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Bob the Lethargic
File Details
Easy military Quaestor Level - Loaded as a Construction Kit City - Very Large Desert Province
Starting funds: 12,000 dinarii with 5,000 loan from Caesar available
Highest Housing Level: Grand Villas (due to lack of 2nd wine)
Buildings Not Available: Senate

INTRODUCTION: You stand before the Roman Senate as its speaker addresses you.

"Greetings young prince Massinissa of Numidia, son of Gala. Publius Scipio has told this Senate of your great exploits and unswerving loyalty to the Republic during our recent war against the Carthaginians. Time and again you and your Numidian cavalry have fearlessly fought by the side of the Roman army even while trying to regain your own homeland after your father's death. As an enemy of Rome at the start of the war, you were a feared and respected adversary. Later as a Roman ally, you have time and again proven to be a trusted and noble friend. It is the wish of the Senate that you shall hereby be recognized as King of Numidia. All the former lands and towns of East Numidia are once again yours. Additionally all lands and towns captured from the traitorous Syphax are also yours to govern. It is the wish of the Roman people to grant you, our ally, any help needed to develop your lands into a magnificent kingdom. All Rome wishes you success Massinissa. We are pleased to count you as our most trusted friend. Hail King Massinissa!"

You feel overwhelmed by these words. The cheers from the senators and the Roman citizens in the street swell your heart. After 17 years of fighting your kingdom is now restored. It will be hard to build your Berber tribesman villages into the thriving cities that would draw even Roman settlers. Many of Syphax's former towns must still be converted to your side peacefully. Especially those that control the rare fresh water springs of the region. A port along the northern coast is also needed for sea trade. Earlier Publius Scipio told you that Rome wants Numidia to act as the military counterpoint to Carthaginian influence in Africa. Deep in your heart you agree with him that the hated Carthaginians can never be trusted again.

Once the cheers die down you speak. "Senators and People of Rome. The honors and gifts that you grant me are generous indeed. Rome has done much in my fight to recover my kingdom. From this time forward Rome will not find a foreigner more ready to serve the Roman people or to defend her cause. I have pledged this to Publius Scipio and now formally pledge this to the citizens of Rome. I also pledge to provide anything Rome desires or needs as long as my body draws breathe. Farewell honorable Romans."

The cheers of the Roman Senate and the Roman People ring in your ears as you leave the Senate building and head for your ship. The thrill is even greater than that which you experienced in the African victories fighting by the side of Publius Scipio. You vow to repay Rome for their help however possible, be it food, soldiers or as watchdog of Carthage. Just then a young nobleman called Cato approaches you.

"Hail and good day King Massinissa. May I have a short word with you? As you know Rome is pleased to have you as an ally. But many of us fear that as long as Carthage exists, it will remain a threat to Rome. Remember that by treaty Carthage cannot attack an ally of Rome without permission. The towns on the Carthaginian frontier are rich in trade possibilities. I just wish to inform you that you have many friends in the Senate who will be only to glad to turn a blind eye upon any Carthaginian protests about your actions toward them. Well then, have a safe voyage home, stout ally. And always remember Carthago delanda est! Or in your tongue CARTHAGE MUST BE DESTROYED!"

Targets: Culture: 90
Prosperity: 55
Peace: 35
Favor: 95
Population: 10,000

Can you develop a cultured kingdom, help your Roman ally, and keep an eye on Carthage all at once?


The following information may detract from your gaming experience. Read on only if you feel the need for help. The additional enclosed word document on Numidia and King Massinissa can be read without impacting your gaming experience.


202 BC Game starts as Massinissa regains his kingdom and is declared King of Numidia
201 BC End of Second Punic War with Hannibal's defeat at the battle of Zama
200-197 BC Second Macedonian War between Rome and Philip V of Macedon
191-190 BC War with Antiochus III of Asia Minor in both Greece and Asia Minor
184 BC Cato the Elder became censor
172-168 BC Third Macedonian War ends when Perseus is defeated in the battle of Pydna
149 BC Massinissa dies at the age of 90


Clay Pit flooding and Land trade disruptions

This is a fairly peaceful scenario. It is a recreation of the rebuilding of King Massinissa's kingdom of Numidia in what is now present-day Algeria. Numidia is a country with three distinct geographic regions: a coastal plain where water, resources and fertile land are abundant; a central valley where resources and fertile land are abundant but not water; and a southern desert region where both water and fertile land are scarce. The eastern river border with Carthage has two Carthaginian controlled villages.

Resources are plentiful in this kingdom. Your main task will be to convert the small Berber native villages (eight on your side of the border) which control the water resources in the center valley and the desert and then build them into cultured towns. While reservoirs can be built around the native water sources in the center valley and the desert, aqueducts are probably not possible due to land constraints. The Coastal plain has no constraints whatsoever. Plan your residential blocks accordingly. Only the two Carthaginian villages east of the river have natives who can trade with you. Otherwise you have two land and two sea trade cities you can trade with once warehouses and docks are built.

Roman requests are for wheat, fruit, and troops (which correspond with the major wars that Rome fought during the period). Price changes occur during the war periods with cost of iron and weapons constantly rising over the long term while pottery rises at the start of a war and then falls after a war. While the Prosperity and Peace rating are low, the population requirement of 10,000 along with High Culture should make it a challenge. Favor should be easily obtainable without having to resort to bribery.

Militarily, the demands for troops for foreign battles will require the quick building of at least auxiliary and cavalry legions. The Carthaginian border patrols cannot enter into Numidia unless you build bridges across the bordering river. However, they will restrict the influx of settlers unless you deal with them. And if you build bridges to trade with the natives, the Carthaginians will cross them and attack into Numidia. It's up to you how to deal with them. Either Javelins or towers firing across the river with no bridges or conventional military fighting with bridges built for trade with the eastern villages.

Since this is a Construction Kit City further details can be viewed using the Map Editor Program if you wish. A bit-image map of Numidia is included in the download. Also included is a historical Word document on Numidia and King Massinissa. My relaxed play testing score was Culture 100, Prosperity 64, Peace 38, Favor 99, Population 12,000 and tons of cash in 11 years. Hope you enjoy the game and historical information.

Bob the Lethargic

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