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Hi-Valentia III

Author File Description
File Details
Climate: Central
Difficulty: Very Hard
Population goal: 10000
Culture goal: 100
Prosperity goal: 100
Peace goal: 100
Favor goal: 50
Just a little backstory of the creation of this map. Map looks familiar to some of you? During the downtime of HG, I went to spend some time with another of Impressions Games's product, Zeus/Poseidon. Personally I still like C3, but that doesn't mean we can't have some maps imported from the other games. So with some buddies, we decided to make something from that. I admit the circle is a bit malformed, but believe me, it was intended that way, because it has been test played and the map was created in such a way that allows for C3 buildings to fit in it (hence the third revision of the map) and allows for bridges. Feel free to rate/review/comment if you feel like it.

MAP NAME : Hi-Valentia III

by Hikumi

Hi-Valentia III

Recreating Atlantis

Central provinces
Enormous province
Many invasions likely
Hardest assignment

Map statistics:

Starting funds:
Very easy - 30,000 Dn
Easy - 20,000 Dn
Normal - 15,000 Dn
Hard - 10,000 Dn
Very hard - 7,500 Dn
Rank : Proconsul
Year : 500 B.C.

Brief description:

The Romans are fascinated with the design of the ancient city of Atlantis. And when the Romans get fascinated, it does not mean they will not do anything about it...

Detailed description:

Some time before, there was an aspiring young Roman who was infatuated with his ambition to create designs for structures due to his passion for building arts. This ambition was fueled even more when he got promoted from an Engineer to an Architect. Also a huge fanatic of ancient Greek mythology, he spent most of his leisure time researching his topic of interest. Once, during a study in an archive, he uncovered what appeared to be plans for a great city. Intrigued, he tried to decipher the mysterious blueprint. It turned out that it was a blueprint for the ancient city of Atlantis, sunk and destroyed by disaster.

Despite the fate of Atlantis, the design of the city piqued the young Architect's interest. He immediately searched for a location that could be suitable for the building of a city that could replicate the grand ancient city. That was when he came upon Valentia. At that moment there were already Roman presence in Valentia, but only a couple of camps for marble quarrying. After glancing through the landscape, he knew it to be the spot for his wondrous ambitions. He quickly drew up plans for the Roman version of the city and took it to the Senate for proposal.

However, much to his dismay, the proposal was rejected. The Senate posed various arguments to disallow the project. Despite the numerous explanations he came up with, the young Architect was turned down. Thus the plan to reconstruct Atlantis was lost along with him, until the day he lies in his grave.

500 B.C.

Today, many of Caesar's governors have been colonizing lands and expanding the empire at a rapid rate. However, there is yet to be a city design worthy of mention to his ears. Caesar has ordered the expansion to cease for the time being until a glorious design can be brought to his attention. Meanwhile, the land of Valentia was abandoned due to the discovery of a more abundant source of marble. Little did the Romans know that they will make a trip back here very shortly...

It was during this time that Caesar's scribes came up to him with a very mysterious news: an old letter was discovered hidden in between the pages of a book in the archives. In the letter, a Roman Architect complained about how the Senate turned down his plans to construct a city similar to Atlantis. Found along the letter is the plans that the Architect drew himself. Thus, Caesar summoned all his Engineers and Architects to explain to him the plausibility of implementing the plans.

It appears that if the marble hills were flattened, constructing buildings may be possible there. The hill itself could be sculpted to be as round as it can. Trenches can be dug around this hill, with the outer ring connecting to the sea to allow for natural flow of water. These waters, along with the swampy marshes around the hills, allow for fertility of lands suitable for farming. The more possible points brought up to him, the more Caesar's eyes gleamed. His mind is made up.

And thus, you, as Caesar's most trusted Proconsul, are chosen to travel to Valentia and establish this city. It will be one that makes Rome proud. The Romans are eager to prove that they could do just as good as what the Atlanteans could. However, be cautious, governor: The Greeks might be in good terms with the Romans, but they are not really keen about the idea of us taking the design of their ancestors and mocking them. They might drop by to see how well you are doing... and cause some trouble in the process. Get some legions up just in case. Oh, and our allies in Mediolanum are having problems lately. Give them some assistance if you can. If you succeed, the Triumphal Arches granted by Caesar would make a fine addition to your Atlantis.


We would do best not to be as greedy as the Atlanteans. House at least 10,000 Roman souls in your new city, and achieve the highest rating in Culture, Prosperity and Peace. It would be good if you can get a good Favor rating as well, but if you cannot, at least do not get on the Emperor's bad side.

Winning conditions:

100 Culture
100 Prosperity
100 Peace
50 Favor
10,000 Population


Valentia is a land rich in resources. You have the ability to produce almost anything and everything. You can have a lot of exports. It is quite impossible to let denarii be an obstacle for you here.

Likewise, it is only natural that you have everything, so that you can fulfill requests by Rome.

Do not forget to have legions, to defend yourself and to assist Roman cities in need.

Scout reports:

You can build Reservoirs at the base around the hill to provide water access to the buildings at the edges of the hill.

All the fishing spots are located at the South-most part of the land. It is not recommended to build wharves further up the stream or else fishing boats will have to travel long distances for their haul.

Off-the-scene notes:

As you can see, there are no natives on the map, but I allowed building of Native Mission posts anyway. Some players want them as employment control.

There are reasons why the Favor rating requirement is left at 50. It is to add to the difficulty for people using Favor as a "victory controller" (players raise Favor after they achieve all other ratings) so it is quite hard to test this map beyond the population criteria.

Additional activities:

Super Challenge Mode!

This map is not hard to beat, but if you feel you want to achieve higher, try these requirements. These criterias have been tested and proven to be achievable:

100 Culture
100 Prosperity
100 Peace
100 Favor
15,000 Population (20,000 is obtainable too)

Senate must be located on the hill as center of the map as possible.

Hippodrome must be located on the hill as center of the map as possible.

The hill, the inner and outer rings, must be completely covered (or at least 90% of them) with non-garden/non-statues/non-aesthetics structures (not including the base of the hill for reservoirs)
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