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Caesar III: Scenario Design
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Topic Subject:What to you think of this idea?
Ace Gladiator
posted 10-08-13 12:01 ET (US)         
I just had a new idea. Imagine a map with 7 or so large islands. Each one touches the edge of the map so that each one can have an invasion point. Each island is specialized in something
-the main island will have the road to Rome, just barely enough space to get a city going, and a tiny bit of fertile land.
-one will be the only island with trees
-one will be the only island with rocks
-one will be the only island with extra fertile meadow (maybe the only fertile land if we decide to not put any on the main island)
-one will be the only island with 3 straight coastal squares for a dock
-one will be the only island with sets of 2 straight coastal squares for fishing (but the sets of 2 straight squares wont be adjacent so as to prevent building a dock on this island)
-one will be the only one with extra space for housing?
-one will be the only island that doesn't have some object obstructing the the space necessary for a hippodrome? I don't like this one though because it forces the other islands to be small or filled with spots of water.
-any other ideas presented by you guys...

Anyways, Year 1 there will be an endless number of invasions on all the islands except for the one with a road to Rome. The enemy armies will just sit there because no bridge is built. So the player has to take over the islands he wants by confronting the armies after building a bridge. Perhaps the scenario will be a .sav file created after the enemy armies already arrived so that it appears that the islands simply started that way.

I recognize that once you build a bridge the enemies will storm it, which is easy to defend because it's so narrow. The governor may simply put two stacked cohorts of legions on his side of the bridge and surround them with javelins (before building it). But I intend to fill each island with as many enemy soldiers as possible. One idea is to position the islands such that the only possible bridge placements force the governor to conquer islands in a specific order with increasing difficulty... but I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think I prefer to have the main island "branch out" to the others.

The islands idea has been done, but have you seen one with this idea of preoccupied hostile islands? (each island providing some needed feature to the city)

This could get really challenging if the governor isn't able to make clay pits and if the prices of luxury goods drop in the beginning.

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Antonius Hadrian
posted 10-20-13 06:25 ET (US)     1 / 1       
It is an interesting idea, but be aware that:
- if enemies are present, new immigrants won't arrive, births are the only way to get more people;
- you can't build too close to enemy troops. meaning if the islands are not big enough, you won't be able to build bridges;
- you can obstruct space with rocks too, not only water.

I think there is no need for separate islands for wharfs and docks, they work nicely together. Since only one will have enough space for housing, you can make that one to have hippodrome.

I will surely test that map.

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