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Topic Subject:No immigration in Timna
posted 08-31-19 05:23 ET (US)         
Hi guys, Hope your all well.
I am building in Timna. In one sentence it says "people are annoyed with me because there aren't enough jobs", and in the same sentence its also saying that "your city needs more workers".

I have built about 11 new mines complete with housing and everything necessary. The mines have collapsed twice waiting for someone to move in to take up the job.

I have my tax rate at 8% and still no one comes. Is this something wrong with the program or am I doing something wrong??

Thanks for your help as always. Happy gaming

posted 08-31-19 09:43 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Hi Castle,

I'm not sure if this is your problem, but a city can have unemployment and a labor shortage both at the same time. The reason is there are not enough jobs for people, so they emigrate -- and they abandon the cheaper housing first, like Huts and Shanties. This could lead to a situation where a working district has no one left, so the local workplaces can't find labor. But if wealthier districts have more people than jobs, there will be unemployment.

Normally, unemployed workers will travel across the city to take available jobs. But there has to be some "seed housing" near to those jobs to get them started. Once those workplaces can find a few workers to begin with, then they will take workers from any part of the city.

(An alternative technique is to have a "labor access road" from the workplaces to a nearby neighborhood -- the labor recruiter will walk down the road, arrive at the neighborhood, and take his seed workers from there.)

The solution, once working districts become depopulated, is to build boondoggles in the residential areas. Boondoggles are workplaces that offer a lot of jobs, while performing no real useful function. Work camps are useful, although I think in Timna you can't have them -- but police stations work good too.

Once people get back to work, immigration will resume, and the abandoned housing will become occupied again. Then everything should balance itself out again, and as long as you keep unemployment below 15-25%, all will be fine, and you can start to delete the boondoggles. This could take up to six months in some cases.


P.S. Mines collapse not because they have no workers, but because there's no architect strolling around nearby. Make sure you have an Architect's Post in the area which is staffed.

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HG Alumnus
posted 08-31-19 16:11 ET (US)     2 / 2       
As Henipatra said, it appears that city sentiment is too low (below indifferent) caused by high unemployment, while there are lots of industries which don't have labor access. The solution is to improve city sentiment: raise the wage rate, lower the tax rate, reduce unemployment (which Henipatra recommended), and/or throw a festival (which helps only temporarily). My recommendation is to always watch city sentiment, and if it is falling then do something to raise it (and don't let it get below indifferent).
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