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Augusta Treverorum

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Climate: Northern
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 8000
Culture goal: 65
Prosperity goal: 65
Peace goal: 70
Favor goal: 70

Civilize Germania

-- Mission briefing --

"Would you have thought, Governor, at the beginning of your career, that you would one day be sent to Germania?
Oh, of course I have exiled bad governors over there in the past, but now, Germania is part of the empire, and I assign you to build a city along the river Moselle that will be called, Augusta Treverorum."

"The region you are heading too is wild, and you will need patience before your colony ressembles anything like a Roman city. You might even find yourself lost because of the distance with Roman civilisation. The Barbarians who live there still have indeed a lot of things to learn.. The Celtic tribe of the Treverii should not give you too many problems though, as they look forward to the advantages of their belonging to the Roman empire. Of one of your tasks will be to see through their integration as good subjects of the empire. On the other hand, the Germanic tribes, whose presence in this region increases every year, will be particularly upset to see a Roman city at their frontiers, so be prepared to numerous attacks from their part. These cruel Barbarians, who will not listen to a word about civilization, are making their presence felt all along the northern border and so your armies might be called up to defend other cities."

"In spite of these details, I have set high objectives for you to meet. Your city will be prosperous, and make Roman culture shine through these wild regions. Your new province is very rich in ressources, and so I hope to see you build a resplendent capital for Germania Magna."

My 4th mission, on a big map this time with lots of ressources, and lots of invaders. Based on the geography of Augusta Treverorum (Not Trevorum like it's called in the game), with the Moselle river flowing in the center. It's the modern-day city of Trier, Germany, birthplace of Karl Marx. One of the most important Roman cities during the later stages of the empire. Yes, that is the city you get to build!
And thanks to Joshofet for playtesting.
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basecloud ****
All is well in Caesar III land.... and both of your new scenarios are excellent with just the right kind of challenge everyone can enjoy... I have played both and had a great time, thank you for thrills!!!


[Edited on 05/02/07 @ 06:03 PM]

File Author
Edit: Problem solved it seems.

[Edited on 05/08/07 @ 05:00 PM]

Fabiko Before try military scenarios i look them with Map Editor to see if they are really hard military scenarios or not.

So without play it i opened it with Map Editor to look at numeber of the enemies.

Many small invasions... and Gots not Celts as in your description. Naaah.

Why not remake the scenario with many BIG invasions and maybe not all over the map, but just by 3-4 tactical invasion points... should be better ;)

PS: for example try my last upload scenario OverOcean
joshofet Looking at the map before playing may be considered a bit of cheating Fabiko, but I too confess I have been guilty of the crime occasionally. Since I playtested this map, I won't review it, but I can comment. The invasions are not as large as in some of the really military maps, that doesn't mean they are easier to handle. Try to play this map without advance knowledge and then decide whether it's too hard or too easy to your taste, that is how it is meant to be played.

The Treviri were a Celtic tribe, or actually Gauls, but those names can be used next to each other. The Germans are a whole different type, but there are no German warriors in C-III, so the designer has to make do with what is available. The Goths are one of the best alternatives available, or would you have preferred Samnites ;)?

[Edited on 09/07/07 @ 10:11 AM]

File Author
I had forgotten to mention your help for playtesting joshofet, now it's done.
And yeah I did use Goths to make up for Germanic tribes. Goths were Germanic after all, although those who attack here could be from other tribes (Teutons, Frisians, Batavians etc.). The enemies attacking the other empire city could be Sarmatians though, judging from where they come from. The emperor mentions the Treverii as peaceful and willing to integrate the empire. They are the natives in the scenario.
Map Design2.0
Playability 3
The scenario works overall, but it is fairly bland. The specific availability of things that can be produced in this scenario combined with the variety of things that can be bought and sold were interesting, but that is the best thing that I can say as far as keeping me interested. I did want to play it all the way through, though, so that says something.

Creativity 3
I’m going to talk about both map design and creativity together here. One should get a 2 and one should get a 3, but I don’t know which should get which. Let me explain. I think there is an interesting creative element about the map design but that it failed in execution. I like the river splitting the middle. I like it a lot, that idea has great potential. But the map has to be changed. I very easily was able to get 11 or 12 thousand people on just the east side of the river, so there was no need for me to find space or use the farmland on the west side. This meant that I could handle the invasions that came from the west side when I wanted to by building or destroying a bridge at my convenience. If most of the Farmland was on the west side of the map, then this scenario becomes harder militarily and also from a logistics standpoint in having to move food and maybe resources west to east. I’ll give creativity a 3 and map design a 2. Good idea, bad implementation.

Balance 2
This map is rated as hard and I would have to disagree. It doesn’t necessarily need more or tougher invasions, just better map design. I didn’t even open the sea trade route. I didn’t need it. If it didn’t have quite so many invasions this would be an excellent scenario for someone just learning how to build palace blocks. Even with the invasions it might still be good for that.

Map Design 2
See Creativity.

Story/Instructions 3
Good voice and flavor but it is not as hard as it is made out to be.
joshofet I don't think the review of Darkgreen is giving proper credit to this map. Any map can always be improved, but unless the design is actually flawed I would not give a rating below 3. Since there is no instruction on how to use the ratings there is no "objective" standard, but from what I've seen from other reviewers that is how most ratings are to be interpreted. If I would not have been involved in the design, I would definitely give a review with an average rating above 3.
Darkgreen Joshofet,
I would definitely consider this map to be flawed. As I mentioned in my review, invasions coming from the west side of the river can be met at somewhat of a convenience to the player as the farmland (or any other resources) on the west side are not necessary.
To kill off those invasions I lined my side of the river with a few towers and then built a bridge near the towers. When the enemy came close I deleted the bridge and the enemy just sat there and took damage and died. I’m sure other players could find other ways to abuse the situation.
I doubt this was the intension of the designer. It seems a lot of work and resources was put into the western side of the map (not to mention the invasions from that side). Oh, and the sea trade was also not necessary to win, though that is more of a minor point.
joshofet Invasions are never a real threath in CIII, and deleting a bridge in my book is plain cheating. More important is that you say the invasion can fully be ignored. I will check the map again and compare with the comment I gave in testing, maybe there has been a mix-up with files.
Darkgreen “Invasions are never a real threath in CIII,”

I have a feeling we are in the same boat on this one. I think the military aspect of C3 is interesting up to a certain point. It can be fun, to me if it is a small part in some scenarios (and if it is well done well). I think it can be fun if the designer works it in and thinks of the military challenges as an obstacle to work around, just like other challenges and obstacles of the scenario. I don’t think the military aspect works well when it is treated as a more central point of a scenario.
Note that I’m not making this criticism of this scenario in particular, this is just my general observational opinion.

“and deleting a bridge in my book is plain cheating.”

I don’t know if I consider it cheating, some might disagree with you there. More importantly, a player in this scenario could just not build a bridge to start out, so the problem or flaw I think is still there even if you consider deleting a bridge cheating.

“More important is that you say the invasion can fully be ignored.”

Not fully ignored, I don’t think I made that claim. For a while they can be ignored. While the invasion is stuck on the opposite side of the river I don’t think people will immigrate. Still, the player has plenty of time to get ready and then make a bridge. It is this example and the amount of very purposeful development that went into the other side of the river that make me think of this map as flawed.
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