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Topic Subject:C4 Bugs - version 1.01
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posted 10-01-06 19:17 ET (US)         
Well it had to happen.

I have encountered a bug with the scenarion information panel not reflecting the difficulty level.

  • I started Djedu on normal and placed a few buildings. I saved the game.
  • I restarted the mission and selected hard difficulty. Everything OK.
  • I reloaded my saved game. The costs indicate that I am playing on normal, but the scenario information says I am playing on hard.
  • I loaded my saved version of the first tutorial (played at normal) and the scenario information shows 'hard'. The costs indicate 'normal'. I let the tutorial complete and selected 'play next mission'. The next mission starts and the default difficulty is now hard.
posted 12-13-14 06:45 ET (US)     51 / 51       
Towers are "outside" city walls.
Simply extend the wall one tile past the tower.





then the tower is "inside" the walls.

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