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Topic Subject:Housing Blocks
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The Architect
posted 11-24-00 17:49 ET (US)         
No one has posted any new housing blocks for a while, and I thought that it was time that someone (me) did so. You won’t find anything really new here, as this subject has been covered very well. Most of what I’m posting are just my variations on housing blocks that others have developed.

I have supplied the glyphs in this post with “tags”. To see what the glyph represents, just move your cursor over the symbol, and the tag will pop-up.

I have also posted housing blocks in the threads Baki-Balancing Housing Blocks and Ratings, Estate Block Alternatives and A New Concept for Housing Blocks.


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posted 03-10-16 06:40 ET (US)     426 / 438       
[JPEG, (621.00 KB)]

My estate block;]
HG Alumnus
posted 03-10-16 08:54 ET (US)     427 / 438       
Hi masterlata, welcome to Pharaoh Heaven.

The only entertainment I see is from a pavilion. There may be a senet house (or zoo) supplying entertainment from outside the picture. Only at Very Easy difficulty could palatial estates form without being passed by a senet player (or zookeeper).
posted 03-10-16 10:21 ET (US)     428 / 438       
Hello sorry 4 posting 2 times same post;] I play at hard difficulty. There is senet at left and zoo at right. Ill make my final block and will post it in excel;]
posted 04-12-16 10:27 ET (US)     429 / 438       
Kind of wish I had played this more as a kid but now that I'm older it's much easier to see the complex stuff that can be made.

Edit:Revised block, better optimized. Aesthetics taken into consideration so not max possible pop density. 22 Palatial Estates and 10 manors for a total of 5640 individuals. Relies heavily on "ambulomancy" for reliable services, tested and working earlier version linked as png.

ManorApothecaryLibraryFire WardenManorManorDentistManorArchitectManor
Dance platformMusic platformBazaarMortuaryPhysicianDance platformMusic platformTax CollectorWater SupplyBazaarDance platformMusic platform
Senet HouseJuggle platformBastet TempleRa TempleJuggle platformCourthouseOsiris TempleJuggle platformEstate
SchoolTax CollectorShrineSchool
ArchitectFire Warden
PolicepostDentistFire WardenApothecary


[PNG, (3.84 MB)]

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HG Alumnus
posted 04-12-16 11:20 ET (US)     430 / 438       
hi dagorad62, welcome to Pharaoh Heaven.

That's an unusual block. I would be a little concerned with maintaining dance and musician coverage (due to teleportation) and with fire protection for the schools and libraries, but that's just me. (I think you could also eliminate one of the dentists, apothecaries, water supplies, and the left school, with north up-left.)
posted 04-12-16 11:34 ET (US)     431 / 438       
Yeah I have some more optimizing to do, but I wanted to keep the symmetry in line for the trial run since it allows more flexibility. Fire coverage works well since each traverses both loops at least once, so any given building will have 2 firemen walk by it in the 4 walk cycle. I think I forgot one of the architecture posts since those inside temples are so fragile.

Edit: I just started some fires in my city and coverage broke down when they went to another fire. Might need to replace some shrines with fireposts

Since back-to back replies aren't allowed I've managed to pull off a beautiful temple complex block (North is top left):

ShrinePhysicianBazaarWater SupplySchoolShrineShrineManorShrine
ShrinePolicepostFire Warden
Temple ComplexDentistRa TempleMusic platformDance platformSenet HouseApartmentApartmentApartmentApartmentApartmentApartmentManorShrine
Juggle platformOsiris TempleShrine
EstateBastet TempleMusic platformDance platformCourthouseManorShrine
ApothecaryJuggle platformFire WardenShrine
EstateShrineEstateEstateEstateLibrarySchoolBazaarMortuaryTax CollectorManorManorArchitectFire WardenManorManor


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posted 10-22-16 04:23 ET (US)     432 / 438       
After some more playing, here's my 100-culture 28 residence block, built for Very Hard (whence the double firehouses and apothecaries):
ShrineShrineShrineApartmentShrineShrineApartmentShrineShrineApartmentShrineShrineApartmentShrineShrineApartmentSenet House
ShrineHouseShrineShrineApothecaryShrineFire WardenShrineArchitectShrineShrineDentist
Fire WardenTax CollectorLibraryBastet TempleSeth TempleBazaarSchoolJuggle platformShrineApartmentShrine
ShrineApartmentShrineShrineMusic platform
ShrineWater SupplyMortuaryApartmentShrine
ShrineApartmentLibraryLibraryCourthouseShrineDance platformMusic platform
ShrinePhysicianBazaarSchoolShrineJuggle platform
ApartmentDentistJuggle platformShrineApartmentDance platformJuggle platformMusic platform
ShrineHouseShrineShrineApartmentFire WardenShrineApartmentArchitectShrineApartmentDentistShrineApartmentFire WardenShrineHouseShrine
ShrineApartmentApartmentApartmentApartmentApartmentShrineMusic platformFire WardenArchitect


Residence Level
++ Population ++ Food 1
++ Food 2
++ Pottery ++ Beer ++ Linen ++
2240 6720 0
672 1392 120-720
Spacious 2352 3528 3528 672 1392 120-720
2464 3696 3696 672 1392 1392
Fancy 2576 3864 3864 672 1392 1392


1) the three 1/1 houses in the corners evolve into residences by eating the gardens around them

2) the bandstand and pavilion entertainers don't need access to the loop because the booths and senet house provide enough entertainment for elegant residences not even counting city-wide coverage. In fact, the block doesn't need access to a conservatory or dance school at all!

3) Replace Senet Houses with Zoos as needed to maintain 100% culture. Note that either big entertainment building must be provided with its necessaries or the houses will not evolve to residence level due to lack of entertainment.
Note that each such replacement drops the block's beer requirement to 672, but an extra 120-720 each Game Meat and Straw are needed.

4) Fancy residences will increase the block's maximum population beyond 2400. Your city will require at least one less populated block or extra pavilion to maintain 100 culture.

5) The block doesn't need, and shouldn't be allowed to receive, the up to 2240 papyrus per year needed to keep all 5 education buildings running at all times (unless in a small city with an overabundance of available papyrus). Depending on distance to papyrus source a single Brugle Storage Yard can provide enough papyrus for several of these blocks.

6) If, for some reason, you wish to maintain an elegant residence housing block, simply replace one(1) of the temples with a large statue. At common and spacious residence levels, you may leave it, or replace it with additional housing.

7) Edited for proper housing separation and the 2 bazaars which are vital for stability, especially with the single exit restricting purchases. This setup can have 4+ firehouses, as shown.

8) The pavilions and bandstands are included with the block here but they don't have to be placed on its entrance (in fact it's best to shorten access to consumables); they can in fact go anywhere.

9) Bug notice: Often when the big entertainment venue sends its walker down the short side of the loop, the walker disappears after about 3/4 of it. Make sure the walker picks the long side at least once in its quadramble.

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posted 02-21-18 07:40 ET (US)     433 / 438       
Updated my housing blocks, they are all fancy residences now.

Added a 61 fancy residences version, The inner loop is too long for a single pavilion, the walker disapears.
The desirability values are very fragile, temporarly replace some buildings with desirability buildings to push them over the edge.

Normal difficulty
[JPEG, (1.42 MB)]
[JPEG, (1.41 MB)]

Very Hard difficulty
[JPEG, (1.41 MB)]
[JPEG, (1.43 MB)]
posted 06-01-18 23:29 ET (US)     434 / 438       
Buschbaum: clever block. I've revised it a bit below. Has an inner road loop (assuming no diversions down the "pavileon path") of 58.

ShrineShrineBastet TempleCourthouseShrineShrine
ShrineApartmentShrinePhysicianApartmentApartmentTax CollectorShrineApartmentShrine
ShrineShrineApartmentApartmentSchoolWater SupplyApartmentApartmentShrineShrine
ShrineShrineShrineShrineMusic platformDance platformShrineShrine
ShrineJuggle platformShrine


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posted 04-11-20 07:07 ET (US)     435 / 438       
Sorry for the beginner question, considering this last block, I am confused about how the houses on the extreme inside or outside side get services coverage? Do they not need to be in a 2 tile range from the inner road?

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HG Alumnus
posted 04-11-20 07:29 ET (US)     436 / 438       
how the houses on the extreme inside or outside side get services coverage? Do they not need to be in a 2 tile range from the inner road?
Only 1 tile of a house needs to be within 2 tiles of the road that provides services.
posted 04-11-20 07:41 ET (US)     437 / 438       
This I knew. But for some reason I thought is was laterally from the road. I see now that it is also true diagonally from the corner of a road. Does this mean that you should only put one vacant lot for these particular houses and wait for them to evolve to 2x2?
HG Alumnus
posted 04-11-20 09:14 ET (US)     438 / 438       
Does this mean that you should only put one vacant lot for these particular houses
That would work. (I assume that the nearby houses have already evolved to residences, so the expansion will go in the right direction.)
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