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Topic Subject:Links to Pharaoh Heaven's most useful posts
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posted 06-29-01 15:50 ET (US)         
I have noticed alot of requests from beginners lately, so I thought I would gather some of the links that I found the most helpful.

Housing blocks:

5 minutes housing blocks
Housing Blocks
SenetEr's classic
How to Build a SenetEr Block
My new worker blocks
Housing Block Essay
The Flexi-Block


On Recruiters and Morale
Getting the Upper Hand on Military Campaigns
Armor Value, Morale
Going further in fighting skills


Nero Would's
Entertainment - more than you may want to know

Housing Evolution Requirements &
Detailed Information on all Structures:

Housing and Structures Charts


Ben the Vizier's
Pharaoh/Cleopatra Monuments Chart
pyramid speedup


Cleo Comodity Sheets


Nero Would's
Got your Culture right here!


Nero Would's
The gods must be crazy! Religion by the numbers
Gods info


Those wacky walkers

Production rates:

Nero Would's
Farm production rates
Musings on Production and Walker Speeds

Design Tools:

Pharaohglyph Block Generator
The standard tool for developing block designs to be posted in Pharaoh Heaven.
Pharaoh Desire Control v2.0.14
Block design tool that indicates the desirability of the area. This is useful in determining if houses will have the desirability to evolve. (Note that there are minor errors for some structures.) The blocks created by the program can also be converted to HTML code for posting in Pharaoh Heaven. Available in the Pharaoh Heaven Miscellaneous Downloads section.
Djed djedi’s
Pharaoh City Desire Calculator v.1.03
The ultimate city design tool in Excel Format with easy to use copy & paste format. Includes all of the Pharaoh and Cleopatra structures with their associated desirability. You can even copy in Nero Would’s Family History Maps to design your entire city before you begin a new mission. Blocks created by the program can also be converted to HTML code for posting in Pharaoh Heaven.
Nero Would's
Family History maps in Excel format
You can download either Spoiler or Non Spoiler versions of these from the Pharaoh Heaven Miscellaneous Downloads section.
Nero Would and VitruviusAIA's
Pharaoh Housing and Culture Worksheet
The worksheet calculates food and goods consumption by houses and culture buildings, taxes, culture rating and prosperity cap. You can download this from the Pharaoh Heaven Miscellaneous Downloads section.

General Info:

3 things you wish you'd known as a beginner?
Dock optimation summary
Consumption of Food and Goods
Ben the Vizier's
Scoring Formula
Double a "getting" storage yard's delivery capacity

Commonly known as a Brugle Storage Yard, or BSY for short.
Vaia’s Storage Yard

Delivering non-imported food to disconnected Housing Blocks without micromanagement. (An adaptation of Brugle’s Storage Yard.)
Advanced Rules for Pharaoh

Optional rules that many of the advanced players folow.

Advanced Cities:

Baki, the hard way
Make Dakhla a challenge!
Dunqul Oasis at Very Hard without debt
Waset, and Very Hard goods consumption
Can we be kind to Kebetans
Many complications in Menat Khufu
Egalitarian Thinis
Immense Itjtawy
100 Palatial Estates in Hetep
This thread also has downloads available. The amazing thing with these cities is that they were done at Very Hard difficulty.
Baki-Balancing Housing Blocks and Ratings
This post is about VAIA's planning and construction for Baki. Again, there is a download available for this city.
Rostja in 317 months - guide & download
A thread for an informal competition for the fastest completion of Rostja.

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posted 10-31-01 14:41 ET (US)     26 / 71       
Ben the Vizier, I thank you and all the others who have spent alot of time and effort to create all of these great posts!
posted 11-05-01 13:37 ET (US)     27 / 71       
added Ben the Vizier's Pharaoh/Cleopatra Monument Data link
Ben The Vizier
posted 11-05-01 14:05 ET (US)     28 / 71       
Many thanks Memsurs. It's an honour.

Ben The Vizier

HG Alumnus
posted 11-27-01 16:11 ET (US)     29 / 71       
posted 12-24-01 07:22 ET (US)     30 / 71       
*bump* and added

SenetEr's improved "How to Build a SenetEr Block" article > Housing Block Essay

my article > Dock optimation summary


posted 01-03-02 01:35 ET (US)     31 / 71       
added the two suggested by civilis
posted 03-10-02 10:32 ET (US)     32 / 71       
Added the Advanced Rules for Pharaoh thread because I really like that thread
posted 03-10-02 12:57 ET (US)     33 / 71       
This is a thread that really needs "bumping" now and then.

But what about Afterburner's Flexi-Block? It has helped me a lot. Think it's an instant classic!


Ben The Vizier
posted 03-11-02 02:24 ET (US)     34 / 71       

Quoted from Nefermenu:

This is a thread that really needs "bumping" now and then.

Why don't we ask an Angel to make it "(Sticky)"?

Ben The Vizier

posted 03-11-02 09:14 ET (US)     35 / 71       
Nefermenu, I added the flexi-block thread. I don't agree with the pavilion placement in his block, though. Actually, I think I will mention that in the thread.
posted 03-11-02 13:25 ET (US)     36 / 71       
Thanks, Memsurs! Might try your version of it too... sounds interesting.

And Ben, that's a good idea.

How about it, AJ? AJ? Where are y...
What was that? The sound of big wings... it's a bird... no, it's an aeroplane... no, it's... it's AJ!

Oh boy, is he busy or what?!

Question: can you tell who it is by the sound of his/her wings? Do cherubs' wings sound different from angels'? Swoosh or flop flop?... LOL

(sorry this is OT of course... shame shame on me. I really must try to behave myself)

*gets red all over*

Ben The Vizier
posted 03-13-02 01:25 ET (US)     37 / 71       

Could you make this thread "(Sticky)", like "Emperor - Media Links" in "The Forbidden City? That way, begginers would have some of their question answered faster. Please think of it .

Ben The Vizier

Ben The Vizier
posted 03-16-02 02:18 ET (US)     38 / 71       
Thanks Jayhawk !

Ben The Vizier

posted 03-16-02 07:33 ET (US)     39 / 71       
Dear Memsurs,
I spent quite some time on some fighting-troop requests issues that, I hoped, would fascinate everybody in "Going further in fighting skills". Unfortunately, at this time, people were engaged in the competition and, except the friendly support from Cartouche Bee, this thread was paid little attention. But please, you and others, have a look at its lasts posts, I am convinced they are worth incorporation in the links post.

BTW I am an history fan but found little really fascinating about Egypt. Until this last one, from PHILIPP VANDENBERG, 1977: Pharaohs (Nefertiti, Toutankhamon, Ramses II). This book exists in its German and French version and, I hope, many others. Reading this book is a dream so, for people joining this site and expecting to play Pharaoh for a while, please run and buy it. It has a rigorous scientific approach but a narrative way, describing both the lives of the Pharaohs and Archaeologists, so that you simply think you are in "The Mummy Returns".

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posted 03-22-02 23:58 ET (US)     40 / 71       
Tryhard, I added your thread. I should have added it along time ago, but for some reason I forgot about it until you mentioned it...even though I have a printout of it here in my Pharaoh folder.
posted 03-23-02 14:13 ET (US)     41 / 71       
Thanks...the people in my city complain about entertainment, even with it everywhere
Ben The Vizier
posted 04-22-02 13:45 ET (US)     42 / 71       
It is not exactly a "link for beginners", but it's a "helping hand" for people who are having trouble installing Cleopatra on WindowsXP: Installing Cleopatra on WindowsXP - A Quick Guide, (Technical Forum).

Ben The Vizier

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Pharaolympics 2000 Competitor
posted 05-04-02 18:08 ET (US)     43 / 71       
Hi All

I have recently uplaoaded a 'Sandbox map' to the download section. This is titled 20 different housing style blocks and as the title suggests the map contains 20 housing blocks each containing a different style of housing....I thought this would be especially useful for newbies to actually see whats required for a particular housing style as opposed to a chart.

Block 1 = Crude Hut
Block 2 = Sturdy Hut
Block 3 = Meager Shanty
Block 4 = Common Shanty
Block 5 = Rough Cottage
Block 6 = Ordinary Cottage
Block 7 = Modest Homestead
Block 8 = Spacious Homestead
Block 9 = Modest Apartment
Block 10 = Spacious Apartment
Block 11 = Common Residense
Block 12 = Spacious Residense
Block 13 = Elegant Residense
Block 14 = Fancy Residense
Block 15 = Common Manor
Block 16 = Spacious Manor
Block 17 = Elegant Manor
Block 18 = Stately Manor
Block 19 = Modest Estate
Block 20 = Palatial Estate

The aim of my venture was to have a stable housing block for each level, which has been achieved and to show the resources and services needed for each plus a bit of micro-managing withing their respective bazaars....

On the map next to each respective block there is a number which has been done using roads and roadblocks, that way the numbers stand out really well on the minimap....(rather a fetching touch I thought !! ) they also run around the map in evolutionary order ... anticlockwise.

Just a couple of thoughts regarding the map .....

1. The aim was to show 20 different housing blocks.
2. There was no regard to ultimate coverage, health, education, entertainment etc (each block has exactly what it needs)
3. Physicians were placed on the 'lower' blocks specifically to eliminate constant desease and malaria and to try and maintain a more consistant population.
4. There are far more police stations than neccassary...courthouse robbery is rife !!
5. Also included are approx 6 other standard housing blocks, these are just to enable the city to have the correct popullation, they are not numbered and are placed around the periphery of the map.
6. The housing blocks are not meant to be 'the ideal' housing block for the respective housing style, They have been laid out purely to illustrate what is required for that particular style.
7. I have tried to keep the size and format of the blocks consistant with blocks that are simular. There are basically 4 styles of blocks..
Style 1 = Crude Hut - Spacious Apartment (Blocks 1 - 10)
Style 2 = Common Residense - Fancy residense (Blocks 11 - 14)
Style 3 = Common Manor - Stately Manor (Blocks15 - 18)
Style 4 = Modest Estate - Palatial Estate (Block 19 - 20)

Hopefully some people may find it usefull

The master of making easy look hard ---- What's wrong with Scooby Doo boxers?
Cockfosters visitor via a stunt cannon ---- Fan of the Great Cornholio Tee shirt dance
Coyote ugly beauty, parrott mangler & all round good egg ---- Have leather pants will travel

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posted 05-28-02 19:30 ET (US)     44 / 71       
Heya Memsurs,

I feel honored to make the top of your list.. even if by accident! hehehe =)


posted 05-28-02 23:58 ET (US)     45 / 71       
lol Zorrk

I really like that thread that you started...good work!

posted 06-15-02 16:29 ET (US)     46 / 71       
This thread is excellency.

'fall asleep, new york city
i need to rest my eyes
someday i'll rise, new york city
one day you'll dance for me'

deuce cubs (my blog)
posted 07-12-02 23:29 ET (US)     47 / 71       
added johsofet's pyramid speedup thread.
Ben The Vizier
posted 08-29-02 06:35 ET (US)     48 / 71       
Forget this post, please! I accidentaly clicked "Post Reply" instead of "Edit" !

Ben The Vizier

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Ben The Vizier
posted 08-29-02 06:37 ET (US)     49 / 71       
I think this deserves to be listed here !

Ben The Vizier

Ben The Vizier's Signature

posted 08-29-02 21:28 ET (US)     50 / 71       
It's already there! I couldn't miss a great post like that one!
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