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CC Erehwon (by Caesar Clifford)

Author File Description
File Details
Climate: Desert
Difficulty: Hard
Population goal: 3000
Culture goal: 31
Prosperity goal: 37
Peace goal: 50
Favor goal: 55
This one was designed by Caesar Clifford and has an interesting premise: setting you up in the middle of nowhere with no money to start with. You’ll need eagle eyes to locate the limited resources on the map. (side note: I didn’t realize an item was actually available until after a request was made by Caesar).

There´s a discussion thread in the forums with more info on the scenario. The saved file here is version 4 which is the final version according to the forum thread.

The Story (by the original author)
Well, I didn't want to see your face again but I can't throw you to the lions yet!!!. So I will banish you to the far reaches of the Empire. In fact it is so far away that no one in Rome has been that far yet. You will develop a small town out the back of beyond. In fact it is nowhere. I know you have a great love of trees but my scouts assure me there are no trees in this particular part of the desert. Also very little water is available. The nearest trade routes available to you are so far away that they will probably charge you double for everything you want to trade. But that is your problem not mine. As well when you start building here you will have a lot of attacks from the local tribesmen. They will resent your presence as we have left them alone until now. I however am willing to place you in danger, this time. Don't however expect the finer parts of the Roman Empire to go with you. The actors and such like will not make the journey to help you out.

The only way you can get back into my good books is to complete this mission. Send me the things I ask you for and try not to get into debt much. And guess what, I am not going to give you any money to start with. You have wasted the last Denarii of mine. So earn your way out and enjoy the sand. Hopefully, you will not arrive back here before I pass to a better place. The doctor gives me 12 years or so. The reason I say this is because my successor, whom you know well, hates your guts more than I do. I want you to struggle under him as well for a while. He will probably double your trade prices again and ask for much more than I will. Now go before I change my mind and send you to the lions.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Master crafted scenario that will test your skills to the limit.

Balance: 5
Good balance throughout the whole scenario. You are constantly under invasion threats and trying to make the most of those precious Denarii.

Creativity: 5
Price changes, requests, invasions and other surprises come at the right pace, constantly pushing you.

Map Design: 4
Not the most interesting but as the description says, it's a barren wasteland. It does give a little bit of leeway in terms of designing your city. It does fullfill its purpose and allows for different defense tactics. Lots of teasers where you just miss one tile to place that structure you want.

Story/Instructions: 5
You are considered the lowest scum, only worthy of living in the scorching sun without water. Every challenge will be thrown at you but you must handle it.

Additional Comments:
I constantly felt lost and scared - an absolute pleasure :) Managed to pull it off but the final city is by no means sustainable; it can't pay for itself.

Tips: Carefully decide when it's time to feed people. I don't believe you can reach the goals without importing food and taxes can't pay for it. Place towers close to high ground behind the invasion routes where they will stay protected. You may be able to wait it out and handle all invasions before building your city proper but beware, they keep coming for quite a long time. I kept a stockpile of about 200 furniture to sell in emergencies and for the final push when I started importing both fruit and wheat.

[Edited on 04/14/20 @ 06:50 PM]

Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
Arcade mode playability. I won on 36th year with 100 peace and 2 gifts to Emperor. And do not not have a feeling that I want to play this ever again (and some other alternative ways to victory).

I should admit, however, that winning this with "just exactly" 50 peace and without gifts to Emperor (only requests for 55 favor) is probably impossible (maybe wrong, I did not check it).

Balance: 1
It is not challenging but just annoying to click 200 apm like mad to close all windows endlessly pumping out during first 10 years (once it was 8 different messages for one month! :) ).

The iron mine/clay pit collapse is just annoyance, nothing else.

Money before starting food import is not big deal - weapons export make just enough and adding pottery/furniture makes 3000/year with 1500 pop.

The weapons zero price or trade stop - event which I scared very much - did not happen till victory. If it happen, then it would be real challenge to make some money.

Creativity: 1
The idea of no money military survival is old and not original, there are numerous arcade scenarios with large military component and no real challenge for city building. And the military component is simple, so the lowest mark fits good here.

Map Design: 1
Pretty straightforward with a lot of obstacles, which mostly makes no sense.

Searching for the just-single-supa-dupa-perfect placement of some buildings, searching for resources placed just-in-one tile somewhere (like 1 tree, which wasted like 20 minutes to find it) and other stupid stuff is very annoying. C3 shall provide a challenge in the way of different thinking and alternative approaches of solving problems, but not completing a puzzle with "just-one-single-only-ideal" simple decision.

The earthquake makes no sense, as it is far from farmland and does not affect city layout.

Military defense due to map layout is rather simple (also due to natural mountain bottlenecks), I just went "no bother mode" with javelins and then added 2 legionaries (with no single tower). As there is no event of "combined" attack from two sides or combined attack by "fast natives+slow army", all invasions are pretty easy to deal without losses (and legionaries are usually resting in the fort, used only for natives killing). However, I lost first time due to unexpected huge local tribe attack from the south point, where all city was located (just forgot to save game), but knowing that, next time I won from the second attempt (in total like 2-3 hours of gaming).

Story/Instructions: 5

The only good thing is the story line - but also not super original as there are many scenarios with low money military survival concept and almost same story.

Additional Comments:

Another try of making no-sense arcade-mode military survival with minimum money in C3.

For my taste it is the awful map, which is not within the spirit of C3, but better some arcade game like Doom, CS:GO, Quake, or slot machine in the bar. It make no real city building challenge and just annoys.

Maybe somebody likes arcade C3 scenarios, but I personally hate when C3 is understood as such an arcade battle survival simulator.

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Map Design2.5
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