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Topic Subject:Labor Network Question
posted 02-24-04 04:18 ET (US)         
How do labor-seekers function while building up an isolated community such as the Buhen meadow farms?

1. Do passing a few nearby mud huts automatically tie them in to the established main city labor pools?

2. Or must they take the ferry to a main city to find workers?

Granite Q
posted 02-24-04 06:19 ET (US)     1 / 6       
1) Yes, labour seekers have to pass some housing (mud huts will do) to gain access to the city wide labour pool.

2) Labour seekers do not use feriies.

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Cheers !!
posted 02-24-04 09:35 ET (US)     2 / 6       
A labor seeker has to pass along absolutely any kind of house at a determined frequence, say twice a month, to guarantee full access to labor. The message 'poor access to labor' has sometimes to be ignored, when access is little but certain. However, this message can guide you when you block/road is a bit too long.
posted 02-24-04 14:18 ET (US)     3 / 6       
Thank you Granite Q and TryHard. The labor seeker/mud hut info plus the Kingdom Road cutoff gives me two more degrees of freedom when city planning.

Again as Columbo would say, "Just one more thing". Assuming a straight line path what is the maximum number of squares a worker seeker could travel? I assume each bend in the path cuts down that maximum somewhat.

Now with great appreciation to you both, I promise to shut up and enjoy playing the game.

The Architect
posted 02-24-04 16:46 ET (US)     4 / 6       
Hello Hatchepsut.

The maximum travel distance of labor-seekers is determined by the actual number of road tiles. Therefore, “bends” in the road don’t change anything. They are just another road tile.

You can always count on a labor-seeker traveling 26 road tiles. Sometimes (usually on 1 trip out of 4) they will travel a longer distance, but for consistent access to labor it best to disregard the “long walk”.

Also, given a choice on direction of travel, the labor-seeker will often walk in the opposite direction of previous trips. Again, this usually happens on at least one trip out of four. But for reasons unknown, sometimes a labor-seeker will choose to travel in only one direction. For these reasons it is best to provide housing access no matter which direction the labor-seeker might travel. A closed “road loop” is a handy way of accomplishing this.


You might also find Jworth’s thread labor recruiter behavior helpful.

[Additional Information]

There can be one tile between the road that the labor-seeker travels and the houses that they pass. See Reply #2 in this thread.


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posted 02-24-04 18:17 ET (US)     5 / 6       
Vaia, what a wonderful forum this is! I have printed out your input and the two Jworth links you provided. I am getting heavy with knowledge here. Thank you so much.

Hatchepsut the Heavy

posted 02-25-04 10:39 ET (US)     6 / 6       
Well, Hachepsut, I joined this forum in April 2001 and have been here since then, and you know my level. Still, I manage to get some new information from time to time.

The most recent one recalled by Brugle was to explain to me why, in Buhen precisely (and Meidum), you can reach the level of elegant manor through having a perfect entertainment coverage.

Another one is that, if you set a Storage Yard at accepting several items, the caravans can mess up and deliver unexpected goods. It happens frequently in Buhen because you rely much on some SY as the space is limited, and the map is buggish. For the fun of it, as you downloaded my game, have you seen the "alabaster" stone in my SY? Of no use, unfortunately.

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