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Save Narbo

Author File Description
File Details
Climate: Central
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 5000
Culture goal: 60
Prosperity goal: 80
Peace goal: 60
Favor goal: 100
Save Narbo


Hail Governor! Caesar has a difficult assignment for you. The city of Narbo is under attack from both the Gauls and the Iberians, who seem to have formed an alliance against us Romans. Who would ever had thought that possible! Governor Barbarossa of Narbo has asked to be replaced, but I think it would be better if he stayed at his post while you build up a strong weapons industry in Lugdunum. Not only will it produce the much needed weapons for Narbo, it may also form a diversion for the Gauls, who are beginning to become restless. If you can hold them at bay and wear them off, I will raise an army to make a decisive strike against them. With the Gauls out of the equation the Iberians will probably quickly surrender. Gauls will attack from various direction, I hope we can keep the route to the South clear, otherwise our supply lines will be cut. Be prepared to meet many requests for weapons, both for Narbo and the home legions. I may also ask you assistance to defend other cities, since not only Narbo is in danger. The region is rich in resources, you may have to search the hills for suitable quarry sites. The local natives are quite friendly, I'm told, it will not be hard to convince them to cooperate. They may even buy some of your trade product. Prices will vary wildly in this tumultuous times, but I'm sure you will manage quite satisfactorily. As always my reward will be generous. May the gods be with you governor.


If you start this scenario from the map file, you will need to start with building two bridges across the Rhone and Saone river in order to complete the Road to Rome. In the save file, started at hard difficulty, the bridges have already be placed. The information in the briefing text above is correct in the sense that you may expect numerous invasions from Gauls. Caesar may hope to keep the supply lines clear, but I wouldn't count on that. There will be many price changes and requests, reflecting the increasing pressure war is putting on society. You have about thirty years to finish this scenario, after that events will stop. It can probably be done quicker, the peace rating will be the limiting factor in this, and of course you can play for much longer if you so wish. Happy gaming!


Colonia Narbo Martius was a Roman colony established in 118BC, along the Via Domitia connecting the homeland with the colonies on the Spanish East coast. It later grew out to become the capital of the Roman province Gallia Narbonensis, also called Gallia Transalpina, which stretched all the way from the Pyrenees to (present) Lake Geneva, Lacus Lemnannus in Roman times. The present name of Narbo is Narbonne. Lugdunum, present day Lyon, was founded in 43BC, but already in 58BC Julius Caesar erected a fortification on the Fourviere hill. The map tries to catch some of the actual terrain, including the confluance of the Rhone and Saone river, which was an important feature in the later development of the city. The attack on Narbo is fictitional, the conquest of Gallia did take in the period 58-51BC. In 44BC Caesar was murdered. Lugdunum became the capital of Gallia.


Save Narbo was developed when Barberousse informed at the HG-forum where the City Construction Kit file for Narbo could be found. On Wikipedia it is mentioned that such a file exists, but it doesn't. It is doubtful whether such a file has ever existed, since Narbo is not among the empire sites that are available in the game. Fortunately in Caesar IV that omission has been rectified, I considered this the be an easier solution ;). Barberousse also playtested the map, I made some modifications based on his comments. I hope you enjoy playing it. Any further comment is welcome.

I was informed by Agricola that a problem may occur with wharves in this scenario. It seems fishing boats in the Northern part of the river want to sail to the fishing pond in the (present) Parc de la TĂȘte d'Or, that is mainly there as eye candy. The effect is that they will stay at the wharf forever. Wharves in the Southern part of the river will normally send their boats to the fishing point near the confluence.
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File Author
There are 60 downloads made now (I did the first one myself to check whether it had worked), but there is no feedback yet. Please if you make a download and play the file, give us your opinion on it. A full review would be marvellous, but just a few lines on what you liked or disliked about the scenario would be very much appreciated. We make these scenario's for you to enjoy, so tell us how we did and how we could do better.
Pontius Pilatus I'm willing to do a review, but I allready peeked in the editor to analyze what was going on here, don't know if my review turns out unbiased. I'll do some playing coming weekend and decide if I'll do one. If I decide not to do one, I'll at least give comments here.
Map Design4.0
Well, I’ve gone through the career scenarios a bunch of times but this is my first shot at playing a player made map, so if that means anything then take that into account when reading my review.

Playability 4

I think you might have too many invasions, and maybe you should only have one call for Legions from the Emperor and then lowering the Favor requirement a bit. The volume of military actions wasn’t that hard to fulfill and so it was more of an annoyance.
I liked the massive calls for weapons. At first it was difficult, the large numbers plus the only locations for mines made this a fun challenge in the first maybe 1/3 of the game.

Balance 4
Though I waffle between a 3 and a 4 here. The first part of the game there is some difficulty in meeting the economic and military challenges, but not so much towards the second half where you are just waiting around to please Caesar.

Creativity 4
Again, I can only compare this to the career scenarios, and there is some originality here with the massive call for weapons/placement of mines aspect.

Map Design 4
Here I waffle between a 4 and a 5. The only thing that holds me back from giving it a 5 is that I think you have too much farmland available. On one hand, it gives the player multiple ways to solve and complete the task at hand. On the other hand, too much versatility for a player on a map reduces the challenge. Let me put it this way: I don’t mind that the farmland is spread all over the map, but I think there just needs to be a little less in a couple spots. But I think this might be a minor thing.
I like how each spot that can likely fit a palace block has its positives and negatives for building a palace block in that spot. I eventually chose the east corner of the map since it looked like the fishing would be the easiest there. However I could easily have seen someone making a palace block on the northern middle section, the SE area, or the SW area, and each area having its pros and cons.
I quite enjoyed the multiple mining plateaus and the little challenge that is involved with getting labor up there.

Story/Instructions 4
It gives what it says and I don’t think it gives too much away without being cryptic. The map and events fit the story and the instructions are apt.

Overall I quite enjoyed it, even with a bit of dragging out at the end.
File Author
Thank you for the feedback DarkGreen. Narbo was designed more or less on request, in his post asking about the lost map for Narbo BarbeRousse said he remembered it to be a map with lots of invasions and lots of farmland. That explains two of the items you mention. The calls for legions are there so you can build those nice triumphal arches when you win. I'm not a fan of the military aspect of CIII, but it does keep the player busy.

I think your main problem is something I haven't been able to solve in CIII, most maps are challenging for a while, and once they are running, it is sort of boring finishing them. At least that is how the game appeared to me after playing through all the missions twice. Maybe that is what got me interested in playing contest maps, since that forces the player to optimise every detail of a city, and it provides a new kind of challenge once the initial one of establishing a thriving city is gone.

Glad you liked it.
Agricolae I have played this scenario twice so far - once to Sept 38 BC and then started over again and played to Jan 39 BC. The second time I completed the level. Enjoyed it very much both times. However, in all that time, Caesar never once asked for any legions to defend the Empire. I sent him tons of weapons but he never asked for troops. Yet clearly there were supposed to be requests for troops. Any idea why they were never asked for?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The scenario was very interesting and I had a good time playing it. In fact, I ended up playing it twice because the first time, I made some mistakes that only got worse with time. Overall, the invasions were fun and not too difficult. If there was a problem in the game, I thought it was the constant changes in the prices. This did not effect my strategy and I found it mostly a distraction. The difficulties of locating mines in an area away from water was also an interesting challenge. It made me think differently on some aspects and I felt it added to the scenario.

Balance: 4
After my first try, and knowing what was coming, I still found it a challenge to win the second try. If I were to play it again, and I might, there are things I would do differently. I had no trouble with Caesar, he loved me early and never wavered. Overall, this was a challenging but not impossible scenario.

Creativity: 5
There were a number of novel ideas in this scenario that combined to make it both interesting and challenging. The issue of the mines was one and the scattered nature of the farmland was another. After some initial problems with fishing, I ended up fishing in the lake and had enough to support my palace block on my second try. This was surprising since in my first try, I did not even notice that you could fish in the lake.

Map Design: 5
I had to give a 5 to this map. It is good looking and well thought out. It uses the terrain and resources effectively to make the scenario more challenging. The map forces a player to consider moving resources over a difficult landscape and defending multiple borders. It adds materially to the fun of meeting the challenges.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions seem to have been well researched and well tailored to the map. They give direction without revealing too much. The background history made the game play more interesting

Additional Comments:
An excellant, well thought out and fun scenario. Thank you.
File Author
Glad you liked the map Agricolae. The troop requests come later, you finished the map quicker than I expected.
Antonius Hadrian
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
economy too easy, military... annoying! 4 legions and 2 javelins was dealing easily, but I had to cross the map :(

Balance: 2
see above

Creativity: 4
good ideas, liked them. the request were funny!

Map Design: 5
Second best looking map I've played, just after "Julius Cesar in Gaul"

Story/Instructions: 5
a very good example how it has to be made!

Additional Comments:
---- Spoiler alert! --------
Too easy, maybe for an average player, the "questor" rank suggests that, I think. I was admiring your map right after 10 minutes of playing, and waiting for peace to go up.
The palace blocks were easy to make after weapon/marble export kicked in, and seeing emperor requests I blocked all weapon export after the 16 weapon, and was expecting double, and it came, wasn't hard to send 32.
I didn't even bothered to export furniture, 2 workshops supplied enough for all 5k people for Insulae's and LP's. and with 22k gold income per month I gave up even marble industry.
You should put the army request before peace rating 60, so we ca experience that, maybe an attack meantime?
File Author
It's a pity that it is just too easy to live on taxes in this game, that makes it hard to make a really economically challenging map. I tried with the weapon requests, but apparently you didn't fall for that trap. Thanks for the review.

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