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Londinium by Darkgreen

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Climate: Northern
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 12000
Culture goal: 60
Prosperity goal: 80
Peace goal: 75
Favor goal: 90
Hello, my trusted governor.
Rome has established itself on the island of Britannia. Roman culture as well as Roman might is spreading there, but I see a need for a grand capital and base of shipping. This shall be your task, to build the Roman city of Londinium. We have had smaller bases and cities in the area before, but since none of these fits my plans for Britannia, you will start fresh on a tract of land that I have chosen.

Build a large and prosperous city and I shall reward you. You might find the geography to be a bit of a challenge to work around, but you will be able to obtain everything you need to build a flourishing city.

Oh, and I foresee a need for large amounts of marble. To build lavish buildings in other cities in Britannia and in other northern areas of the empire I will require marble, and I am putting you in charge of delivering it to me. Be ready to deliver when I call.

Though any sort of military threat is far from Londinium, you must still build auxiliary forces, ready to be called upon to support my legions should the need arise.

Go forth, governor, and give Britannia a taste of Roman wealth.

Hint: You can fit a total of three marble quarries on the map. So you don’t have to spend 10 minutes looking for the possible spots, I will tell you that they are in the area of the two wolf packs on the map.
Also note that you will have to build a bridge to connect the road to and from Rome.
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Map Design3.0
This scenario is about logistics. The geography, as mentioned in the instruction, is such that commodities must be transported over large distances in order to develop your housing to the level as needed for the prosperity rating, which makes this map rather difficult. With only a modest amount of planning I did not succeed in meeting the prosperity rating at my first try. It is a nice puzzle, definitely solvable, but think before you begin. I played at hard.

Playability: 4
Hesitated whether I should not give a 5 here. There is not much action in this map, so it becomes a bit dull in getting all the 12.000 people in.

Balance: 3
Nothing on the military side, focus is on the logistic puzzle mainly. There are a few surprises I won't reveal, but they add little, for me that is.

Creativity: 4
Nice that such a relatively empty map can still pose an interesting challenge, and one of a type that is not common in the download section.

Map Design: 3
The empty kind of map does have its downside here. With not too much effort it could have had a more "natural" look. Some natives and a badly designed city to start with would have made it more attractive

Story/Instructions: 4
Good story with clear instructions. In rereading I found some pointers I had missed, very much to my detriment, though it did not interfere with the result. An explanation of the strange geography would have been nice.

Additional Comments: A fun map to play, even if I didn't succeed at my first try. Maybe that is in fact a compliment to the designer. Novice players may find it difficult to finish, but if you know how to calculate prosperity, you can do this. A 3.6 rating in my book is pretty good, hope we see more from this designer. If I can be of assistance in making that happen, don't hesitate to ask.
File Author
Thanks for the review, Joshofet. You make some good comments and in retrospect I would do a couple things differently. I would lower the population requirement to 10,000, since as you mentioned it can be dull just filling up a city. I would then also fill in some of the open land with more rocks and water and do so in a way to make things look a bit more natural, as you suggest.

From the sounds of your review my attempt to make a logistically challenging scenario succeeded. Pretty good for my first creation :)

If you have a save of your completed city, I would love to see it. I think seeing it would help me create other scenarios by knowing how other people tackle problems that I put into this scenario. And I do have some more ideas for other maps, many of which are also logical puzzles.

I still find it amazing that it took 139 downloads before my scenario got a review. I really wish we had more people giving reviews here. So, thanks again, Joshofet.
joshofet If you tell me where to send it, I'll give you a copy of the point where I stopped. My mail address is in my profile.

[Edited on 03/21/08 @ 07:59 AM]

File Author
You have it blocked from the public.


ahhh, nevermind, I see

[Edited on 03/21/08 @ 08:55 PM]

Antonius Hadrian
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
It is fun! The 12k population is no biggie! I easily put in 15k people there

Balance: 4
The only reason you don't have 5 here is lack of military activity. The map is fun. Insert iron and/or weapon import, and start the invasions.

Creativity: 5
Nicely thought, I like it

Map Design: 4
Put in some variety. I understand why you haven't put trees on the lower side... but do something, it is way too empty.

Story/Instructions: 5
They are more the OK

Additional Comments:

--------------- Spoiler alert ---------------
The marble thingie was superb! I loved every moment of it, you should've kept goin' the requests, with larger and larger amount.
Ah, and the pottery! You got me there. I was counting on that for export, hahahaha....

Like I mentioned above, put in some military activity for more fun.

The lack of trees makes too empty the map, you should think of something to replace them (maybe some elevations, a river, sheep, maybe wolves...)
Requirements are just fine, I managed easily to fit in 15k population, with room at least for 2k more.

So, after some military and improvement on the look I'll gladly give you a full 5.
File Author
Thank you for the kind review.

It is good to know that 15k population is possible, I didn’t bother to do more than 12.5 k when I tested it. I didn’t want the amount of farmland on the map to be an issue as I wanted the player to focus on what I consider the main focus challenges of the map.

The same goes for the lack of military, but I know many players like to mix it up by fighting against invasions. I wanted the scenario to focus on other challenges.

You make a good comment about the vast open spaces on the map. I could have added in some more plateaus.

Even though there are a couple things that I would do differently if I were making this scenario again, I don’t intend to change and re-submit the scenario. I think it is pretty fun as is and I’m working on a new scenario at the moment.

Again, thanks for the review. I wish we had more people reviewing scenarios.
File Author
500 downloads in 7 months. Excellent!
khchia This was a great map with many challenges.

And yes I am still playing Caesar 3 in year 2013 hahaha

Had to restart the map once since I didn't build up the other economies fast enough to cover the surprise from the pottery industry :)

Newbie here btw - may replay this map later to see if I can finish before Caesar completely stops asking for stuff - that's where I got myself into and had to rely on gifts to finally push myself over the favor target.

love it!
File Author
Nice to see this got a few more DLs. :)

I may have to start playing and designing again.

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