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Great Lake

Author File Description
File Details
Climate: Northern
Difficulty: Normal
Population goal: 20000
Culture goal: 90
Prosperity goal: 90
Peace goal: 90
Favor goal: 90
Governor, is time for you to know the next great step of Roman Empire. Is still a secret, but our next intentions is to conquer Britain.

Only a few knows this, so keep it like that. I order to increase our military force and resources to prepare the invasion.

As you well know, war is expensive, so we need to get all possible resources from our own land. For this reason, I request to my scouts look rich places over the Empire, that can fit large cities, capables of get high numbers of resources, specially Weapons, Food and Money.

Governor, your next mission have this conditions, so I need you to get as much as you can. The land I'm sending you is next to a large and beautiful lake, with big areas of farmland and excelent deposit of iron. However, this land has been the house of three tribes of natives for hundreds of years. This tribes are always fighting between each others, but never make problems for us, so we let them be... until now.

Governor, you have to pacify them, because they probalby do not like your presence so suddenly, and make them understand they are inside Roman Domain, so they have to live under my Rule once for all.

Another thing is, your city is almost in the middle of our great Empire, that means, barbarians need to pass over many other Roman Cities if they want to attack yours, so you don't have to worry about walls and city's defences.

I expect to full fill all my requests, Governor, Britania is waiting for us to be conquered.
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Zipods Hi Lord!

Why you never put the real-life starting year for your great maps? 620 BC for Lutetia? That seems more as building the Celtic tribe village as even Rome was a small village that time. Greek culture as a pre-roman was no more than consolidation of migrated tribes from demolished ancient cities.
File Author
Hi Zipods!
If I have to say why the starting date is so mess up, the answer is ignorance =(

To lazy to check dates, I have to say. I love this game but not sure if I want to go that far. I know enough about Roman Culture, human history, mitology, and stuff like that, and I'm really good at Geography, but my weakness in History always has been remember the correct dates (national and international).

About my maps, I just think in a story that can fit with the "map's idea", So the most important is choosing the location first, for the Ally Cities you can trade with (and if they are from land or sea trade), and the Landscape that is in my head. So after that, making it historical acurrately, is to much haha.

But I'm glad you really enjoy my maps! I'll keep sending ;)
thank you

PD: I really want to see your city with this map!
Zipods Hi Lord!

At least making closure to real dates would contribute much to the quality and spirit of gameplay. It may be different ranges, notably for Lutetia from 100 BC to 450 AD.

I will try this map in original C3. A bit concerned about exceeding buildings limit (1999) as there is A LOT of native structures already on the map. Also, with 25 olives+25 oil it is hardly possible to provide 20 000 pop (GI+LP) with enough oil. Could be done only with super effective trade (6 full caravans per year and 7th caravan each of the 5 years), which I guess is not an issue due to layout of map geography.
File Author
You're right. I made the test with Augustus, so I have Monuments that help me with the finished goods consumption.

Not sure if is possible with original C3 or Julius.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 3
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 4
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:

In general, liked this map, and the most I liked the feeling in the end that this could be done in MANY MANY different ways and much better than I did. The replayability is great, so the best mark fits it. Was really pleasure to play it with respect to city layout, development and the endless doubts during planning phase in "what if style". Thanks a lot to the author for providing wide range of concepts for replaying this city! I also liked the "lake size" as is balances the narrow gaps and land available for building. I posted my attempt in the "Completed cities" section.

Now, what I did not like:

1) Trade changes for export goods make no sense - always decreasing/increasing/decreasing.... but basically it does not matter as you have natives in the area and only trading with them boost up your economy very much and early. Also the prices for export goods increases too much. Especially for weapons which are already 180 per unit, prices are going even higher to 220 haha! :). It was few years in a row when I made like 15 000 net profit, I never saw this before on any other map, that was really funny to feel myself as Weapon Barron. Better to decrease trade capacity and prices for export goods (to get down to 100 per unit or less) and to increase trade capacity and prices for import goods (to get up to 200 and more for ready goods and 100 and more for raw materials). That would make more challenge and necessity to balance your finances especially on the late stages of the city when you need to pay wages to large bunch of plebes. Also, with respect to pleb wages fluctuations, I also do not see any sense in "decreasing wages". "Increasing wages" is good to make some additional challenge, but no more.

2) Invasions are weak but from the other hand looks very natural as the barbarians attack points are near the native villages, so it looks like, despite our efforts, natives are really not happy of our presence haha! That's pretty interesting idea to see the peaceful and armed natives at the same place all the time! :) Also, the final one-year-three-sided invasions bearing in mind that there is no walls was not so easy to deal, I even lost some part of the city. However, better to put something like that not only in the end, but also in the middle or even at the start of the city.

3) (!!!) Precious oil/olives problem. Better to just increase import capacity of oil/olives than to play around unnecessary increase/decrease of export goods. The lack of oil is the main bottleneck of this map which is developed under the concept of "HUGE city building". There is the real contradiction between the general map idea and lack of oil. It was pretty annoying for me, that's why I put "3" in balance. That would make much more sense in terms of HUGE city building concept to increase olives to 40 and oil at least to 25, so to provide the possibility to build only GI+LP luxury 20,000 city. Imagine if the trade is super ideal (which is big question due to map layout) you only can provide max 166 houses with 40 oil. That means that the most effective ratio then will be 52 LP + 114 GI (166 houses, 19,976 pop) + 1 house of any type. I asses 52 LP+114 GI is not viable composition especially with 90 culture requirement. So I was sad at the very beginning knowing that in the end I could only dream of building the magnificent city with luxury conditions for everyone :(

4) Requests of Emperor are too big and concentrated in short periods with large pauses in between. 500 weapons or 450 wheat? I really want to see that LINE OF 15-16 WAREHOUSES (consuming 100+ workers), 20+ factories, 10+ raw material facilities (300+ workers) that one would build to satisfy the Emperor having the alternative to **** him off and sending some gifts later on. Actually such big request destroys the desire to test if it is possible to win without gifts and 36 months for satisfying 500 unit request in my personal view need the "future knowing" cheat mode to prepare necessary infrastructure which I do not like.

[Edited on 12/27/20 @ 06:28 AM]

File Author
As always, Thanks Zipods for the review!

If you found out the invasion "little", maybe is because the total of walker at that point? If is not, you're better than me in military, for me was a little challenge.

About the Oil/Olives thing, I know they aren't enough for everyone, but for Augustus, I made my maps so the player need to think which Grand Temples needs to build. Grand Temple of Mercury gives you 20% less consume of Oil, and Grand Temple of Mars, gives you an 10% extra less consume. If you choose this gods to pray, you gain a 30% extra oil, and Mercury assure you will always have perfect import ratio (all land traders and ship traders gain 50% of capacity)

About the Cesar demands, thats the whole point of this map! It's making me sad knowing you didn't full fill the requests. But soon, Cesar demands will be mandatory! if you don't complete the requests, your favor will drop many points as the author wish for hahaha.

Ah another thing! soon the requests and invasion slots in the editor will be infinite!, so you would not be able to erase your forts anymore! (I downloaded your city, I never saw those blocks, really interesting and well orginized)

When the next version of Augustus change, I'll upgrade and re-balance this map.

Thanks Again =)

[Edited on 12/29/20 @ 09:12 AM]

Zipods Hi Lord!

1) About the walker limit - I always check this for any city with 15000+ pop and for uploaded city version it was 650-700 walkers including 400-450 destination walkers, 300 units far from the limit (999). So all invasions shall be going as planned (and with extra troops as I played on VH).

2) I think there is no good/average/bad players in C3, because it is not competitive or arcade game. Each individual have own tastes and approaches, sometimes very different. That is the most great thing about C3 among other games. With respect to invasions for this particular map - I just thought it would be better to have them a bit more coordinted (like in last year, simultaneous three-sided) and maybe started earlier... And I liked the concept of only-natives invasions! And I agree that there is some challenge in current version, but could be a bit more :)

3) Oil/Olives thing - I got your point, sorry that I played in original C3 and did not check this concept to the full extent.

4) Caesar demands - still 500 is toooo much, to my taste it is just too sensitive to watch my poor workers filling million warehouses for stupid greedy Emperor. :)
I think 200-300 is maximum for which player will bother with the requests, otherwise they will be ignored... However, if there will be no alternative choice - then this is serious change of game mechanics which actually open wide possibilities of using requests as tough challenge (for example, demanding some exotic import goods or precious goods (for example, marble on the map with 2-3 max marble quarry possible due to lack of "rocks"), millions of denarii, etc...).

5) Infinite invasions and requests is very nice change. I just do not understand how it will be technically realized in the editor. Map creator will manually schedule each invasion and request as it is now? Or it will be some "cycling mechanics" (similarly to "contaminated water" or "land trade change")? If they will be scheduled manually, then they are basically not infinite, because I can't imagine human will schedule more than 100 invasions, or it will be too time consuming.

6) Yes, I erased forts with only one purpose - to have more "space" to the walkers limit. Actually there is plenty of free land to place them.

7) Thanks a lot for such positive judgement of my approach to city planning. I do not like standard looping method and always use concept of "all connected city" with lots of intersections, developed road network w/o gatehouses, w/o using predicted forced walkers and other "cheating" stuff :)

[Edited on 12/30/20 @ 05:37 AM]

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