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Climate: Central
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 8500
Culture goal: 65
Prosperity goal: 75
Peace goal: 80
Favor goal: 70
Procurator, I Julius Caesar have a task for you.

Since Lucius Mummius leveled Corinthus, more than hundred years ago, this prosperous land lingered in oblivion. I command that the city be risen again to it's former glory.

Build a large city, no less than eight and a half thousand souls. The ratings I expect to be achieved are quite high, but not impossible, or so I think.

The land you are given is fairly fertile, but if there is need, your subjects can subsist by fishing. The Macedonians wouldn't be overjoyed by my plan, so do not fawn. Prepare for resistance on their part. And be aware, there is no iron in this province, so you will be forced to import it.
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Senseisan Good scenario , as you can't avoid building near the invasion spots that brings a little challenge .
Weapons are not needed as javelins+towers overkill invaders , whatever strength beeing the invasion .
The bad effect of towers on desirability can be avoided by :
1 ) set a wall between the houses and the spot of future towers
2 ) build the towers
3 ) you can delete the wall , bad desirability had been confined .

Map Design3.0
Playability – 4
I can see a variety of ways a player can situate their city on this map. Thinking of the different ways makes me want to play it again, so there is replay value to this map.
I could have done without the wage changes as they are just a nuisance after a few years. The attacks could have been a little bit more spread out, but that may be nit picking.

Balance – 4
I almost gave this a 3 here, but I think this is good enough for a four. Part of the difficulty is inherent to the trade routes of Corinthus and lack of certain local goods, and I think the designer recognized this and designed a map with that in mind. I do think the designer accurately rated this map as hard.

Creativity – 4
The distribution of resources through the two disconnected mainlands and the island I think is a somewhat original idea.

Map Design -3
I liked it overall, and there is plenty that I liked about the design, but there is one big thing that I did not like about it. There is no need to for a player to go to the large chunk of land on the SW side of the map. This is also where many of the invasions come from. Instead of having to defend many potential invasion points on that land mass, I simply put my entire city on the main island and the chunk of land with the entry and exit points. The designer should have either put an entry or exit point on that SW chunk of land or should have given the player a reason to go that SW chunk of land by either limiting resources or space elsewhere or some such.
To defeat invasions I simply put down one bridge to SW landmass and surrounded my city’s end with towers. When invasions came I had my legions and javelins waiting at my city’s end of the bridge and they easily mauled anything that came over with taking very few losses. Maybe the designer recognized this as a possibility, I’m not sure, but it seems like what was to be a waste of space and well thought out invasions.
Also, the plateau on the SW side of the map seemed clunky, but don’t take too much stock in that comment as I didn’t really play on that part of the map.

Story/Instructions 3
Well worded. Simple and to the point, which can be nice. But the few well turned sentences made me wish there were more.

Senseisan I colonize the S-W land in order to reach 4X100 ratings ( whitch is my purpose on all maps where it is possible ) .6 legions of javelins kill all invaders as soon ( or before ) they step on the map .
In case of need , setting 2 rows of aqueducts near the invasion point is a great help , as invaders aim to them before anything else and be easily killed the time they crush them .
( Walls dont fit the job , as javelins don't throw across walls if there is no road connection between the thrower and the invader )

Edit Story/instructions fit to my taste , as my english is not of the best ( I'm french ...) , the more clear and simple , the best !

[Edited on 02/16/10 @ 09:00 AM]

Darkgreen It is quite possible to get all four 100s in the ratings without puting any buildings on the SW landmass.
Senseisan Yes , but as I run the scenario " straight ahead " , I was too lazy to restart from beginning .
As invaders are only an anecdotic event with 6 javelins staffed ASAP ( but to build 6 forts the SW land was the more convenient with my setting of the city )...
I use long-walkers blocks , I don't feel necessary to use broken-line long walkers blocks in this scenario ( they provide near 50% more efficiency but are more tedious to set ... )

File Author
First of all I would like to express my gratitude for the feedback provided. I'll make several comments on that point.

About the story - I'was aiming not be too tedious and convoluted in my introductions. And since English is not my native language either (I'm from Bulgaria), I find simple and short summaries to be more easy to comprehend.
Although I could have tried to explore the historical side of the story more, so - point taken.
About the SW island - the idea was to give the player possibility to trade with the natives, but it seems it wasn't reason enough to build there ...
Darkgreen Eswen. I find your English writing to be very good, better than a lot of native speakers. If you are worried about making a mistake or worried about something not sounding right, then I encourage you (or anyone else) to post your scenario descriptions to the Scenario Design forum. There are plenty of people that would be happy to comment on your grammar and phrasing and other points before you upload your scenario. Posting it there would also act as a teaser for those of us that like to play player made scenarios.

On the SW landmass I did put up a missionary post so I could trade with the natives. I think only once did one of the invasions actually destroy that post and of course it was an easy thing to rebuild.
File Author
Darkgreen, you're just flattering me now, aren't you? :)
Anyway, the forum is not a grammar competition, although people should try to write (and speak) properly. I'm confident enough in my writing skills, but still, simpler is better.

About teasers - I uploaded another scenario, it is rather more intricate than this one. So, anyone can try it out tomorrow, if willing.

[Edited on 02/17/10 @ 12:40 PM]

Prefect Marty
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Playable and enjoyable, this scenario allows a variety of concepts.

Balance: 4
This scenario should not be rated as hard, at least in my oppinion. But it´s otherwise well balanced, except for a little drawback being in (in my oppinion) low population requirement. Possible maximum is 15000. That would also force players to go to that remote mainland, where latter invasions come from, as trade with natives isn´t crucial.

Creativity: 4
It´s nice idea to have island as a centre of trade and population. Also decision where to put my palaces was not a straightforward one.

Map Design: 4
Normally, I would give this a 3, but since I love islands, I´m giving you a 4 for this.

Story/Instructions: 3
Nice, but in my oppinion too short. Not like your later ones.

Additional Comments:

A good scenario for variety of players, I must recommend it mainly for average and novice players, but strong players might find it enjoyable too, even if not too challenging.

PS: Player is in no way forced to import iron, as javelins are more than enough. Early requests for weapons would have been challenging.

[Edited on 08/23/11 @ 01:31 PM]

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