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Climate: Northern
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 8500
Culture goal: 80
Prosperity goal: 65
Peace goal: 60
Favor goal: 85
Ave Consul! I hope you enjoyed your brief respite in Roma, though it appears it will not last for long. Caesar has appointed me, his proconsul for Roma, to explain to you his ambitions for a powerful new capital in the heart of Gaul.

A proper capital is long overdue in that province, ever since Gaius Julius Caesar conquered it from the Gauls over 50 years ago. You are to build a major city, trading centre and fortification on the River Seine. Both banks of the river are covered in marsh, and while they might be suitable sites for farming, they do not provide much stability for large buildings or even for bridges. However, there is a ford across the river near a certain island, and that area is suitable for bridge construction. I assume you will need this information, since adequate farming sites are lacking on the east side of the
river, and room for a prosperous is a little tight on the west.

This location is sparsely inhabited by the Parisii, some Gallic clan, I presume, so deal with them properly. More importantly, due to the aforementioned ford and island crossing, many Gallic tribes frequent the area, and will be quite disappointed to see Romans occupying the easiest way across the river. It seems that many tribes are attempting to head west, but you must keep vigilant in all directions. You would be wise to prepare your defenses.

I hope my first publicly shared map is adequate for those few Caesar III fans that are not only still playing, but are willing to have a look at player-made maps and give a little critique.

I myself am a long-time Caesar III player, and I have a habit of dropping games and then picking them up again, this game included.

I went through two iterations of this map, having lost my first play-through. I changed the map a bit, then won my second round in around 25 years. I made some tweaks and here we are. Hope you enjoy.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability 4
I could see myself having a go at this one again. I tried this map with making just Insulae and I wouldn’t mind trying adding some palaces the next time around. I don’t know if the number of attacks was strictly necessary, but they were spread out enough and I like the fact that they did keep coming and challenging a player like myself that builds slowly. If the attacks were spread out more I would have liked it better, but that may be real nit-picking. What did drag down the fun a bit for me was the volume of annoyances, the clay pit flooding, the iron mind collapsing, the gladiator revolts, the constant wage changes, the landslides, and any other special events that I am forgetting. They were not tied in to the scenario or theme or story at all and they really didn’t challenge me, they just got in the way and were more of a distraction. Still, I enjoyed myself.

Creativity 4
The island crossing is a great idea, I’ve made a couple maps for myself with a similar idea and it adds an interesting dimension to things. The sparseness of one side with the richness of the other side has been done, but it was executed in a somewhat unique way.

Balance 4
Listed as a hard scenario and I think it is. Not that that any one thing is particularly difficult, but a lot of forethought I think is necessary before you start laying out your grid.

Map Design 5
I can tell that the designer put a lot of thought into this map. Forcing the player away from the possible attack points and having to deal with some already cramped spaces. The placement of the marshes and the island splitting the map. The sparseness of one side and the fertility of the other side. Native villages on both sides. This map has a lot of things going for it and I can tell a lot of effort went in to it.

Instructions 4
The author turns a phrase nicely and explains things quite well without giving too much away.

I must post a warning here about this map. I think it is entirely possible to keep the entire population on the southwest side of the map. I think there is room and food for it, though it would be tight and close in my estimation. This would allow a bottle neck on the bridge(s) and make all attacks coming from the northeast side of the map easy (or at least much easier) to defeat.

[Edited on 05/05/09 @ 09:29 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
Very enjoyable as a whole. The map is open for different styles of playing. Villas are an option, but not a necessity. I found some problems about distribution of goods quite charming. Only one thing that is not in place - random events. Almost every month I was forced to rebuild clay pits, iron mines, deal with gladiator revolt or worry about health care, because of the rats! That was a major drag, that is why my assessment of playability is only 3.

Balance: 4
Winnable, but challenging scenario. The price changes were not bad, but in my opinion they could have been a little harsher. Invasions are adequate to challenge the player, yet not too severe to distract him from the main goal.

Creativity: 4
I particularly liked the shorelines, although the island crossing was not a bad idea either. For me another strong point about the map, was the plateau at the south corner - I was forced by the invasions to build farms there, even if I didn't want to.

Map Design: 5
The river and shores looks quite realistic, with many turns and islands. I liked the marshes on both sides, and they were well placed forcing the player into using the island as cross-point.
Well placed woodland, lakes and rock formations.

Story/Instructions: 4
Well beyond adequate - descriptive, and well phrased, yet only an introduction to the finer points of the scenario.

Additional Comments:
Never figured out what to use the south-side natives for. Yes they are available for trading, but it's not necessary, since the trade routes are giving quite a financial boost.

[Edited on 02/20/10 @ 12:53 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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