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Caesar III: Scenario Design
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Topic Subject:Advice to avoid culture dumps?
posted 02-03-19 11:35 ET (US)         
In my experience, the culture rating ends up around 50-70 when providing all services for residential areas, depending on development.

It always bothers me to make these clusters of educational buildings and theaters to raise the overall rating since it ruins the estethics and "organic" look of the city.

I understand other factors like terrain, employment and prosperity can limit options but any advice on how to avoid this/recommendations in the download section will be appreciated.
HG Alumnus
posted 02-03-19 16:21 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Hi larsdt, welcome to Caesar III Heaven.

A few players have suggested that concentrations of Culture buildings are realistic. A modern city typically has a theater district and at least one university. But I still prefer to make buildings somewhat less concentrated.

You can, of course, put extra Culture buildings where you want them. If necessary, reduce the efficiency of housing blocks by mixing in more Culture buildings. (Naturally, the extras won't be built until you have the money and workers to spare.)

I don't mind having significant Culture buildings close to housing blocks, but I don't like to put multiples of the same building together. (That's nowadays--my early cities were uglier.) I also don't mind having a few "reform" schools mixed in with farms or industries and sometimes put a few theaters there too. Your preferences are probably different.
Clip Clop II
posted 03-18-19 04:50 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Yeah, don't build culture dumps

I have had this problem too. It's related also to the issue of perfect coverage. Perfect coverage being what the city needs to accomodate x people, but having nothing to do with every house being covered.

So "the theatres are too crowded."

Your choices are to build more stuff you don't need at first, relying principally on "perfect coverage" to determine that, or to fill in those blank spots as needed.

I avoid clustering my stuff at all cost, EXCEPT of course industrial stuff because that makes more sense.

Also, the more spread out you tend to build, the easier increasing density with these additional buildings is.

Finally, theatres and ampitheatres are pleasant to live next to.
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