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Land of sand

Author File Description
Prefect Marty
File Details
Climate: Desert
Difficulty: Normal
Population goal: 5000
Culture goal: 55
Prosperity goal: 90
Peace goal: 70
Favor goal: 80
Hail governor! We, Romans have defeated Hanibal´s armies in their homeland many years ago. We had left their city of Carthago burned and covered by salt. But now, as we wish to conqer African shores, an what more, we want that luxurious carthaginian marble, you are chosen to build a medium- sized city near the ruins of Carthago. There are still some Carthaginian rebels operating, scions of Hanibal, whose ambitions had grown up after we left that inch of land. As I mentioned, Carthago is hostile land with very restrained amount of farmland available. The only farmland is near oasis, where are some local tribes living. They are peaceful, but we need their land for farming. Deal with them cautiously.
I do not want you to build extraordinary city with loads of theatres, universities and so on. But I want a highly prosperous city to show the natives some benefits of my rule.
You should build your army fast. We expect that vicious rebels to come shortly. good luck to you, governor! Oh. I shall want that marble and, of course, a cup or two of local wine for my pleasure.
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Prefect Marty
File Author
a remake of career Carthago.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I would play this scenario again, it was captivating and well thought. The player is forced to manage the city quickly and with accuracy. Funds are scarce resource in the beginning and I was forced to restart a few times, since I do build slowly. The random events were a bit of a nuisance at some stages, but not too much. I would however, advise the designer to remove the sea problems, as they are not crucial, and don't really create a challenge for the player (only iron is imported over the sea).

Balance: 5
Winnable, although I would have marked that map as hard. For me it's above the normal difficulty. The food was a tight balance, and there were some problems about logistics, which I find to be thoughtful of the designer. Villas are needed as income source early in the game, because of the price changes, and that was quite the challenge. On the military side - invasions were hard enough and spread around the map. Although not the primary problem, military activity contributed to the financial burden, thus making the map more interesting.

Creativity: 4
I don't know if the map has something unique about it, but I found the dispersion of resources around the central mountain to be quite creative. The player have to take in mind the hills and plateaus when building the city. Altogether natives and hills form, a thoroughly thought by the designer, obstacle to player's farming.

Map Design: 4
The scenario looks very good, with appropriate rock formations, and well placed woodland. The shores were nicely touched so that placement locations for the fishing wharves are limited.

Story/Instructions: 4
A nice introduction into the game; Well phrased, except for a few minor mistakes, which I am going to overlook.
Senseisan Done in 20years ( playing at hard level ).
Doable in less , as I don't restart from a previous save when my patrician conpound devolved by lack of furnitures ( several sand storms cutting wood import a whole year ) loosing 30 properity points in one shot ( according to Murphy's law , devolution in December ! ).
A good scenario , not for greenhorns ...
Map Design4.0
Playability 3
I did have fun. I was close to giving a 4 here but I don’t know how much I would want to play this map again. Not that the designer did anything big wrong, but I think a lot of the fun for me was inherent to the goods available on the map and in trade, and once all of that has been played out then I don’t know if I want to play this scenario again. The attacks could have been spaced out more, though I do like the fact that the designer alternated between local raiders and Carthaginians. The contaminated water occurrences could have been gotten rid of.

Balance 4
It was a bit of a challenge, or at least it made me think about my city design and defenses design. I agree with Eswen that this scenario should have been rated as hard and not normal. I appreciate the low culture rating as for me getting a high culture rating is usually an afterthought and not an important part of the game until the very end.

Creativity 3
There is nothing new to this scenario but I want to give it at least a 3 since as a whole it is an interesting map and scenario.

Map Design 4
I think a lot of thought went into the map design. I think the designer had a specific idea of how the scenario should play out but at the same time the formations of the map allow the player some flexibility in how to lay out the city.

Story / Instructions 4
A nice setup. Clear expectations and a fair warning about early attacks.

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Map Design4.0
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