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Climate: Desert
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 11500
Culture goal: 75
Prosperity goal: 89
Peace goal: 65
Favor goal: 60
Pro- Consul To Rome :

"Caesar is away on business, however he has instructed that you are to
go to the region of Tarsus on our Eastern Frontier to build a city that
will demonstrate Roman superiority throughout the Land .The Carthigans
are no match for our legions and you are to destroy them completely
there destruction will ensure this region again comes under roman control.
Caesar has never been to Tarsus and veiws this as a simple mission for you
before your journey to the Barbaric Northern Regions.Due to the rising
costs of waging war oversea s he has left you only basic funds to establish
the city .However the city enjoys exellent trade routes ,also try to establish
trade routes with the Natives this mission will make you a very rich man Govener
i almost wish i was going there myself ."
" Oh as always expect some military activity,but i dont think there is much of
a threat in the area anyway.I must leave now have some important business to attend to
good luck with your mission "

After several weeks travel from Rome you reach the region of Tarsus as your approaching
the city , you are alerted to a roman messenger riding your way .He hands you a scroll with
the emporers seal , must be from caesar .
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Pontius Pilatus Hail NappySick,
Nicely done map, nice ploy with a last minute message that makes the earlier description redundant, so you are a trickster!

I haven't played this yet. Don't even know if I want to play it, we'll see. At first glance I doubt if it is possible to win by normal means. Very little food, but a high population and high prosperityrates needed to win. On top of that you have to fight pretty large invasions(480 Carthaginians in one year will probably trigger the spritelimit) and you got very little starting money or acceptable resources to earn it. This is for the masochistic among us or the ones who don't hesitate to cheat their way through bad times.
I eagerly await comments from someone who played it up to the megainvasions.

[Edited on 05/26/07 @ 08:48 AM]

File Author
Hey ,Well thanks for d/ling and trying pontius,i when making this scenario played it maybe 15 times over a 3 weeks period,often returning to the editor,The is actualy quite a lot of farmland and exellent food trade routes,i took the population to 14000 in one exp all had food,and some over,the prosp level isnt to high i thought as we do require a major city in this area,It took me quite a while to find a good strat and build for this map and thats the challenge,the invasions hmm just wish i could send them all in the same month its totaly possible to survive the invasions,also sprite limit dont worry the carthigans will takecare of that.Obtw if i catch anyone cheating they find themselves in the coloseum .
Pontius Pilatus It's possible to get 4 invasions in one month, but it's a tedious job getting it so. The editor sort of randomly sets the months the moment you save the map. If you save it again, it gets another random setting. I noticed sometimes 2 or even 3 (so probably 4 might be possible too) invasions planned in the same year get the same month alotted. You check this as follows: the map
2.load map in the game game saved game in invasioninfo.exe
5.if desired months are not listed go back to step 1 etc

If you keep mapeditor and game in windowed mode things will go easier.
Sometimes it takes more than 50 tries to get it just as you want, often I settle for approx. that.
Note that invasions usually are set at march up to october not beyond that.
Edit: I see you allready knew that(just checked your Tarsus invasions. -wink-)

[Edited on 05/27/07 @ 02:40 AM]

goonsquad I was challenged to try this map "without cheating" on the Tilted Mill forum. Not finished yet. I'm up to 9BC which is the 9th year and so far there have only been a couple of fairly innocuous native uprisings and a very early request for military assistance. I have three invasions in the one month warned on and my six javelins and tower deathtraps are steeled and ready.

There is only one place, apart from the entry and exit points, where invasions can occur.

Money was not really a problem from about the second year. At the 9th year I have just on 80,000dn in the bank and a population of just over 3,000. My houses at this point are the first main block (small insulae) and the second block (small casa). Trade prices keep dropping which tells me I need to start making some serious tax. Neptune not much help actually none at all) when you really need him, in the first 2 years.

This is intended to be difficult. Iron and marble is only available in the northern corner, miles from nowhere. It's tough to get things started in the first 2-3 years. And I am expecting the invasions to be nasty. For an experienced player, it is a good economic challenge. The map is nicely drawn. Clearly the designer knows the game well. There are lots of natives, but you cannot trade with them as mission posts are disabled. Much of the farmland is therefore useless unless you use what may be regarded as a cheat, blocking the natives houses with gardens or aquaducts.

The requirements are steep. 11500 population and 89 prosperity, thank you very much. Highest housing available is grand villa due to no imported wine available, and this level could be problematical with fruit and vegetables being import only and very limited in supply, I can foresee problems arising with this. I think the highest feasible patrician housing will be large villas, since quite a lot of them will be required.

Now for some criticism. Mostly with the rather general "no cheating" rule. You need to spell out exactly what is not allowed. In the TM forum, I'm informed that I should not use lions, gladiators or prefects as a means of defense. OK I won't and I haven't but I don't agree they weren't intended to be thus used by the game's designers.

Other tricks I'm not using- killing land traders, multiple warehouse cartpushers, wage and tax manipulation (money isn't a problem anyway after the initial period as I've said), use of gardens or aqueducts on native huts to prevent a native spawning, teleporting of marble using build/undo, multiple barracks. Free roads/gardens/plazas. Maybe there are others.

A couple of strange buggy things. One suspects this map has been the subject of some hex editing. The spirit of Mars does not appear to work. I've been attacked three times since Mars sent his spirit in the first year and it is yet to awaken. I'm wondering whether some tinkering has occurred to prevent Neptune blessings in the first few years or was it just a lucky roll. More than the standard 5 in 8 houses seem to become 2x2, more like 7 in 8 (maybe I am imagining it). Caesar's legions still arrived early in the 3rd year even though I had reached 35 favor (it had dropped to 34 due to the year ending- normally if you reach 35 the invasion is cancelled).

Will update upon completion.

[Edited on 08/17/07 @ 04:45 AM]

goonsquad Well, I finished it. The invasions at around the 10 year mark (3 Carthaginian armies, presumably maximum size, all arriving together PLUS one bunch of natives) are challenging. I used a tower deathtrap with javelin throwers, losing 2 javelinners from each cohort. Further invasions occur around 1BC, three of them in that year. All from the same place.

It could have been made much more difficult if invasions had come from different points. I anticipated this would happen and built a deathtrap near the exit but never got around to doing one near the entrance. All other boundaries have trees so invasions can only occur in limited parts of the map.

I finished this in March 3AD. As NappySick says,, there is adequate farmland to meet the population requirement, in fact I didn't use a large patch in the north-west. Overall for an experienced C3 player this is a good and challenging scenario. You end up needing all your pottery and oil for your houses but money is plentiful enough from tax and weapons/wine/furniture/marble exports.

I recommend this scenario for experienced players who have a strong grasp on the economic side of C3, but it is completely unsuitable for novices. Initial setting up of export industries is critical, it is easy to lose export potential by having trade caravans trek back and forth from one end of this large map to the other. It is quite winnable, no doubt in a year or two less than I took to do it. I enyoyed playing it.

[Edited on 08/22/07 @ 07:33 PM]

joshofet I don't know what the challenge was at TM, but since Goonsquad made some comments doubting it was feasible, I gave it a try. Appears Goonsquad still beat me to it. I agree with his assessment that the map is well playable, but unsuited for novices. It obviously wasn't designed for that category, the invasions are way too large to handle for an unexperienced player, but as they all come from the same side it is quite easy to build a death trap. I did the first even without towers, but later invasions cut through the walls at places where I hadn't expect them to go, so I used towers after all.

I played at hard, didn't use any cheats I'm aware of, unless you want to call feader huts a trick. The vast majority of the houses is in large insula, eating wheat which is readily available if you make use of the farm tiles wisely. In some cases one tile can carry four farms, these Romans knew how to make farmland stretch a loooooong way. One large villa block eating wheat and fish, no food imports needed. Prosperity reaches 90. Replayed a few of the invasions, but rarely used real advance knowledge of them. Missed the first troop request, which comes a bit early if you're not prepared, money shortage early on prevented me from starting building forts.

Finish in 13AD, can be much earlier if you really plan your city. Only planning I did is not building on farmland (or native land ;)), and the rough placement of the pleb and elite block. I used advance knowledge about the invasion points, you may call that cheating, but one round of test play will give you the information. Bad planning also made me use culture parks, with schools and academies in the industrial zone. The city isn't completely stable, but a few extra markets will probably fix that. Better planning surely will as well, it is very well possible to build a really great city on this map. Unfortunately only imported vines, even from two different cities, didn't allow evolution beyond grand villa. That is more than enough for a perfect prosperity rating, if you would want to go beyond the victory requirement.

A nice map, with a good combination of economy and military. Not for novices, but you do not need to be an expert to pull this one off. Military might need som practice. If anybody wants a copy of my city, send me a mail (address in my profile at the forum).
goonsquad It wasn't I who doubted it was feasible, it was PP. The challenge at TM came about when I posted that it is very difficult to defeat a skilled player militarily in C3.
Pontius Pilatus Ofcourse winning is always feasible. Just if you are an ordinary player who doesn't look in the editor first, but just let the game unfold as is, I don't think you stand a chance first time, unless you make it a habit building deathtraps beforehand.
Still both of you had a seemingly good time with it, how about a review from both of you?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
The large number of large invasions make this map hard if not impossible for novice players. I was aware the attacks would come from the same spot, which can be deducted from the map. Not many players will make that observation. You need to build up your defenses quickly, make regular saves and return to one if the invasion goes foul.

Balance: 3
Military is a bit too strong to my taste, I don't really like to replay but it took a while before I found the right defense. Economy is pretty tight early on, which is good, a bit too tight to manage the first troop request. Advance knowledge wil fix that. Further requests are not very difficult, but not too easy. The population goal is tight, making this a multiple challenge. with the focus on fighting.

Creativity: 4
There are several nice teasers on this map, the shortage in resources, and their position. Good planning can solve the problems, but planning is needed. The combined attacks do work well, better than I am used to, often defense against a huge attack is in fact easier than against a large one, as enemy morale drops quickly. The timing of the multiple attacks is good.

Map Design: 5
See comments above

Story/Instructions: 5
Great story, I love deceptions.

Additional Comments:
See above.

There seems to be an increasing interest in military scenario's for C-III. I'm afraid I do not share that interest and hope designers will focus on the stronger points of the game, how to make a well balanced prosperous city in a restrictive environment. Military action is part of that restriction, but only one aspect of it.
Antonius Hadrian OK, this is weird... I have played this map from two computers, and trade routes were different... anyone can help me to fix/understand that?
In one I have 2 trade routes, and on the the other 5, I guess...

If may I add, I use same version of c3
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Map Design5.0
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