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Topic Subject:Housing Blocks
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The Architect
posted 11-24-00 17:49 ET (US)         
No one has posted any new housing blocks for a while, and I thought that it was time that someone (me) did so. You won’t find anything really new here, as this subject has been covered very well. Most of what I’m posting are just my variations on housing blocks that others have developed.

I have supplied the glyphs in this post with “tags”. To see what the glyph represents, just move your cursor over the symbol, and the tag will pop-up.

I have also posted housing blocks in the threads Baki-Balancing Housing Blocks and Ratings, Estate Block Alternatives and A New Concept for Housing Blocks.


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posted 05-11-14 11:12 ET (US)     401 / 438       
So it's been a while, but I got back into the mood for Pharaoh and just recently developed a new housing block (which actually looks more suitable than the generic loop I used before). Since I don't have a lot of time to understand how to use the Pharaohglyph again, I'm just going to link to this video in which I showcase the loop and details how I constructed it: hopefully, someone will find it useful

The block should work for ALL difficulty levels, I designed this on Easy difficulty but my hope is that it can be used on any difficulty level.

EDIT: I've used this block on Normal difficulty and it works just fine. Since costs are slightly different on Normal compared to Easy (I think the cost of a road is 4db on Normal and 2db on Easy), the loop should just be a tile or two shorter to ensure perfect fire coverage.

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posted 05-12-14 15:10 ET (US)     402 / 438       
Hi Sajuuk, thanks for posting.

Personally I would suggest there are more efficient blocks. I would also avoid being "unprecise" on very hard (seeing you suggest "draw a line" rather than "build x paces long"), seeing buildings will be destroyed very quickly to fire/lack of engineering should this be built too large on very hard.

Adding a second set of firehouses and engineers as you've done should be fine for most situations though.

I think it's pretty fair though and there is nothing wrong with it at all. As an example, on very hard, i would use your block roughly like this:

I am using a 42 loop. The firehouse and engineer is roughly half way from the pavillion to encourage them to walk past it.

About the only thing i would dislike about this, is having the pavillion actually in the loop. This i find can cause walkers to walk back on themselves and not complete the loop.

Personally in my missions, i have one entrance to each block, which forces dancers to move up it to reach a pavillion at the far end, i usually use 2 of them, one to run up each side. I then attach production buildings to these. As the entertainers walk up to reach the pavillions, they provide the entertainment required.

But this is personal preference and would cause the block to look a bit like this (left a 3x3 gap in there by accident):

anyway, cool block and nice vid
posted 05-30-14 21:34 ET (US)     403 / 438       
I like the idea of city centers and have been playing around with some different designs.

This block is not extremely efficient, because you can only fit 4, or perhaps a 5th, palacial estate. But it centers everything around the festival pavilion and temple complex. The white spaces are the city palace and dynasty mansion, and the other empty space is the Zoo.

Ra TempleLibraryCourthouseLibrary
Senet House
City Palace
Temple Complex
ShrineFestival PlazaShrine
Fire WardenApothecary
ArchitectFire Warden
Town PalaceShrineShrine
Ptah TempleWater SupplyPhysicianTax CollectorSchoolBazaar


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HG Alumnus
posted 05-31-14 07:30 ET (US)     404 / 438       

Palatial estates need water supply coverage. Perhaps you meant to replace the wells with a water supply?

It would be nice to tax palatial estates. Perhaps you meant to replace the square of 4 gardens with a tax collector?

The palatial estates only have 80 "points" of entertainment, which would be enough at Very Easy and probably Easy difficulty. At higher difficulties they would need a fair amount of city-wide entertainment--at Very Hard they would need perfect city-wide coverage for all venues.

At Very Hard (and perhaps Hard) difficulty, I would prefer better fire coverage for the libraries and school.

I didn't calculate desirabilities. Do all of the palatial estates have enough?
posted 05-31-14 18:16 ET (US)     405 / 438       
Ah, you are right. I had water and tax collector in my block, I just messed up the glyphs. Fixed.

Senet house plus zoo is plenty of entertainment for the block. But there's no zoo in the glyph generator.

I was playing on Hard difficulty. Depending on total population, the education and entertainment and such may need to be aided by more facilities elsewhere in the city. But that is obvious. I did put in two firehouses to be safe. I didn't test whether this was definitely necessary or not.

As for desirability, the temple complex (which actually should face the other way relative to the block), festival pavilion, palace, and mansion provide enough. That's part of the idea is not to have to take up tons more space with large statues. If this block is close enough to docks or mines or forts, then of course that could be a problem. But with the estates on the inside, by the pavilion, they are somewhat protected.

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posted 06-02-14 05:50 ET (US)     406 / 438       
If you use the outside as well, you can make it efficient:

If you have enough desireablility, you could add another 2 PEs to the outside of the block if you want, each in the top corners. You can only fit 2 housing tiles in each area but they will still expand out. Just another option if you want.

If you wanted to also move around the outer buildings, to put the largest (TC, Mansion, Zoo) on the corners, you could fit at least 4 PEs on the outside.

Though when it comes to PE blocks, I think efficiency isn't really something thats too important. I've found no more then ~5 PEs are best for a standard 7-8k city. More then that and the worker to scribe ratio means you might have to start sacrificing exports or hover around a worker shortage to get higher levels of culture.

Eagles may soar, but weasels do not get sucked into jet engines
Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in the craft. Unsurprisingly it sank, Proving once again that you can't have your kayak and heat it too
posted 06-02-14 13:09 ET (US)     407 / 438       
I was running through the game once again, this time taking the military options I have rarely played before. I'd assumed I must be one of the very few people left still playing the game, so I was surprised to see how lively this forum still is. Therefore, I thought I'd try my hand with the Pharaohglyph and set out my standard worker block.

There's nothing terribly original in it. The only things I'd point out are:

- Rather than the biggest, it's (I think) the smallest block that can reach Fancy Residence with all the facilities needed for culture. Given that in the game, rivers, hills and other obstructions get in the way, small is more practical

- It leaves nothing to chance with random walkers. The only way entertainment walkers can get from their schools to the pavilion is by going all the way around the outside. It doesn't matter the walkers the pavilion kicks out won't go anywhere.

- I've included a typical pottery industry block. The fireman and architect, after exiting through the bandstand will always make a complete circuit in returning to their base.

ArchitectFire Warden
Granary Juggler School
Storage YardStorage Yard ConservatoryDanceschool
Juggle platform
Juggle platformBazaarBazaarDance platformMusic platform
MortuaryCourthouse PotterPotterPotterPotterPotter
ApartmentApartment Potter
ApartmentRa TempleApartment PotterPotterStorage YardStorage YardPotter
Tax CollectorJuggle platformArchitect
ApartmentApartment Potter
PhysicianSeth TempleMusic platformFire WardenPotterPotterPotterPotterPotter
ApartmentApartment Potter
Water Supply
ApartmentArchitectFire WardenApothecaryApartment PotterPotterPotterPotterPotterPotter


And now I've got the bit between my teeth, my manor block. Here again I leave nothing to chance with the entertainment walkers and their awkward uncontrollable venues. With this block, the entertainers pass every manor on their way to the pavilion, except for the upper 2 on the right, that are always covered by the trapped random walkers bouncing around inside the centre.

ManorLibraryBastet TempleOsiris TempleSenet House
ManorDance platformBazaar
Fire WardenFire Warden
Water SupplyMusic platformJuggle platformSchoolBazaar
ManorManorManorManorTax Collector
ManorShrineManorShrineManorCourthouseRa Temple


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posted 07-02-14 07:32 ET (US)     408 / 438       
I've been playing around with Ancient Egypt too!

That's less dirty than it sounds. Anyway, between my experience, my preferences and what I found out here, behold an almost square block that should support 33 fancy residences on normal, my (current version) Residential Quarter:

Ptah Temple
Water Supply
SchoolFire WardenJuggle platformMusic platformDance platformApartment
ApartmentMusic platformJuggle platformApartment
Juggle platformFire WardenShrineShrineApartmentApothecary
Juggle platformMusic platformJuggle platformApartmentApartment
ShrineJuggle platformMusic platformDance platformApartmentSchool
Tax CollectorArchitect
Bastet TempleApartmentApartmentApartmentApartmentApartment


The loop is 52 tiles with no intersections for walkers. Note that the closest entertainment schools must be somewhere behind the right side outgoing road!

The idea is to have a housing block that doesn't disrupt the flow of materials through the city so much, hence the outgoing roads in the middle of the housing. I don't like to wrap my housing blocks in a road cartouche, symbollic thought it may be. For VH, sacrifice housing to place 1 or 2 more each of firehouse and architect.

This block is not quite self-sufficient culturally, for the rating; it needs 3 more libraries (population can go up to 3036) and some exterior entertainment venues for perfect coverage (also an exterior dentist, but see below).

On most campaign missions you will only need 1-2 (and a large block of manors or estates for the bigger cities), and if you can place them close to each other it will be possible to adequately support them with comodities that need raw material imports.

Most maps will have plenty of space for enough big blocs like this to complete the population target or come very close, but important resources will tend to be out of the way.

For that, I use a small bloc that grows to modest appartments and can fit in most tight places to develop hidden resources (water access might be a problem in larger arid maps; there I prefer to put a Residential Quarter with one corner near the water and extend it into the desert).

This small bloc is also a loop, because I want goods to be able to cross it at least lengthwise.

BazaarSeth TempleWater Supply
Tax CollectorPhysician
PolicepostFire WardenArchitect
HouseHouseApothecaryMusic platformJuggle platformDentistHouseHouse


Dentist access is included in this example to improve coverage against the population of the Res Quarter.

This block's population maxes out at 612.

The combination of the two gives a bit of nice RP value as well, with the lower classes living in modest appartments nearer to the industries (and fancy ones inside the Residential Area if I decide to leave them in place when the housing fails to develop into a neat configuration of 33 residences), agriculture etc, while the middle and upper classes and their tenants, servants and service providers live in residences and manors/estates respectively.

Btw, it was supposed to be the Set/Ra/Bast temples (any 2) on the Res Quarter and the Ptah/Osirirs temple (1) on the "slum".

As an afterthought, because the upper classes were completely useless in ancient times, just like now, a manor block:
Senet House
ManorManorSeth Temple
Ptah Temple
ShrineDance platformMusic platformManor
Fire Warden
ArchitectJuggle platformShrineSchool
ArchitectShrineShrineTax CollectorManor
DentistJuggle platformShrine
ManorApothecaryDance platformMusic platformManor
Water SupplyManorShrineShrineManor
Bastet TempleManorManorManor


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posted 12-19-14 19:19 ET (US)     409 / 438       
I would like to share the general idea I use to build my cities in Pharaoh. After some learning and gameplay, I simplified everything I used to do before. Now I use two separated blocks to organize the city. One solely for population and other for production of goods.

My block for population aims to hold the maximum population in the minimum space with one structure of each kind. With it I can hold up to 36 Fancy Residences.

The production zones are set as straight roads, with a modest urban center at its end. It has only enough structures to avoid problems, a Well, one Physician and a Bazzar set to get only one food. According to the map, I may put an Apothecary.

I always set at least one Store Yard to accept food. This way, even if the Granaries are Full, the lumpers from the farms walk out the Nile with food and it is not lost in the next flooding.

As I aim for high population, many times I have to deal with high unemployment, even with overproduction of goods. This is the main reason I build many Work Camps. They provide jobs for the exceeding population.

As you may have seen, I put Shrines there. I always put the Shrines in the Industrial Zone to save space in other map areas, as well for aesthetic purposes (that seems logical for me that people at work have some place for their religion, specially in this Ancient Egypt context).

The little urban centers can be loops, as shown in the block for Entertainment workers. As long as the loop allows the houses there to be keep without problems, it's ok. I suggest loops no bigger than 50 tiles.

Here goes the general idea.

ApartmentApartmentApartmentApartmentApartment Shrine
Storage YardStorage Yard ApartmentBazaarShrine Farm
ApartmentApartment Shrine
Water SupplyPhysician Fire WardenWellPhysicianShrine
ApartmentApartment ArchitectPolicepostShrine Farm
Tax CollectorSchool
ApartmentApartment Farm
ApartmentApartment Work CampWork CampWork CampWork CampWork CampWork Camp
ApartmentApartment Farm
ApartmentApartment Granary ApartmentBazaarShrine
ApartmentApartment Shrine
ApartmentApartment Fire WardenWellPhysicianShrine Farm
ApartmentApartment ArchitectPolicepostShrine
ApartmentApartment Shrine
ApartmentOsiris Temple Storage Yard Farm
BazaarBastet Temple
Fire WardenDance platformMusic platform ConservatoryDanceschoolJuggler SchoolBazaarShrine
ApartmentArchitectCourthouse Shrine
ApartmentDentistPolicepostJuggle platform Fire WardenArchitectPolicepostShrine

[edit] I am experimenting with this block and trying to develop it further, less houses and more stability.
I'm new here. I wonder what this city will offer to a person like me!

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posted 02-23-15 17:38 ET (US)     410 / 438       
5k normal difficulty tested, stable housing block. Mostly fancy residences down to some common ones. May need a 3rd fire warden.

ApartmentShrineApartment ArchitectFire Warden ApartmentShrineApartment
ApartmentApartmentBastet Temple
Tax CollectorWater Supply
ApartmentApartmentApartmentOsiris Temple
ApartmentShrineApothecaryFire WardenArchitectDentistShrineApartmentShrineShrine

HG Alumnus
posted 02-23-15 23:07 ET (US)     411 / 438       
Hi Buschbaum, welcome to Pharaoh Heaven.

There's no entertainment in your block. Perhaps you meant to put a pavilion on the left side?

Using a mortuary is unusual. A physician would be cheaper and would protect crummy houses (before they evolve very far) from disease. A mortuary might be better in some (probably rare) situations where you want to keep city health lower.

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posted 02-24-15 03:41 ET (US)     412 / 438       
Yes entertainment goes to the left side and the mortuary was a mistake.

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posted 07-02-15 17:53 ET (US)     413 / 438       
I didn't know anybody still plays this antique of a game. Probably the best video game I've ever played. I only wished for roadblocks in Caesar 3, sigh, kinda liked the roman atmosphere better. Recently dug out my Pharaoh/Cleopatra and decided to complete a couple of missons and do some refinement on my standard housing blocks.

My housing blocks contain only necessary buildings, usually all supply buildings (food and goods, entertainment) are placed outside.

First image: my small housing block

Usually used when starting a mission or when I need work force, short term. And when there is not enough space to build a medium/big one. All buildings are interchangable, except the ones bordering a roadblock (don't want to lose my walkers in nirvana).

Second image: my standard housing block
(48 tiles, sometimes it's only stable at 42-44 tiles)

My choice when there is enough space available. Sometimes I place my palace in the center, or some temples, for looks and stuff. My first two of these blocks have either a palace or my personal estate in it, it looks better and is more efficient when not enough space is available.

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posted 07-17-15 12:51 ET (US)     414 / 438       
Image below: my big housing block

My housing block for tax income, around 1k/house/a year at 15%. It takes a lot of space, but looks good and has a lot of temples. The surrounding street can be used for heavy industry, desirability is not a problem.

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posted 07-20-15 14:32 ET (US)     415 / 438       
Here a minor example of how I integrate the block into my city:

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posted 09-24-15 18:10 ET (US)     416 / 438       
Picture below:

My new housing block for pretty cities. Either with modest or spacious apartments.

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posted 03-04-16 05:02 ET (US)     417 / 438       
New here, but an old fan of Pharaoh (and of the many and varied housing blocks this forum has provided me with). Just started replaying, but wanted to try something new, so I'll jump straight in with a housing block I've been working on.

Town Palace
Osiris Temple
ApartmentWater SupplyApartmentBazaar
ApartmentArchitectFestival PlazaPtah Temple
Fire WardenJuggle platform
ApothecaryJuggle platformBastet Temple
CourthouseTax CollectorShrine
Dance platformMortuary
ApartmentJuggle platformMusic platformApartmentApartment
Village Palace


So far I've played it on hard, and up to common residence, but in theory it should be able to go all the way to palatial estates. (The bottom village palace is supposed to be a personal mansion, but I couldn't find the appropriate glyphy).

I wanted to make a block that would be luxurious and include absolutely everything the city center would require. For a complete city, I intend to add on less luxurious quarters.

This time around, I'm playing for fun!

The loop is 48 tiles - 49 if you count the appendage in the pavilion - but so far I've had no service-issues whatsoever.
HG Alumnus
posted 03-04-16 09:23 ET (US)     418 / 438       
Hi dhae, welcome to Pharaoh Heaven.

If north is up-left, the tax collector would walk around in the festival square (so only one house would be taxed). If north is up-right, the magistrate would walk around in the festival square (so at most one house could be a residence). If north is down-right, the pavilion cannot be built as diagrammed. If north is down-left, the market traders would end their walks going through the festival square, missing some houses on at least half of their walks (although having two traders might avoid problems, depending on the surrounding road network and what the traders do in the intersection). So I'm curious, what orientation did you use?

Palatial estates would need more desirability and a senet house (or zoo). The senet house could provide coverage from a road on the outside of the block.

I would prefer for a city center to include a temple complex (in the missions that allow one).

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posted 03-04-16 11:06 ET (US)     419 / 438       
North is up-left. I put a physician in the tax collectors space, but do they spawn differently? Haven't had any problems with the physician wandering into the square. And I've been playing for about four years' game-time.

While tinkering I put a temple there, but quickly discovered the priest fancied the festival square to the crowded streets. So I put a 2x2 and two gardens in the middle in stead, which seemed to solve the problem.

In case of palatial estates, I pondered replacing the personal mansion with a senet house.

Esthetically, I prefer incorporating the festival square, which I've previously just stuck anywhere on the map. The temple complex is such a huge lump, I quite like it having almost a quarter to itself.

Playing for fun and beauty is a lot more enjoyable than previous rounds' playing to get through the game as effeciently as possible.

ETA: A little careful observation tells me that the physician does not spawn into the festival square, however, he does walk home through it (who can blame him, all that quiet, open space?). So since he seems to turn left about 3/4ths of the time, the southmost part of the block tends to go without physician access for a good while. Not enough to make them upset, however, since he does pass by a quarter of the time. Maybe it would be a problem on very hard?

(The building north of the blocked entrance to the festival square does usually spawn directly into the festival square, which can be easily fixed by swapping a shrine for whatever one-tile building goes there. That aside, though, everything's covered pretty much perfectly.)

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HG Alumnus
posted 03-04-16 15:19 ET (US)     420 / 438       
North is up-left.
In that case, if there aren't any nearby roads to the left (northwest) that are connected to the block, the fire marshal would spend 1 out of 4 walks in the festival square. (I assume that you have such roads since a fire marshal walking around the festival square would be noticeable.)

[Oops, you edited before I replied. Maybe you don't have those roads, but I'll leave my comment. See the last section below.]
I put a physician in the tax collectors space, but do they spawn differently?
Yes. For details, see Random walker start and finish points.
While tinkering I put a temple there, but quickly discovered the priest fancied the festival square to the crowded streets.
Also predictable, from the link above.

Many players build good-looking well-functioning cities without knowing this sort of detail. One way is to just tinker. Another way is to not give a walker the chance to do something wrong (such as starting in the wrong place or going the wrong way when given a choice).
Esthetically, I prefer incorporating the festival square, which I've previously just stuck anywhere on the map.
I started doing that even before I starting building a "city center". One of my goals is for regular traffic (of some sort) to go through the festival square.
The temple complex is such a huge lump, I quite like it having almost a quarter to itself.
I put the temple complex far from the city center in Djedu, but since then I have included it.
Playing for fun and beauty is a lot more enjoyable than previous rounds' playing to get through the game as effeciently as possible.
I'd guess that just about everyone plays Pharaoh for fun, but fun is highly subjective. I consider it fun to have difficult goals, while someone else might consider it fun to build the most easily (if that's what you mean by "effeciently").

Beauty is also highly subjective. I have tried to make some of my cities beautiful (such as my latest city, Bubastis), but another player (such as yourself) might disagree.
the physician ... seems to turn left about 3/4ths of the time,
Also predictable, but not from the link above. The details are complex so I won't link to them unless you are interested.
the southmost part of the block tends to go without physician access for a good while. ... Maybe it would be a problem on very hard?
No problem, if the houses are evolved to a decent level.
The building north of the blocked entrance to the festival square does usually spawn directly into the festival square, which can be easily fixed by swapping a shrine for whatever one-tile building goes there.
With the firehouse as diagrammed, the fire marshal would spawn in the roadblock (assuming that there are no extra roads in the festival square). If there are no nearby roads to the northwest, he should walk into the festival square in 1 out of 4 walks and walk onto the loop road in 3 out of 4 walks. This is dangerous at higher difficulties, especially for the school and library.

If the firehouse as diagrammed is switched with the architect post, the architect should behave similarly, which should be OK since damage risk does not rise as fast as fire risk can rise. (Also, I like that someone regularly walks through the festival square.)

If the firehouse is switched with the dentist, the dentist would spawn on the loop road, not in the roadblock. (Switching the firehouse with the apothecary wouldn't help, since the fire marshal would still spawn in the roadblock.)

Or, as you suggested, you could switch the firehouse with a shrine.

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posted 03-04-16 16:32 ET (US)     421 / 438       
I think it's the third time in two days I'm reading through that post on random walkers, and things are slowly beginning to percolate through my thick head...

Walkers starting on roadblocks? Weird concept, but nice to know.

I'll take that link on the direction of walkers, thanks. It'll probably go right over my head, but you never know if something might Stick...

Turned out the architect and the firehouse were switched, but I'd say the architect spent more like 3/4 of the walks in the square, rather than on the loop. I'd have noticed if it'd been the fireman, but there weren't too much that needed constant attention from the architect.

Am now playing a very much shortened version of it in Timna. I quite like that I made my own, so I can be far more flexible with it than I ever could with the half-understood blocks I used all the other times I played. <3
HG Alumnus
posted 03-04-16 17:07 ET (US)     422 / 438       
Walkers starting on roadblocks?
Of the "random" walkers, fire marshals, architects, constables, tax collectors, and magistrates can start their walks on a roadblock.
I'll take that link on the direction of walkers,
Read StephAmon's essay "Ambulomancy", linked from the opening post of Predicting Roaming Walks.
I'd say the architect spent more like 3/4 of the walks in the square, rather than on the loop
It should be 1 out of 4 walks on the festival square, although it could be 2 out of 4 if there are quite close roads to the northeast that aren't connected to the block's roads. If that's wrong, I'd like to see it, so (in that case) would you send a saved game to the address in my profile, mentioning Pharaoh in the email subject.
posted 03-05-16 00:04 ET (US)     423 / 438       
Thank you! Sorry, the savegame is gone, and perhaps it was more a feeling, based on how relatively quickly the rounds of the festival square passed as opposed to the rounds of the loop.

Oh, let me see if I've understood this right. So if I have north up-left, and I place the tax collector and the festival square (over the prerequisite intersection) thusly:

Festival Plaza
Tax Collector


Then the tax collector will actually *not* spawn in the square, but rather on the road to the top right? Since there is no road in positions 1,2 or 3, but in 4? But he'll skip position 5 (which is in the festival square), because he encountered a road in position 4?

[This message has been edited by dhae (edited 03-05-2016 @ 04:04 AM).]

HG Alumnus
posted 03-05-16 08:30 ET (US)     424 / 438       
Then the tax collector will actually *not* spawn in the square, but rather on the road to the top right? Since there is no road in positions 1,2 or 3, but in 4? But he'll skip position 5 (which is in the festival square), because he encountered a road in position 4?
Yes. Yes. Yes.
posted 03-05-16 09:03 ET (US)     425 / 438       
By jove, I think I've got it!

Which resulted in: (drumroll, please) a new and improved block!

ArchitectFire Warden
Storage YardStorage YardShrineShrineShrineShrineShrineShrineShrineShrine
ShrineShrineShrineShrineShrineShrineShrineShrineCity PalaceGranary
Bastet Temple
ShrineHouseHouseWater SupplyHouseHouseShrine
ShrineShrineShrineShrineFire WardenFestival PlazaHouseHouseShrine
ShrineHouseHouseArchitectTax CollectorHouseHouseShrine
ShrineHouseHouseFire WardenHouseHouseShrine
ShrineShrineShrineShrineShrineMortuarySenet HouseHouseHouseShrine
ShrineHouseHouseDance platformMusic platformHouseHouseShrine
ShrineHouseHouseOsiris TempleShrineShrine
ShrineTown PalaceJuggle platformSchoolPtah TempleShrineArchitect
ShrineHouseHouseHouseHouseShrineFire Warden
ShrineJuggler School


For added desirability, stick some extra big statues underneath the three on the right, or fit the temple complex along the road (It fits with the huge chunk of gardens). The houses along the sides need some strict control, because according to the desirability-calculator, they'll have enough desirability as-is to evolve straight into palatial estates.

The inner loop has 48 tiles exactly, and while walkers do tend to wander a bit in the pavilion, it doesn't seem to give any problems (other than the bottom left being a bit slow to evolve, due to supply-issues - once they get going, however, they don't have any trouble.

Note the two storage-yards at the top of the block.

This setup should head straight for palatial estates all the way round the loop.

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