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Caesar III: Scenario Design
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Topic Subject:Possible 4 blocks Miletus
posted 03-17-18 08:43 ET (US)         
Hi Guys,

I did an excel sheet to plan my block building in Miletus scenario. What do you think about it? Comments are appreciated


P.S.: LinK:
HG Alumnus
posted 03-17-18 10:27 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Hi Ktbrok, welcome to Caesar III Heaven.

Some of the Max Reservoir Coverage squares are wrong.

There are no roadblocks in Caesar III. (You could build gatehouses, replacing the roadblocks and some of the nearby roads.)

The blocks on the bottom do not have markets.

None of the blocks have forums (or the senate) to collect taxes.

The actor colony and gladiator school do not have fire or damage protection.

The actor colony, gladiator school, granary, and warehouses will not get labor access.

There are no connections to the rest of the city. At the very least, the granary will need a connection to obtain food.

What type of houses will there be? Since there is wine, I expect you want some of them to be villas. Is there sufficient desirability and entertainment for villas? If there are villas (or grand insulae), they will need at least 2 foods. Is one granary enough? (It is easier to supply multiple foods if each has its own granary.)

In Miletus, it may be difficult to get enough pottery. 7x7 housing blocks will have at least as many 1x1 houses as 2x2 houses, and therefore will consume a fair amount of pottery. It might be better to use other housing blocks which can have only 2x2 houses (if they are carefully evolved to large insulae), to consume less pottery. Or it might be better to have some blocks that are not evolved past small casas (which don't consume pottery) and would not need baths or amphitheaters.

By the way, this sort of post belongs in the Caesar III: Game Help forum.
posted 03-17-18 11:53 ET (US)     2 / 2       
Hi Brugle,

Thanks for the info. I'll pay more attention in next posts.

This was a part of the city, I know i need the road access to granary at least.

My point in try this block is keep only 1 reservoir and have the granaries/warehouses as near as possible to houses to have a better distribution by the markets.

I can keep 2 7x7 blocks with pottery, but more than that is hard.

I'll follow your tips.

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