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Topic Subject:The Bold and the Days of All Our Beautiful Children's Lives - GAME THREAD
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posted 12-02-05 05:50 ET (US)         
Population 18 (or so it seems – our soap opera doesn’t feature non-core characters too often).

On the surface, Peaceville is, well, peaceful. But the veneer of civilisation is cracked and peeling. Things aren’t always what they seem. Prepare for power struggles, lust, betrayal, love triangles, intrigue, hospitals and doctors and DNA tests and pills, mad(wo)men and basements, brain implants, brain tumours, hospitals, leukemia, hospitals, policemen and their longsuffering wives, hospitals, princesses, long-lost twin siblings, mothers-in-law from hell, burnt out car wrecks with charred bodies, clearly recognizable by their inscribed rings, blurred generations where the ages of people, their half-siblings, their children, their grandchildren are separated by ten years, serial brides and grooms, and did we mention hospitals?

Still covered in suds...(1):
Celt in Exile

All washed up...
Bobby Ewfield, aka Bengel, blown to smithereens, Night 0.
Gracie Keller, aka Supa Psyche, mason, became a human pincushion, Day 1.
Sister Rose Aimes, aka CenturionZ_1, nurse, killed in a hit-and-run 'accident', Night 1.
Father Patrick O'Reilly, aka Sergius Laudius, day cop, gunned down at the chapel, Night 1.
Sheila Davids, aka Nonchalant, madwoman, killed in a shoot-out with police, Night 1.
Dr Jason Melville, aka Street Hobo, doc, driven out of Peaceville, Day 2.
Bobby Ewfield, aka Bengel, dreamer townie, blown to smithereens again, Night 2.
Heather Templeton, aka Starkey, self-recruiting mafia member, unplugged from life support, Night 2.
Lizzy Tylah, aka Watchwood, mason, smoked one too many, Day 3.
Viktor Malado, aka Rayotep, crazy scientist, has been eliminated, Night 3.
Dot Weatherly, aka VisMaior, scum matriarch, has gotten her come-uppance, Night 3.
Timber Masterson, aka Sul, scum son, has died almost unnoticed of a wasting disease, Day 4.
David Scott, aka Debbie, townie, killed by shooting and hit-and-run, Night 4.
Maximillian Weatherly, aka Reckless Rodent, scum patriarch, has splattered very publicly, Day 5
Brady Beauman, aka Darth, cop, has followed in his father's footsteps, to his grave, Night 5.
Cliff Masterson, aka Niempie, scum patriarch, has been shot, Night 5.
Steve Scott, aka Debbie, one-shot vigilanted lynched, Day 6.
Daisy Masterson, aka Weave, scum matriarch, killed in head-on collision, Night 6.
Resin Weatherly, aka Kedi, scum son, killed in head-on collision, Night 6.


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posted 02-21-06 12:16 ET (US)     351 / 354       
Glad you all enjoyed it!

Centurion, believe it or not, none of these were really my ideas... they were all borrowed from real soapie plots! Maybe I can repackage and sell, though!

And the neural alignment of Ovidius is also very strange - Niempie
posted 02-21-06 16:20 ET (US)     352 / 354       
I love how at the end of it the soap town ends with only one inhabitant..who's not scum.

I think teen slasher horror soap opera would suit this game.

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posted 02-21-06 16:51 ET (US)     353 / 354       
*gurgle* *extends clutching hand*

posted 02-22-06 04:59 ET (US)     354 / 354       
Somehow your sig takes away the gruesomness-factor, Kedi
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