setting the patrician conpound.
Having only one farming zone for the plebs and the patricians needs some carefull sharing , to avoid plebs getting wine and stop working !

[Edited on 03/07/10 @ 04:19 PM]

Eswen "Playing at Hard level , the original conpound can't be deleted until the last years as you run after workers when setting the patrician conpound."
I would tend to agree on that, I deleted it just before my own setup of insulae, not a moment sooner.

"Having only one farming zone for the plebs and the patricians needs some carefull sharing , to avoid plebs getting wine and stop working !"
Nowadays, I don't allow them to evolve by placing gardens and plaza carefully so they're at most at grand insulae; so for me it wasn't much of a problem.
Prefect Marty
File Author
yes, gardens works well, market buyers do not cross them, but others do.
Senseisan More simple , when I needed to balance between the granaries pleb/patricians , I setted wine " stockpiled " before completing the road ...^^
Not very smart , but works !
Using desirability is more elegant , but more dangerous , if an housing devolves , desirability of the neighborhood decreases , devolving other houses etc ...
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Map Design3.5
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