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Topic Subject:Can I propose a contest?
posted 09-16-09 23:46 ET (US)         
The challange is this: build a city with the maximum number of citizens served by a single market. I have recently become interested in better controlling walkers and making my housing blocks more market-efficient and would love to see other's examples of more efficent use of markets. The prize is a title which everyone could pitch in to develope, but maybe something like:

"Winner of the Most Efficient Caesar III Market Contest"

Anyone interested?
posted 09-17-09 00:03 ET (US)     1 / 6

Already been done, at least a CBC contest. But most of us did it with a forced market, so how about amending it so that no forced markets are allowed?

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Try it!
posted 11-17-09 19:52 ET (US)     2 / 6       
For interest, the highest populations in the C3 market ladies contest were around 21,000 citizens supplied by a single market. The final bottleneck proved to be not how many houses a market seller could pass, but how often a market buyer could get wheat from a granary (wheat being the food of choice because market buyers can carry more of it) and similarly how quickly wheat could be gotten into the granary. Also time spent by the market seller not passing houses has to be absolutely minimised. You get a bonus because of rounding when using 1x1 houses up to large casa, the highest being 9% with 1x1 small shacks. 1x1 small casas use about 6% less food per head than their 2x2 equivalent. Of course a population this size in 1x1 housing is possibly walking the building limit tightrope depending upon what else is in the city. Whether this bonus is preferable to the greater population per square of 2x2's depends on the rate you can turn wheat over from farm to granary to market to houses.

Certain techniques were used to obtain these results, most notably that discussed above, "rich tenting", manipulation of births at the start of a year and manipulation of road connections between farms and granaries (ie to force cartpushers to teleport back when farms were further from granary than optimal).

For a city with conventional walkers (and no road manipulations, etc), its hard to imagine much more than 4,000 (if that) being fed by a single market.

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posted 11-19-09 01:39 ET (US)     3 / 6       
gs: I saw the +20k city, it was incredible! That's vary interesting info on food consumption in different house types! You learn something new almost every day with this game. Even 4k without a forced makret lady is amazing! See one of Whisperwind's Capuas where he has 2k from a single market.
posted 12-23-14 06:19 ET (US)     4 / 6       

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HG Alumnus
posted 12-23-14 08:47 ET (US)     5 / 6       
The previous comment is an exact copy of a comment made (on 3-6-10) in "Some Suggestions".
Granite Q
posted 12-23-14 08:57 ET (US)     6 / 6       
Yes, it's spam. Thanks Brugle

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