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Tarraco Archipelago VIII

Author File Description
File Details
Climate: Northern
Difficulty: Easy
Population goal: 6500
Culture goal: 30
Prosperity goal: 30
Peace goal: 100
Favor goal: 80
Tarraco Archipelago v8

Northern provinces
Very large province
No military activity
Somewhat easy assignment

Brief description:

The year is 100 BC. Having claimed Carthago Nova and Valentia, the empire aims to head north to the coastal land of Tarraco. While governing inlands have become a routine, this assignment location can be rather unique. Somewhere along the south-eastern coastline of mainland Tarraco is a group of rocky islands. Hardly a desirable location to establish a colony as grand as one worthy of Rome. However, there is something that is attention catching: the islands happen to be rich in fertile land, ideal for a farming city. Judging from how there is a high increase in demand for food throughout the empire at the moment; the empire will take anything it can get.


In order to ease your burden of putting up with so many limitations, your goal for this assignment is made simpler. Build a city of at least 6,500 souls. Since this is meant to be a farming city, you might not have much to focus about the education and entertainment facilities as well as increasing the housing quality; therefore the culture and prosperity requirements aren’t really high. However, you are expected to treat your people well and keep them fully fed with the foods from your farms, so the empire expects a zero crime rate, and you must achieve a perfect peace rating. In addition, keep your favor with the empire high.

Winning conditions:

30 Culture
30 Prosperity
100 Peace
80 Favor
6,500 Population


This is a map of a group of islands. Needless to say, you will have to make use of bridges to get across each island. You are an Architect! Show the true work of art.

Plan your layouts carefully first. Determine where you want to bridge your city and build them first. You are given sufficient starting funds for this reason.

There is a very high increase in demand for food throughout the empire. Such that even neighboring cities are having trouble feeding everybody. Since you are establishing a colony in such a rich land, expect the Emperor to request for goods real soon, and lots of them too. Of course, he may also ask for other commodities later on.

On the other hand, food is also one of your sources of income, as you can export them to a certain city. You will have to balance the use of your food between feeding your own citizens, satisfying the Emperor’s requests and making profits from trade.

The land of Tarraco doesn’t have a lot of variety if terms of resources and goods it can produce, but do not neglect to have at least a few of everything, otherwise you might not be able to fulfill a request by the Emperor at the worst possible times.

The Emperor needs a lot of resources that are available in this land. If you can fulfill them, your favor would increase a lot.

Scout reports:

Although Tarraco isn’t a land in the northern region, the archipelagos, being so close to water, have similar climate. It is highly unlikely that buildings can catch fire in this region.

The terrain surrounded by water, the rocky archipelagos offer little suitable spaces to construct any grand monuments in this area. For this reason, you are not allowed to build statues or governor’s palace for aesthetics. You will have to rely on other forms of desirability increasing methods.

There isn’t any report of threats from neighboring lands or local natives; therefore there aren’t any military activities in this land. For this reason, you will not be given the opportunity to build military buildings, as well as a missionary post.

Your main goal in this land is to establish a good farming city. That, coupled with the limited space, is enough reason to disallow you to construct Colosseums or a Hippodrome.

Despite the abundance of trees on the archipelagos, their woods aren’t suitable for the production of the general furniture used throughout the empire currently. Therefore, you cannot construct timber yards on the islands. You are given the choice to have furniture workshops in your city, but in order to get the materials you will have to import.

The rocky regions of the archipelagos make it hard to navigate between the islands. However, they can be bridged at certain strategic points. Look closely for bridging points. Remember, you have no need for the woods here, so it is possible to remove all the trees blocking your path.

Despite the abundance of water in this region, there is lack of fish here, probably due to the reef around the rocky archipelagos. Therefore, you do not have access to fishing wharves or the shipyard.

However, you do have access to trade, and therefore you may construct docks. If you do bridge across the archipelagos, it is recommended to build ship bridges in order to allow passages for traders.

There are power struggles within the empire. Do not be alerted if there is a change in Emperor throughout your assignment.

The tides of the water around the archipelagos are unpredictable. Be prepared to handle cases of contaminated water or flooding of clay pits.

Your location of assignment happens to be a land with resources high in demand throughout the empire. Expect a price raise for every commodity available to you. Use this opportunity to conduct trades to secure the income of your colony. With the exception of timber, since the trees on the archipelagos aren’t suitable for furniture production.


-Reduced starting funds from 20,000 to 15,000 and rescue loan from 10,000 to 7,500.

-Increased the winning population from 5,000 to 6,500.

-Reduced winning Culture requirement from 50 to 30.

-Reduced all trade price change ratios, going as low as single digits.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability and Balance: 1
The description of the map says, "Since this is meant to be a farming city, you might not have much to focus about the education and entertainment facilities as well as increasing the housing quality; therefore the culture and prosperity requirements aren’t really high."
So here is a logical connection: "farming city" -> focus on farms -> don't focus on culture and prosperity. That's where the logic crashes. Farming is not a goal, it is a method of achieving goals. Prosperity is a goal. So basically we have tons of farmland (which makes it easy to feed people) and low prosperity requirement. 30 prosperity means that small casas are enough. So you don't need pottery and furniture for your houses. It could be a usual easy mission, but no, for some reason you have to grind 100 peace on a map with no invasions. In case the author doesn't know: peace doesn't indicate your city mood or something like that, it just increases for every peaceful year. If your city is stable enough, you can just sit and wait for it to raise by itself. It was (most likely) added to the game for military assignments so the player couldn't finish the mission fast enough, skipping the strongest invasions. In case of this map there is no sense in peace rating at all. There were some price changes for marble and pottery which increase the selling price for these resources. There is no reason to increase it (c3 map editor guide recommends to decrease it over time). Starting funds are also too big. 5 000 (+2 000) is enough for this map.

Creativity: 3
I like island maps. The idea of a "farming city" is bad, as was stated above.

Map Design: 3
The map is designed pretty well. Though, connection between entry and exit points looks weird. As I said before, there is too much fertile land (it's everywhere).

Story/Instructions: 5
I like the backstory.

Additional Comments:
Hope to see more nice maps from you (and, hopefully, rework for this one).

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Map Design3.0
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