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Author File Description
Pontius Pilatus
File Details
Climate: Central
Difficulty: Very Hard
Population goal: 8000
Culture goal: 80
Prosperity goal: 80
Peace goal: 80
Favor goal: 80

The year is 410 AD.

You, the proconsul Richardus Wagnerius, are to rescue the empire.
The feeble emperor Honorius, from his hiding place Ravenna, failed to make attempts to defend the city of Rome. It has fallen to the Goth hordes. The empire is in turmoil now as barbarians maraud the countryside and plunder the cities of Italia, Gallia and Hispania.
The city of Massilia has been spared so far and may be the last vestige of Roman civilization in the west. It’s your job to defend this last bulwark or the dark ages are upon us. The treasury is empty so you can have only limited funds to start with. Make a profit as fast as you can because Goths and other barbarians will soon try to exploit our weakness. You will have to build up a strong army and fortify the city well or the barbarous hordes will overwhelm you. Try to comply with the demands of Honorius (may the gods deliver us soon from this buffoon) or the last loyal Roman legions will come and punish you on his whim. Do not despair though, we at the city of Rome will try to amend the situation as fast as we can and keep the barbarians and the so-called emperor occupied.
We’re counting on you.

Ridiculus Posterior
Optimisticus Blatantus

Consuls of Rome (well what’s left of it)

PS Joshofet and Barberousse, thanks for testing and comments.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Duan Xuan You're back at it again huh, PP. =) I currently don't have time to play (I hardly have time for anything, in fact) but I downloaded your map and compared it with your original Nibelungen, which I still have on my PC.

This one sure looks tougher, with larger invasions, more demanding winning criteria... and darn it, no wells! However, I'm glad to see that you've balanced it a little by pushing the milestone dates further back to save the player from Caesar's wrath too early on.

The map area's still as constrained as before, but it does look harder this time round. Good luck to anyone playing this map!
Pontius Pilatus
File Author
In fact I slighted the number of max force (120) invasions from 8 to 5, though the total number of opponents deployed during the whole game has risen slightly from 1442 to 1472. I think the spreadout makes it more balanced and caters to playability for less seasoned players.

[Edited on 05/25/07 @ 02:00 PM]

street This is a very challenging map, so challenging that I am giving up on it, I know that it is possible, but I have messed up on it so many times and in so many different ways that I am so frustrated! I hate to be a quitter, maybe I can go back to it, but PP has waited so long for a review, he deserves something now, and I can at least make these comments, after I give it a rest, maybe I'll be able to go back to it and give it a review.
Pontius Pilatus
File Author
Umm. when you finish it, street, please take some time reviewing the scen. Tell me what you liked, and please tell what was not pleasing. I want to do other scens, but want your input to build them better.
street A real challenge, I have never gotten through it, when you are building on any map you have to be aware of things that you will have to build in the future and leave room or make sure that there are ways of remodeling what you have already built, with this map it seems that everyplace has at least half a dozen of these concerns. It seems that every month or so, I realize that I forgot something 3 months ago, I also forget to make frequent saves, so I can't go back. I am defintitely holding on to the map, right now it is my ultimate challenge.
Pontius Pilatus
File Author
What you are going through is a learning curve, Street. I am honoured you chose one of my scens to accomplish it. Still don't hesitate to try your hand on a review after you finally made it to victory. And please do it well after that.
I want a decent review on merit, not a positive one because you are thrilled by the moment of victory. Good luck, you can do it.
Pontius Pilatus
File Author
I am eagerly awaiting the moment you complete the mission street, I bet on your review.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I am sure that my problems with the map are just me, without giving anything away about the senario, let me say that I think I am concentrating too much on some areas before I should. The guidelines say "A high score is given in this category if, upon completing the scenario, you want to play it again because it was so fun!", well, I think that it says something that I want to keep trying even though I keep failing, I'm not beaten by it. I would say that I try it a couple of times, then have to take a break and play some other map before I'm ready to take another crack at it.

Balance: 3
Although I haven't gotten through it, I'm positive that it is possible, and it is definitely NOT too easy.

Creativity: 3
If this is a repeat of someone else's ideas, I sure haven't seen it. And there are aspects that I definitely have not seen before.

Map Design: 4
I think that the map is very nice to look at, and it is completely the way Mother Nature designs, unlike a lot of mine which are usually too "square and neat".

Story/Instructions: 4
I know what I need to do to win it, just can't seem to do it all.

Additional Comments:
If anyone gets through it, could you please, please upload your completed city, so that I can download it and maybe see what I keep doing wrong.

[Edited on 12/21/07 @ 08:31 PM]

Pontius Pilatus
File Author
In fact there is a completed city in downloads. It was done by Naghite. It is in fact a slightly different version of the map, but essentially unaltered conceptwise.
Antonius Hadrian Playability: 5
I put my rating here according the challenge, so it is a 5 :)

Balance: 5
I wasn't sure that 4 or 5, because Caesar was so easy to satisfy... i didn't need to bribe him not once.

Creativity: 5
nice usage of landscape to make thing difficult, I liked it

Map Design: 5
well, you know, not your best, but a definitely 5.

Story/Instructions: 4
I wasn't sure 4 or 5... but a perfect rating would've been too much, so 4 :)

Additional Comments:
----- SPOILER ALERT ----
this was a tough one! I had to restart the game, since I started too late my palace blocks, and prosperity was a problem. Early, before massive import of weapons, I had plenty of cash, but after that all went down! 310 gold per weapon?! Lol, good one! Culture wasn't a problem, and making the emperor happy neither. I had to use a large portion of fertile land for palace blocks (does someone have a better idea?), and this made reaching population goal quite hard. Around 2500/3000 people were feeding on fish, rest on wheat. 9 LP made prosperity 100 even before peace went up.

Btw, loved the weapon request! But, wasn't a bit too much? You have to use bug, and... this way you can use multiple barracks (which would've made this map much more easier), or fighting lions and/or gladiators. I just ignored those requests and assumed the -5 (I think) from favor.

Overall a very good map, I recommend it for all experienced players.
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Map Design4.0
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