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Caesar IV Heaven » Forums » The Town Square » Anyone find pharaoh (1999) flawed enough to kill enjoyment?
Topic Subject:Anyone find pharaoh (1999) flawed enough to kill enjoyment?
posted 05-09-19 19:15 ET (US)         

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posted 05-10-19 07:03 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Hello iplaygames, welcome to Heaven Games.
Hello I played this before and had impression it was like hard to play
Yes, Pharaoh is harder to play than many games. Some of us like that. Not everyone will enjoy it. (Caesar III is even harder to play--some prefer it for that reason.)
I got into this again after watching gameplay on youtube
Some years ago I watched a few people play Pharaoh on YouTube. The play I saw was poor, but my sample was very small and I may have missed lots of good players.
the fire marshals can become erractic w ith their paths causing building to be neglected and burning down
It is possible to play and almost always avoid fires. I rarely have a fire when I play a mission.

A very large city (probably with well over 25000 people) can exceed the "walker sprite limit", causing lots of problems. The solution is not to build such a huge city. (I have never built that large of a city.)
A better design w ould be to set path of y our providers so everythinngs predictable
That would simplify the game enough so that many of us wouldn't enjoy it. Thankfully, there are many different games. (I would probably never have started to play Pharaoh if it was that simple.)
Shrinking workforce is a continuing problem, I looked on youtube without a solution
The obvious solution is to finish the mission is a short enough time (say, less than 20 or 25 years) so that aging does not become a significant problem. Most missions (but not Hetepsenusret) can be won that quickly, although a few would take good play. There are some other solutions, but they are complicated so I won't mention them here.
also the design of t he game keep you repeatedly checking everything frequent enough
Yes, it takes some effort to play Pharaoh. Some of us like that.
stuff like throwing religion festivals,fire risks and so onů I have some angry god ruin my city cuz I missed doing festival
If you have enough temples and shrines, gods don't need festivals. My last 8 missions had no festivals. (I will probably throw festivals in some future mission because I will want a god's blessings.)

If you build so that fire marshals pass all buildings frequently, you don't need to check fire risk.
this game just seem to t ake a long time with planning blocks and all
Some people like a game that takes effort to play well. Some don't.
a flawed design is a flawed design
I think Pharaoh's design was quite good, but I recognize that different people have different tastes.
posted 05-12-19 18:34 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Yes definitely a buzz kill

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