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Blue Danube

Author File Description
Pontius Pilatus
File Details
Climate: Central
Difficulty: Hard
Prosperity goal: 80
Peace goal: 80

Around 435AD, Attila, the "Scourge of God" became the leader of the Hun nation, a warlike nomad tribe with it's origin in Mongolia. The Huns swept all over the Eurasian continent and made all ancient empires tremble as they went. For centuries nobody could stop them and now they are ready to crush the Roman Empire.

In this scenario, which starts just before the ascension of Attila in 435AD, the player must recapture the lost province of Dacia, as the Goths have fled the area for the Hun threat and the east-roman emperor chooses to pay tribute subsidies to the Huns in a cowardly manner, hoping to avert them to the western empire and with succes.

The Hun headquarters are very near, so many of their patrols will pay a visit for an urn or two of wine. Luckily this country is rich of iron ore, so a handsome half dozen of legions can take care of that easily. Furthermore, the rugged terrain with rivers and mountains will give ample opportunity to pull some tricks if the invaders seem to overwhelm the legions.

Money can be a problem as the government in Rome keeps raising wages, inflation and civic unrest pushing them up. Trading with roman cities and the local natives will solve that problem, weapons being the main staple. Expect trade routes to get interrupted on a regular basis, the turmoil of war has dire effects on the upkeep of roman roads. Iron mines will collapse too, as engineers are not that well trained in these remote parts.

Gladiators are likely to revolt at some stage, the living conditions finally getting to them. Favor with Rome is virtually no item here, as the weak puppet emperors have their own problems, they don't expect this mission to succeed anyway. There are some distant battles to deal with though, failure to send armies to the rescue could have serious repercussions, the legions in the west know what to do with traitors.

Culture isn't expected either, after all this is the outback of the empire and a rough uncivilized region. There is no population target, if you think about it, it's not even likely immigrants will come to this wretched country. Peace and prosperity must reach rates of 80 though, and it should be done before the last emperor dies in Rome, 476AD.

I recommend this scenario to anybody who finished both campaigns and is looking for a military and economic challenge.

Beginners, stay clear, the Huns mean business, and their business is mean.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
Serious concern about armies attacking from parts of the map where there is no requirement or incentive to build or even attach the city to the invasion points

Balance: 4
Stong military, but weak requirements with no population requirement and only moderate prosperity

Creativity: 4
Overall a nice concept.

Map Design: 5
As usual with PP, very intricate and pretty map design

Story/Instructions: 4

Additional Comments:

Overall a pretty good map. I completed it with one Barracks and no cheating in any way, however, had I not finished at the earliest year possible and avoided the only real military threat, I may have lost. Two barracks would have made it easy to win, but the invasions of the 15th year would be very difficult without multiple barracks.

One major difference between this map and Nibelungen is that there is no population requirement. As a result, it is completely unnecessary to build across the river from the RtR where the largest attacks come from, and the map can be made trivial. Cases where attacking armies can not necessarily reach the RtR and your city should be avoided.

Starting funds are tight, and if played in VH the rescue loan will probably be needed, and most likely used in Hard as well.

8 to 8.5 out of 10 for difficulty (fairly easy other than one battle after the earliest completion date and starting funds being a little tight) - making a population requirement of 6000 or so could really help to force people into the other map areas (like was done in Nibelungen)

[Edited on 07/16/05 @ 08:25 AM]

Antonius Hadrian
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Challenging, loved it

Balance: 4
Not 5, because no population or culture rating

Creativity: 5
The mix of requests, the usage of landscape makes this map a 5+.

Map Design: 5
This one is a 6, if there is any... the most beautiful map I have ever played, I'm amazed! All in the right place, fertile land near the river (as it should be), the natives just fit in. Gorgeous!

Story/Instructions: 4
Not perfect, but more then OK

Additional Comments:
---- Spoiler alert ----
This map just jumped on the top of my favorites! The army requests while being attacked, lack of walls (and gateways) changed my layout for palace blocks. Believe it or not, until now I have never built palace without gates. I finished this map rather late (the income was a problem until the end), and the emperor's requests got me every time. He asked for food when I was expanding my cities (I used several small cities in different parts of the map), and for goods when money was tight! Excellent! I recommend this map for every experienced player. Congrats
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This map is fun and easy to play through.
The landscape design makes it very easy to defend the city even without walls.

Balance: 3
It's a pity that there is no minimum population or at least a prosperity requirement above 80.

Creativity: 4
Some requirements are a bit heavy.
Caesar should not be surprised if the governor sends him gifts instead ;-)

Map Design: 5
Very carefully and detailed designed!

Story/Instructions: 5
I like the story :-)

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Map Design5.0
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